Shall we ever fall in Love? (Rinka_Ritz) CHARACTER SKETCH


I hope you all remember me… I am back with a new ThaHaan FF..




She is the female protagonist.
Role played: Thapki Chaturvedi.
She is a medical 3rd year student and she does not stammer here.


He is the male protagonist.
Role played:
1) Aryan Khanna: A young business tycoon.
2) Bihaan Pandey: To be revealed later.

Other supporting casts:


Role played: Shraddha Singh.
She is Thapki’s best friend in the medical college.


Role played: Kabir Katyal.
He is the love interest of Shraddha Singh.

Role played: Dhruv Chaturvedi.
He is Thapki’s half brother.

Role played: Aditi Singh.
Love interest of Dhruv, and cousin of Shraddha.

Role played: Manav Khanna.
Cousin of Aryan Khanna and the love interest of Kiran.

Role played: Kiran Chaturvedi.
She is the half sister of Thapki.

Role played: Balwinder Chaturvedi.
He is Thapki, Dhruv and Kiran’s father.

Role played: Kosi Chaturvedi.
She is the first wife of Balwinder and mother of Dhruv and Kiran.

Role played: Vasundhara Chaturvedi.
She is the second wife of Balwinder and mother of Thapki.

Role played: Jatin Jaiswal.
He is the senior and medical councellor of Thapki, also the son of Naman Jaiswal.

Role played: Naman Jaiswal.
He is the head of the medical college and father of Jatin.

Role played: Suman.
She is a friend of Thapki and Shraddha in college.

Role played: Diwakar.
He is the main rival of Thapki in college.

Role played: Monty.
He is the best friend of Diwakar.



They will be introduced later as the story progresses…
One thing, I will never include Dolly Chawla aka Sankar in my fan fiction this time so no need to worry..
Hope you liked my casts and memorise them properly. It won’t be difficult as I have included the same names as they had in the show. Only remember the roles that each one plays in my ff.



A smarty girl wearing her shorts and comfortable tops comes running and enters a room. She pulls a blanket off an another girl who is still sleeping.
Girl- “Good Morning Shradddhhhhhhaaaaaa……”
She screams and pours water on Shraddha’s face. Shraddha wakes up with a jerk.
Shraddha- “Hell you, Thapki..Isn’t it too early to wake me up?”
Thapki- “Hey don’t you remember it is our project submission’s final day for the session. We need to leave quickly come’on.”
Both the girls share a friendly kiss and snap a quick selfie.


A young hot headed, but dashing man is shown working out on his treadmill. He sips coffee with his one hand and goes through a file in the other hand. Suddenly he shouts for his assistant, “Amar, come here quick.”
(You may consider Amar to be any actor).
Amar runs into the room quickly, “Aryan Sir what happened?”
He stands tensed and soaked in fear.
Aryan throws away the file in front of Amar and speaks in a loud voice, “So many mistakes in such a little file? I hate this. How will you solve the rest?”
Amar- “Sorry Sir, I…I..Okay I will check.”
Aryan- “It is your last chance. You know I can’t tolerate mistakes. If you can’t do it within two days’ time, you will be rusticated. Get lost now.”

What do you think about the characters of Aryan and Thapki? How will they suit each other?
Who will be Bihaan then?
I will say just one thing. Have faith on me…

I will release first chapter within a few days. The name of the first chapter will be
CHAPTER 1: A Thapki’s tale.
Keep checking the website after two to three days for the first chapter.. I know the show is over. But if I don’t get enough comments here, I will not post this ff on tellyupdates. But I will keep posting the update in India Forums fan Fictions Forum and Wattpad. You may find my profile win those websites with the same username..

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  1. So interesting.., Rinka..
    I will imagine watching your ff on screen while I’m reading… ?
    Waiting for first chapter..
    Best wishes for you..

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Yes.. I just hope TPK fans don’t disappear..

  2. first of all thank you friend for making a new ff for THAHAAN,,,,really a interesting one.good luck

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Yes pooja.. In this way, we’ll stay in touch also

  3. rinku nanad ji welcome back interesting plot excited manu double role or single man with two names jo bi ho I trust u wow shapki boNd and dhruV ko apne phle bi bhaiya bnaya tha sahi hai boss bt jada log mat lana warna itne sare character dhk ke dheEraj ko yad krna pdega which I don’t want and I request u too please continue post here at Tu as from my phone IF AND WATT PAD DIDN’T OPEN SO PLEASE FOR ME FOR UR BHAbi do continue I m much excited and I will come daily to check all the Best

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Don’t worry bhabhi ji, I will post here.. bas aap mere page ka link ko share kar dena…aur yaha aakar encourage karti rehna.. sath rehna bas

  4. Really looking forward and i love it please do write longer for the actual episodes n update soon

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      This time my updates will be bit shorter than the previous ff so that I can give regular updates and pull this ff for a longer time…

  5. Simrank

    Excited for it dii

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Yes I know dear

  6. Interesting dear friend

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Thanks rifa.. be with me in this new ff journey… things are going to be interesting…

  7. Very nice dear. Excited for it. Please update soon. I will wait for it.

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      I hope I will update it tomorrow… be with me…

  8. Interesting dear friend. Happy to see you

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      I also wanted to come up with a better track this time…

  9. Hi Rinka really happy to see your story again keep writting dear?

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Hey happy to see you too

  10. Navami

    Hey ritz dr you r back with new ff..iam sure this time also ur ff is going to be a mindblowing one am sure..good luck dr..

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Hi navi how are you? Yeah this ff is kind of a new concept without much of family drama…


    hiiii Rinka..✋
    hmmm, lagtha hai aap ki ff 100 episode poora hoga. (bahut saare characters hai na isiliye aisa laga)…..
    ff ki intro dekh ke aisa laga ki tohda SDC&H ki type ka hai ( abi tak…?)….
    Dhruv Thapki ki half brother..?.. yeh toh bahut achha laga mujhe..??….
    anyway, good intro.. ?…. best of luck… ??…..

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Hi santosh bhai.. I hope tum yeh wala ff padhoge mera…. I will update first chapter tonight

  12. Sorry for late comment…bt really its really gud start …n tht best thing apart from aryaan n thapki ….dhruv is thapki brother hahaha….really luking forward for upcoming ff part …n congrts for new ff

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Yes di..finally I am back with something interesting…. stay with me..

  13. Juveria.ghalib

    HI ritz sorry for a late one I was busy my colleges have started n..ok back ff u really don’t know how excited I’m right now dear..I really can’t wait for the upcoming..I think Aryan is a replica of Bihaan n as the story progress it will be disclosed as they r twins..ok sorry for my stupid guess..???..Love u dear tc n I know u updated ur science fiction but I won’t be home for few hours as of now so will read it tomorrow..bye love u tc

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      It’s ok Juv do read it tomorrow… I have submitted the first chapter of my ff here…take care love you too

  14. KUDRAT

    Please please………. Please continue
    Don’t stop please..
    Intro bhot exited h..
    Eagrly wating for next..
    Love you diii..
    Thank you dii..
    1st episode.. Aa gae..

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Ha first episode aa gayi.. TU is so slow yaar… they took 7 hours to update a chapter..

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