Shall we ever fall in Love? (Rinka_Ritz) Ch. 5


Recap- Thapki gets the project for Khanna industries, Shraddha goes missing, Suman and Thapki are out at night to search Shraddha, they decide to go inside a forest. Thapki’s scooty is hit by Aryan’s car and Thapki yells behind.


Thapki yells at the Bugatti and finally stops running behind it.
“I don’t know who is this mysterious Mister, he is crossing my way each time and troubling me. I am not going to leave him. I will try to find this car somehow. But Shraddha? I have to find her too.”
Thapki picks up an another brick and enters the forest, she starts marking the trees and walks through the woods.
“Oh God! It’s too dark here,” she starts calling out her friends’ names, “Shraddha? Suman? Suman are you alright? Please answer me,” she keeps screaming.

Suman notices Shraddha sitting under a tree into the forest and a few goons have surrounded and gazing at her, “Hey beautiful! What are you doing here in the middle of the forest? Good girls generally don’t come here. Have you come for us?”
They attempt to touch her when Suman screams at them from behind, “Hey dare you try to touch her!”
“Oh luck by chance tonight, an another beautiful girl!”
They hold Suman’s arms while Suman tries to release herself and calls out to Shraddha, “Shraddha get up, save me, save yourself.”
But Shraddha is lying semi-conscious under the tree.
“Thapki…Thapki….” Suman screams constantly.
“Who is this Thapki now? An another girl? Wow we just can’t imagine. God has gifted us with beautiful awards tonight,” the goons tell one another.

They hold Suman’s hands and try to molest her while the other goons try to lift Shraddha.
Suddenly a heavy hand punches them from behind, and some of the goons fall apart.
The voice speaks, “God has even gifted you some difficult punches tonight.”
Suman notices a handsome guy before her who has come to her help. He punches those goons more and beats them thoroughly, he guards Suman and asks her to look after Shraddha. Suman tries to help Shraddha regain consciousness but in vain.

Thapki keeps walking but there isn’t any response from Suman either, “Have I put Suman into trouble now? Shraddha is already missing and again Suman?”
She hears some voices far away, “What do I hear? Some people screaming out there?”
Thapki starts heading in the direction of the voices.

The goons are beaten up and they moan in pain while the handsome guy shouts at them, “Dare you people show your faces again in this forest!”
Suman stands beside while the guy speaks, “I hope you are alright now, your friend is not in her senses, try to wake her up.”
He goes near Shraddha and pats her cheek, he checks her wrist, “Hey madam, wake up.”
Thapki reaches there in time and she notices the goons running away moaning while a guy holding Shraddha, Suman stands beside.
Thapki goes near the guy and holds his collar, she slaps him hard.
“How dare you touch my friend? In this forest, you people will do anything seeing lonely girls? If you have guts then face me. Those goons ran away but not you?” Thapki screams in disgust.
Suman holds Thapki by her mouth, “Thapki stop it, he didn’t…”
“No Suman, I know these guys very well, they are just a shame. Shraddha! Shraddha! Look what has happened to her.”
She holds the guy by his collar again, “What did you do to her? Tell me, I can’t see my friends in pain or being molest….”
She goes to slap him again but that guy holds her hand, “Stop it. I have heard enough of you, you girls don’t deserve my help.”
Thapki is shocked but before she can say anything, they hear the horns of a car from far. The guy turns around and runs away, he jumps over the uphill of the forest and disapprears.
Thapki turns to Suman while Suman looks at her in anger.

The guy gets into his car quickly and speaks to the man in the driver seat, “Drive quickly, let’s go.”
The car starts moving while the guy looks out of the window, “Saving someone out of danger will be so worse, especially if it comes from that Ms. Chaturvedi, hate this!”
“Sir, I have garraged your Bugatti, I will send the car for repair tomorrow,” the driver speaks.
“Amar do you think I am going to drive that broken pane smashed car anymore? Let it be in the garage itself,” Aryan replies back in anger.
They head back home.

Thapki walks over to Suman, “Help? What did he mean?”
“Yes help. He helped both of us out of danger (Suman narrates everything), and you insulted that good person, Thapki.” Suman tells her.
“Oh no! How could I make such a huge mistake? I have to ask for a sorry from him,” Thapki feels guilty.
“How will you say him sorry? We didn’t even get a chance to know his name or who he is. He is a good person that’s it who had come to save us,” Suman tells her.
“But we have seen his face. This Earth is round Suman, we will meet him again, someday may be,” Thapki tells her.
“But why did you behave in such a manner Thapki?” Suman asks her.
“What to do? I got so worried for both of you, I saw those goons in that condition and then the guy holding Shraddha, I couldn’t keep myself calm. And you know before coming here, that Bugatti again hit my scooty but I couldn’t catch that mysterious Mister. I am getting into trouble every now and then,” Thapki replies sadly.
“What that Bugatti again?” Suman asks.
“Yes but let’s take Shraddha to the hostel first. We’ll talk about it later,” Thapki walks over to Shraddha.

She holds Shraddha closely and Suman sits beside them.
“Shraddha what has happened to you? Wake up!”
Shraddha’s eyes are half open.
“Shraddha! Are you drunk?” Thapki says shockingly.
“What! Did she get drunk in the party?” Suman utters angrily.
“I don’t know, I am getting that odour from her, but let us take her back to the hostel, then we will talk to her,” Thapki tells Suman.
Thapki and Suman hold Shraddha properly and they walk back towards Thapki’s scooty.
“But in one scooty, how shall we three go?” Suman asks.
“Wait,” Thapki walks over to the tea stall.

“You are here again? Did you find your friend?” the man asks Thapki.
“Yes dada, but we have only one scooty. May I take your bicycle please? I will bring it back to you soon. You may keep some money too.” Thapki forwards him some money.
“No sister, if my bicycle can help needy girls at night, I will help just like that. I don’t need money, you take it and return me tomorrow morning. No need to come all the way at night again. I live here in my shop only,” the man tells her.
“But still keep this money,” Thapki keeps the money near him and walks away with his bicycle.

“Suman, you take Shraddha by the scooty and I will be coming behind by this bicycle,” Thapki tells her.
They both agree and leave for the hostel.


Aryan is lying on his bed and the sound of the slap from Thapki echoes in his ears, “She slapped me! She slapped Aryan Khanna! Huh! Attitude!”

He goes into a flashback.

[After hitting Thapki’s scooty, he heads away with his car. He notices his window pane being smashed by Thapki.
“Oh no! This attitude girl! She has guts.”
He stops his car somewhere in the middle of the highway, a little far from where Thapki’s scooty is. He gets out of his car and calls Amar, “Amar, my car has been damaged. Come near the highway with an another car, I am waiting here and send this car away.”
While Aryan moves around the highway, he hears some noise from the forest, “What noise is this?”
He runs into the forest and notices Suman being molested by a few goons and Shraddha lying on the ground. He jumps quickly to save them.
Later Amar arrives and rings the horn, he returns home.] Flashback ends.

“So Ms. Chaturvedi, I don’t know how many times we are going to meet but you will not come to know about my identity, you only saw my face. But if I remember correctly, our first meet. You didn’t even see my face.”

He goes into another flashback.

[He splashes muddy water over Thapki and drives away after giving the currency note. Later he reaches his office.
“Amar, today morning, I didn’t even get a proper project from anyone among those files you showed early morning. I need something better for our work,” he shouts on Amar.
Amar hands him a few more files, “Sir, this one is from the Mumbai Medical College.”
Amar goes away.
Aryan goes through the files, and notices Thapki’s project folder, he is impressed, “Excellent project done by this student, the name of the student is written, Ms. Thapki Chaturvedi.”
He picks up his landline and calls the medical college, “I am Aryan Khanna, your leading sponsor. Could you send me the details of a student Ms. Thapki Chaturvedi? And all her academic details too, everything means everything. I have to select someone better for my important project.”
The receptionist from the medical college faxes him the details of Thapki.
He goes through the fax materials, he sees her biodata and her photograph on top. He gets shocked, “Is this the same girl on whom I splashed mud today morning? Perfect. Her attitude, her anger is perfect for handling my project. What she is a black belt too? Then it is more advantageous, I need this kind of a trainee.”
He calls Amar in his room and hands over his secret files along with the project, “Amar, talk to the counsellor of the projects of this college and ask him secretly to hand over my personal project only to this girl, Thapki Chaturvedi and nobody else. I have come to a conclusion that this girl is only fit for my personal work, explain all the details to the counsellor as I have instructed you before. But I won’t go before them right now, you handle everything there. I will think later if I want to let my trainee know me. And yes, send our research dresses to all the students out there.”
“But Sir, we generally send dresses later on,” Amar asks confused.
“Do what I say,” Aryan tells him.
Amar obeys and goes away.
“I spoilt her dress and I heard that she was heading to college. She must not attend the counselling with that dirty dress. I can’t send dress to only one person, hence I will send for all. And I will not go in front of Thapki in my real identity because all the truth will be exposed to her regarding who I am, her counsellor will inform her. And she may not see me in good eyes if she knows it and she may not accept my help if she requires at times. I myself want her to solve my problems and take me out of this daily police drama, she is capable. Till then she’ll only know that Aryan Khanna is a criminal that’s it.] Flashback ends.

“This is how I know you Thapki. You will be completely into my trap and you will have no other way but help me indirectly. I will be beside you always as a shadow but without revealing my identity. You will not know who I am until my work is done. I am in love with your attitude! Her slap! And her face? Today I saw her without those muds put on. Beautiful she is! A rough diamond.
But she slapped me? I won’t let her go that easily even if she becomes my trainee. Hate this!”, he switches off his table lamp and goes off to sleep.

Thapki rides the bicycle behind and thinks on her way back to the hostel, “I am getting indulged into problems more and more. I have so many works to do. How am I going to handle everything together? People call me strong but am I really strong? I get angry very quickly. Firstly, my family problems, then that Aryan Khanna’s project a criminal’s exposure project, then that mysterious Mister troubling me, now this Shraddha, I don’t know what more problems await me in future.”
They reach the hostel.

To be continued…
CHAPTER 6: I am sorry

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