Shall we ever fall in Love? (Rinka_Ritz) Ch. 6


Recap- Aryan gets into two flashbacks to reveal how he comes to know about Thapki actually. Thapki and Aryan first meet face to face in the forest where Thapki misunderstands him. But she doesn’t come to know who he is. Thapki also gets to know that Shraddha is drunk. They reach the hostel somehow.


Suman rings the main gate bell of the hostel when the guard stops her.
“Where were you girls for so late at night? It is almost 11 p.m, you all know the hostel rules very well, by 11 p.m. if you don’t enter, you will be punished or send off from the hostel by the authorities. I will have to complain to your parents then.” the guard tells Suman and he looks at a drunkard Shraddha.
“And this girl? Is she drunk? What are you girls up to?” the guard shouts at them.
“Sorry uncle, this won’t happen again. Shraddha got stuck somewhere and we had to bring her back, please forgive us for today and we are before time. It is not yet 11 p.m, two minutes are still left,” Thapki enters from behind on her bicycle and she shows her watch to him.
“Thapki, even you were out? I thought you used to be a good obedient girl. You were ever out after evening then?” he tells Thapki.

“Sorry Sir, give us a last chance.” Thapki pleads him.
“It is your first and last time remember. If you repeat the same again, I will be forced to inform the authorities and inform your parents,” he gives them a warning.
“No Sir, please don’t complain to our parents. We did nothing wrong. We promise we won’t repeat again.” Thapki tells again. Suman also apologizes.
They all go in.

Thapki helps Suman to take Shraddha inside, they enter Thapki’s room. They make Shraddha to lie down on bed and they change Shraddha’s clothes.
“Let’s stay together tonight beside Shraddha, if she needs any help, “Suman tells Thapki.
“Yeah but I will talk to her tomorrow morning,” Thapki says in anger.
Suman lies down beside Shraddha on the bed while Thapki sleeps on the couch.
They see Shraddha awake a bit and sits upright, Shraddha starts counting her fingers in a drunkard tone, “One two three, five, five? Huh five comes after four, then why three came before?”
Thapki and Suman look at her in shock.

“Hey you girl tell me why,” she pocks Suman on her shoulder, “You don’t know?”
Shraddha looks at Thapki then,” Hey you look angry, tell me angry bird! why three came before five and five comes after four?”
Thapki throws her pillow towards Shraddha, “Shraddha, sleep quietly and let us also sleep.”
“Ouch! Why you throw your baby towards me?” Shraddha cuddles the pillow, “Oh it is so soft! Your baby is so cute and delicate. Hi baby what is your name?” Shraddha starts playing with the pillow.

“Oh God! This girl! She will definitely put me in some huge trouble one day,” Thapki fumes in anger.
Thapki gets up from her couch and brings a sleeping pill, she takes the water glass and holds it near Shraddha.
Shraddha looks at it, “What do you want to do? You want to hypnotise me with this glass? Look it’s transparent, see it carefully. Put your eyes in the direction.” Shraddha keeps glaring at the glass.
Thapki rubs her own forehead and holds Shraddha’s mouth tightly, “Now drink this and sleep.”
She forcefully makes Shraddha drink the medicine, “Now go to sleep. I hope by tomorrow, you are alright.”
“What you fed me? I will not leave you girl, I will punch you, I…I..” while saying so, Shraddha finally falls asleep.
“Her drink dose was much higher I think”, Suman tells Thapki.

Both Suman and Thapki also fall fast asleep.

The next morning, Thapki wakes up early and looks around the room. She finds Suman sleeping all alone on the bed. She shakes Suman, “Suman, where is Shraddha? She is not the one to wake up so early in the morning?”
“What! She woke up?” Suman looks around, “Where is she? She must be in the washroom then.”
Thapki checks the washroom, “She is not here.”
“My God! This girl is going to kill us someday,” Suman jumps out of her bed.
“Let’s search the hostel c’mon,” Thapki says and they both split up searching for Shraddha.

After half an hour, they both meet at the balcony, “I didn’t find her anywhere,” Suman tells Thapki.
“I also don’t know where she is again,” Thapki also breathes hard.
“We have college also today and this girl is always up to something,” Suman tells her.
“I hope she is somewhere around only and may be she’ll return. Let’s go and get ready for college and then we’ll think of it,” Thapki tells Suman and they both leave for their respective rooms to get ready.

As Thapki gets ready, she thinks of something, “We missed checking Shraddha’s room!”
She quickly runs to Shraddha’s room and springs it open, “Shraddha?”
There is no answer. Thapki finds Shraddha’s wet clothes in her laundry bin, “So she has already taken bath today? This is the first time in the last three years that she woke up so early and took bath even. God knows what type of ghost has entered in her suddenly. But I need to speak to her about the previous night as well as about Jatin Sir too. Where is she actually?”

Thapki goes out and meets Suman, she tells her about it.
“Thapki is it true? Shraddha is not the one who’ll get up early and take bath!” Suman asks.
“That’s what is surprising me. But we need to find her. She even left her mobile in my room” Thapki tells her.
“Now how to search for her? I will become mad one day,” Suman holds her forehead.
“Wait. I will have to return the bicycle to that shopkeeper so I won’t be going by my scooty today. I will travel by bus and reach the college soon. And on the way, I will look for Shraddha. You go by scooty and search her the other way, also inform me if you find her in college. I might reach later than you because I will be searching for her on the way.” Thapki tells Suman.

“Okay done. Let’s go.” Suman leaves by her scooty and Thapki by her bicycle.

Thapki reaches the shop and returns the bicycle, then she leaves walking from there. She reaches the bus stop.
“How will I know where is Shraddha? God please help me out.”
Aryan is travelling in a new car and the bugatti has been garaged. He is also on the same street as Thapki. He notices her standing at the bus stop from far.
“That girl? What is she doing there? She used to travel by scooty as far as I know? Or is it that her scooty got damaged due to the last night? I will have to help her out for it or get her a new scooty.”
Saying so, he gets off his car and parks it somewhere aside, then he starts walking towards her.

Thapki waits for the buses that will go to her college but he finds almost all the buses are overcrowded. She attempts to climb some buses but in vain.
She again gives a last try to get into an overcrowded bus but people pushes her away and she falls off the bus. At the nick of time, Aryan holds her by her waist and saves her. Thapki places her arms firmly around his shoulders and they have an eyelock.
Soon, Thapki detaches herself from Aryan and stands straight. She recognizes him quickly from the last night. But before she could speak to him, her glance falls on an autorickshaw and she notices Shraddha travelling in it.

“Shraddha! Shraddha!” Thapki screams and runs behind the auto but the auto goes out of her reach. Thapki stops an another auto and gets in. She asks the auto driver to follow Shraddha’s auto and leaves with Aryan standing behind gazing at her.

Suman arrives at the college and searches for Shraddha all around. She receives a call from Thapki.
“I just saw Shraddha in an auto, I will inform you later. I am following her,” Thapki informs Suman.
“Okay keep informing me and take care of yourself,” Suman tells her.
The call disconnects.
Jatin sees Suman standing alone and goes up to her, “Why are you standing all alone here and you look tensed too?”
Suman sees Jatin and gets shocked, “Sorry Sir, actually…”
“I get it. Again you and your friends are upto something” he smiles at her.
Suman thinks in mind, “Sir seems to be in a good mood today. Shall I talk to him about Shraddha and her project?”
“What happened? You look pale. Did you have your breakfast?” he asks her again.
Suman remembers of not having their breakfast and both Thapki and Suman had left hostel in a hurry.

“No Sir, I mean…” she lowers her tone.
“Hmm I know something is definitely wrong otherwise Thapki would also have been here. And that other troubling one Shraddha. Is it that Shraddha did something and Thapki is after solving her issues? I know this is what has been happening since the last three years.” Jatin asks Suman.
“No..yes may be. Thapki will return with Shraddha soon.” Suman tells him.
“Hope so. So are you willing to come with me to the college canteen so that you may have your breakfast? I am heading there only for my breakfast too. The college will start within an hour,” Jatin asks her.
Suman gets worried and thinks, “I think this is better. I can’t stay alone worrying for this one hour, I hope Thapki and Shraddha return soon.”
Suman nods and they both leave for the canteen.

Aryan stands in the middle of the street for sometime, “What is she upto? Why did she run like that? She shouted some Shraddha’s name?”
Aryan notices Thapki’s stylish bracelet attached in his coat pocket. He remembers her holding his shoulders firmly to prevent from falling and by mistake, may be her bracelet got attached to his pocket.
“She has a perfect fashion sense. But I will have to return her this.”
He runs to his car and drives it, he follows Thapki’s auto behind.

Thapki sits in the auto and peeps from it, “I guess Shraddha is going to college, but where did she go early morning?”

She remembers Aryan saving her, “Oh I missed it again. I couldn’t even tell that guy a sorry and a thank you. God knows when will I meet him again?”
Suddenly, Shraddha’s auto halts and she gets off it. She pays the fare and runs into the railway station beside.

Thapki stops her auto too and gets down, she pays the fare and follows Shraddha.
“Where is this girl going? What is she upto? Why will she need to travel by train?”
Thapki follows her and finds herself in the middle of the crowded station.
“Oh no! I lost track of Shraddha. Where is she? She starts searching for Shraddha all over the station.

Aryan also notices Thapki entering the station and he parks his car somewhere near the station and follows behind. He, too, searches for her in the crowded platform.
A local train arrives at the station and Aryan thinks, “I guess she will board this train.”
He gets into the train and searches for Thapki, he looks here and there.
“If I don’t find her, I will send her bracelet through Amar to her college. I can’t land up in trouble because of her.”

Thapki hears the final whistle of the train and starts panicking.
“How to find her now in this crowded place?”
Her eyes glisten suddenly when she notices Shraddha getting into a compartment from far.
“Shraddha!” she screams when the train starts leaving the station. Thapki starts running behind the train when the train speeds up.
A strong arm stretches towards Thapki suddenly, she gets hold of it and jumps inside the compartment but not the same compartment as Shraddha.

Thapki finds a tight grip around her arms and waist which prevents her from falling off the train. She looks at her saviour, her saviour smiles at her.
“You again? You saved me so many times and my friends too,” Thapki replies, “Actually I wanted to tell you a sorry for the last night. I slapped you and thank you for saving my life today. I owe you this. You saved me from falling in trouble today.”
Thapki apologizes folding her hands.

“How cool! Seeing a girl folding hands to say sorry. Anyways I accept. And no need for thank you. I saved you as I thought it was necessary that’s it,” Aryan replies back.
“Necessary?” Thapki asks shocked.
“Nothing, you won’t understand.” he tells her.
“Hmm.. What is your name? I mean like you are an angel for me, I felt the urge to ask.” Thapki smiles.
“What’s the hurry? We have just spoken to each other for the first time. If luck permits, we’ll meet again,” he replies elegantly.
“You speak so well Mr……Mr. Nameless. Sorry actually but I don’t know your name and you don’t want to say. Anyways it was good to meet you. I apologised and the burden on me is over,” she lets a relaxed sigh.
Aryan smiles back at her and they share an eyelock.
The train halts at the next station and Thapki remembers about Shraddha.
“Okay bye. Really if luck permits, we’ll meet again,” she waves at Aryan and jumps out on the platform.

She searches for Shraddha and sees Shraddha coming out of the other compartment in a hurry and runs towards the exit quickly. Thapki follows behind and runs away.
Aryan remembers about Thapki’s bracelet, “Oh no, I forgot to ask her about her scooty as well as return this bracelet.”
He, too jumps out of the train but Thapki has already disappeared into the crowd.
“I hate this!” saying so, he walks away to board an another train to return, “I’ll send this through Amar. This girl wasted so much of my time. Why did I come running behind her like this for no good deal?”
Aryan reaches the original station and leaves in his car for his office.

To be continued…

CHAPTER 7: Shraddha’s truth

NOTE: The next update will come on next saturday evening i.e. on 5th August. I am having a very important exam on saturday morning itself and I came to know today only. Take care guys and hope you won’t forget the track till then..And yes from the next part, ThaYan scenes will also increase. Don’t worry for BIhaan, his entry is yet far in my ff.Till then enjoy Aryan since Aryan role is also played by Manish Goplani.

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