Until then I shall wait ( a TWINJ OS)


Until then I shall wait…

“I won’t glorify or romanticise heartbreak.. for me it was a kind of death and i was force to keep living….. yes.. my heart broke.. and the reason for it were u… but i simply couldn’t tell u so.. neither i could tell u how much did i love u.. nor could i tell u.. how it felt when u broke my heart…” I thought… peeping through the glass window of the train…. i was going to my grandma’s house… from the early childhood days i have been visiting my grandma with my mom… bt today.. my journey was all alone…. it was very cold outside… bt thankfully the ac didnt made me feel so… i sipped through the coffee when my phone vibrated…

I took it out… a msg popped up… “ finally u ran away?? M not shocked….tu jhalli ki jhalli rhe gyi..”
As always his message made me smile…. my childhood, Teenage, adulthood.. and every single day of life till now.. would have been incomplete without this guy… i still remember our first meet when we were “chotu bachhas”… we hardly spoke in those days…. later our friendship begin… and we became good sorry very good friends… yet….
Its easy to say that ….its not important that every love story would have a happy ending… bt its very difficult to realise and say ‘my love story didn’t have a happy ending’… it could have been the most romantic one… but i chose to keep quiet.. maybe i was very small to realize the true meaning of love.. Therefore i fail to understand it’s not just infatuation.. But a real love…

I wont say that i had been very loyal lover and only loved him for these long years… i had many crushes… who never turned out to be my love… but i remember something… it was the day when i told him about my crush ….
K: u like him?
T: yeah.. i mean he is cute…
K: did u tell him??
T: no.. not yet… idk what he feels so..
K: if the feeling is true don’t hesitate…its india… people only wait for train and police.. nd not for anything else…
T: no need to tell… i know it well..
K: when u know it. Then don’t let history repeat!!
I was taken aback by his last line… what did he mean… m i thinking right?? May be….
I felt a bit bad.. that he has a guilt feeling for this reason… that he left me… yeah.. as i said we were friends.. and i had started liking him… bt couldn’t tell him thinking it would affect our friendship… on the other hand he also had feelings for me.. bt never told thinking the same. Hence both of us chose our friendship first.. but he moved on with someone else…. only this was the difference… and i guess this is the only reason y he wanted me to settle with someone else…
But idk.. y… i was never successful in doing so.. i mean i had a relationship with someone for few months.. but it didnt work out… i always feel there is nothing like our friendship… but then a terrifying thought comes to my mind… ‘do i still love him?’ i ignore this question everytime… but today when m away from him i feel may be its true…

Our friendship has enhanced over the years … but i simply couldn’t forget the time we spent together….
An incident from our high school….
He was chatting with his gf.. and i was also there… due to some reason there was a fight between them… kunj raised his voice and said… “ i cant do that…”
His gf was furious and said “ do whatever u like”
Me: guys.. calm down.. and kunj i guess she is right…
K: twinkle… how could u do this to me?? M I not ur best friend??
I gave him a fake smile… all the way home i only thought about his words… ‘best friend’ may be… actually yes.. no one could have taken his place.. there has been a lot of instances where i was uncomfortable bt he gave me certain advices which no one else would have given…
Its true we care for each other… bt the fact is that unlike me he is a very loyal boyfriend… who loves his gf..
I simply couldn’t let him go out of my mind….
I reached my grandma’s place early in the morning… my phone was constantly vibrating… he has sent me so many messages…
Kunj: tu aise kaise chali gyi mujhe chorke…
Bata ke jati..
Mein bhi chalta tera sath…
Achha ek reply to dede…
Kab wapis ayegi…
I replied “kunj.. i was in train.. no network there.. so how would i reply… anyways.. what would u have done coming here??”
I got instant reply.. “ arey i was missing our hangouts… it has been ages…”
Me: hmm let me come back and then we shall hangout …..
He: ok 
Me: hmm
He: waise u should nt have ran away like this..
Me: plzz yaar not any more.. i guess we had a discussion on it…
He: twinkle… it was ur engagement… and u cancelled it.. like y??
Me: just like that.. before engaging with someone i want some fresh air…
He: ok.. tu rook.. me ata hu..
Me: kaha jar he ho??
He: idiot.. m coming to ur grandma’s place…
I jumped out of my bed.. “what???”
Just then i heard a horn… i went to the balcony.. it was his car…
Me: kunj!!

He came out of the car waving…
Grandma received him.. and after wards while having coffee…
Me: tu yaha.. i mean..??
He: i thought for a while and then got out with my car..
Me: u could have talked later on.. y did u drive such a long distance..
He: its okay.. bt my best friend is upset thats not at all ok..
I stood up and went to the balcony.. “ nothing.. just normal stress before marriage..”
He turned me round “twinkle… c’mon tell me”
I couldn’t control my emotions see him there.. .. i broke down…. he consoled me.. but i cried a lot…
Me: kunj.. m sorry.. bt i cant let go any of my childhood memories… i cant ignore my feelings… i still LOVE U…

I cried…. he was looking at me… then he smiled and hugged me… i hugged him tight.. i know i was doing wrong..bt then couldn’t control my emotions… after some time when i returned to my senses i broke the hug.. nd looked at him.. he was still smiling ..
Me: m sorry.. woh..
He: twinkle.. its good that u told me.. it will give u a relief….
Just then we saw a shooting star…
He: oh look.. shooting star.. c’mon lets wish…
I wished and so did he…
He: what did u wished?
Me: that u and Alisha are always together..
I really had wished that… and was happy with my wish..
He: oh.. thanks
Me: aur tumne kya manga??
He: ‘tumhe’ !!
Me: haaaa??
I was totally shocked..
He: yeah… except this life.. agle har janam mein…
I smiled widely… i guess that was all i needed… and i can spent my entire life with this gift….
Hey guys.. hope u like it..this piece is very dear to me.. so i would love to know how u ppl found it… plzzzzzzzzzzzz comment and let me know… i am waiting eagerly.. silent readers are requested to comment… as well..

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  1. SidMin

    Tara the OS was awesome so cute and their wish was too good Loved it 🙂 Keep writing such stories 🙂

    1. Tara

      thanks sidmin…
      m very happy to see ur cmnt.. coz u said u liked the wish part

  2. Awesome

    1. Tara

      tysm anshika

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aawww…tara os was amazing dear …keep writing get like this N Plzz read my ff unexpected turn in life intro ..as it is my first ff …..plz read n comment whether I should continue or not anyways the os was superb dear ..??

    1. Tara

      thanks alot dear.. yeah i will read.. 4 sure..

  4. Loveleen

    ohh I love it so much…that ws so cute…

    1. Tara

      thanks titli didi.. 😛
      ps dnt kill me

  5. sonal (tara's fan ??)

    Tara how are u????
    It was awesome just like u I really loved it you are genius I mean how u write soooo well … Really Tara plzz never stop writing your writing skills are awesome…luv u Tara…??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Tara

      awww sonal.. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?/
      after so many days..
      m fine dearie wbu??
      yeah i wont give up writing.. tei and twinj gave me this gift ..i will never stop writing..
      tysm sweetie for cmmnting.. really glad to see u here

  6. dreamer..arundhati

    Tara I dont have words……this was most beautiful piece I ever read. ?…
    Luv u

    1. Tara

      thats really a great compliment…
      m blessed..
      love u toooooo muahh

  7. Meeta

    that had to be the best.

    1. Tara

      thanks meeta…
      m very happy to knw that

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..Tara it was lovely….awesome…

    1. Tara

      thanks raashi dear

  9. Ayu

    Aww tara..u made me cry…that was sooo deep…it meant soo much more than a simple feeling…it meant the world!!!! It touched my heart!!! Pagli! Rula diya na?? Ab jaldi se kuch aur post kardo cuz i am fan of ur writing now n this os has got to be one of the best!!!❤️

    1. Tara

      omg… now u brought a wide smile on my face..
      thanks a lot dear..
      love u..

      1. Ayu

        Love you toooooo

  10. Tara it was awesome….. Jst keep writing like this ….. U r amazing…

    1. Tara

      thanks dear sana..

  11. Panchiii

    Awwww tara……. it was superb,awesome yaar …… loved it so much…… it was best yaar…… such a lovely piecd of writing yaar…… love u …..????????

    1. Tara

      thanku panchiii darlo.. love u muahhh

  12. Awesome os.. loved it.. it was one of ur best.. keep writing more 🙂 🙂

    1. Tara

      thanks sidvee
      means a lot to me..

  13. tara…i really loved it…it seems 2 b in reality…i enjoyed a lot…u wrote so well..love u…keep on writing…

    1. Tara

      thanks sujina..
      u ppl keep reading and i shall keep writing

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional sad epi…..loved it

    1. Tara

      thanks purnima

  15. Baby

    oh god tara di
    how do u ryt so amazing
    luvd it 2 d core i mean amazing wow beautiful luv stry
    i luvd it it really was heart touching n trust me touched my heart

  16. Tara

    thank u shooo much baby..
    love u

  17. I don’t know what to say…
    This piece of writing is beyond…it can’t be explained in Words…
    I couldn’t read it in one go…
    But once I finished reading the whole story…I coudn’t stop my tears…
    You r blessed..Tara..with a very special talent of writing.
    “The toota tara in Tara’s story”-it was Very nicely penned down.And the wish..
    I actually wanted to know one thing that is if kunj also loved/loves twinkle then why He chose Alisha…?Why not Twinkle now as he now knows she lives him….
    I m actually in a pool of emotions after reading this amazing piece of writing..So if my question hurt you then I m really sorry…

    1. Tara

      thanks a lot shakti,, m touched by ur comment…
      sorry i made u cry..
      see when kunj proposed alisha then he never knew that twinkle had feelings for him.. he always thought they were frnds..
      later he came to knw but still they chose to remain frnds as kunj was faithful towards alisha..
      the ending is open…u can think whatever u like..
      if u think kunj made a sacrifice for alisha then also ok..else u may think it was there frndship which made him wish that..

  18. Thanks for explaining Tara

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