Shall we ever fall in Love? (Rinka_Ritz) Ch. 2




A huge bungalow is shown. Six gardeners are watering the plants in the flower beds, four are washing a few BMW, Lamborghini, Bugatti cars, five are positioned in the kitchen and breakfast table, and a few more are busy cleaning the entire bungalow’s interior and exterior respectively.
A few are sitting on the sofa with some files and doing work. They speak to one another.

“If we don’t complete this work by 9 a.m, Sir will throw us out of the job,” one man said to another.
“And then he has assigned some other people to correct our stuffs of work, and if they report to him, he’ll throw them out as well,” spoke another.
“Sir thinks sending reports means they aren’t capable of finding mistakes on their own and reporting to him,” an another man joins them.
“Let’s complete it carefully before 9 a.m.”,they tell one another and continue with their work.

A young dashing man of around twenty five years of age is shown in tracksuit with black vests. He is seen working out on his treadmill. He holds a coffee mug on one hand and a file on the other.
Suddenly, frowning his eyebrows, he shouts loudly as if the whole bungalow echoes, “Amaaaarrrr, come here soon I say.”
Amar is sitting in the hall room along with his co-workers when the voice of his boss spills his own cup of coffee over him.
An another worker tells him, “Go Amar, your call has come. God knows what may have happened.”
Amar is the personal secretary of his boss. Amar quickly runs upstairs to his boss’ room.
Amar enters the room silently, “What happened Aryan Sir?”
The young man is Aryan, whom people call as The Aryan Khanna.
Aryan shoots him an angry look, “What the hell? Can’t you people even do these little things carefully? Hate this. These mistakes are going to snatch your jobs soon.”
Amar looks confused, “Sorry Sir, I mean…I..Okay I will check it again.”
Aryan throws away the file towards Amar, “Go check, and submit me sooner. Within two days, I want the whole task complete and not just this file. It’s your punishment. If not, you are rusticated.”
Amar bows slightly and rushes outside.

Amar reaches downstairs when a man speaks, “What happened again? Did he complete checking the entire file so early in the morning?”
Amar astonishingly replies, “You know him very well, he won’t leave anything free, he is timely perfect I mean, his legs works on the treadmill, at the same time, his two hands, eyes and brain too. I have to work again,”

By nine o’clock, the other people’s work is complete. Aryan finishes his breakfast and leaves for his office.
Aryan comes out of the bungalow fixing his coat’s buttons and wearing his shoes at the same time. He reaches for his car and finds all his cars are ready.
“I’ll go by this Bugatti today,” saying so, Aryan slips into his car. He drives his car and leaves.
Amar sits in an another car, “Aryan Sir will never take a driver or anything. He thinks these are all waste of time, if the driver approaches late or doesn’t drive at the speed he wants, it is better to go all by himself.”
Amar leaves behind.

Thapki reaches her hostel and searches the balcony for her papers. After a lot of hard work, she finally finds it from under a cupboard in the hall.
“Thank God. But it’s already past nine, class must have started. I will miss my first class.”
She leaves in her scooty quickly.

It has been raining since the few days in Mumbai and there are waterlogs everywhere. Thapki drives carefully. She halts in a red signal, she turns impatient, “Oh no, I am getting late.”
The lights turn green and she starts her scooty but the tyres get stuck in a street side pit. She jumps out of her scooty and tries helping her scooty out of it when a car goes past her at a high speed, splashing the mud water over her.
“Hey you, can’t you see and drive properly?”, Thapki screams behind but the car goes away, she manages to notice the number plate and memorises it.
“Wait, once I find you, I am not going to leave you. You spoilt my dress. Oh my God, I will late even more.”

Thapki rubs herself with whatever old cloth was there in her scooty and finally takes her scooty out of the pit. She starts riding at a high speed.
After two or three crossings, she stucks in an another signal. She notices something in front of her.
“Isn’t it the same car that spoilt my dress? Yes it is the same number plate. Wait I am not going to leave you.”
She gets off her scooty and starts walking towards the car.

She shouts near the window of the car, “Hey you, whoever you are, you spoilt my dress, hell how am I going to enter college now? I have a reputation and my Sir, if he sees, he will..”
The signal turns green and before Thapki can catch her culprit, the man drives away.
To Thapki’s surprise, a 2000 rupee note comes flinging towards her through the car window and with a heavy voice, “Get a new one.”
The car goes away, Thapki stands agaped.

The man, before leaving, looks at the front mirror of his car and catches a glimpse of the girl yelling behind.
He utters, “Beautiful! Even with those muds put on her. Hate this!”
He leaves the street quickly with Thapki still screaming behind.

“I even failed to notice that man’s face. But Mister, I will remember your car number forever, you have insulted me with this currency note, I will catch hold of you soon,” Thapki smirks while she is again jerked by someone else.
“Hey who?” Thapki jumps.

She notices a beggar pulling her clothes with stretched palms.
“Hey leave leave! I am already covered with mud, don’t dirty your hands.” saying so, Thapki goes to hand over the currency note to the beggar but then she stops, “No wait.”
She takes out some other money from her bag and gives to the beggar.
“Sorry, I can’t give this note to you because I have somebody else to pay this to, to a mysterious Mister, but you can take my money and go,” Thapki backs off with a smirk.
She hurriedly leaves for college.

Thapki parks her scooty somehow in the college premises and runs as quickly as could. Finally she reaches her classroom when she notices her professor already there. She narrows her lips to call for permission, “May I come in?”
Her classmates look at her condition and start smiling while Shraddha and Suman look on shocked.
“Ms. Chaturvedi, you are late for the class, and what is this condition of yours?” her professor scolded.

“Sorry Sir, I…I actually…actually fell into the mud,” Thapki speaks softly.
The entire class breaks down into laughter along with her professor while Shraddha tries to question her through eyes. Thapki nods to her.
“I had never expected a student like you falling into the mud,” her professor continues laughing, and letting her enter into the class.

Thapki places herself in her seat and Shraddha whispers to her, “Did you get the papers? And how did you fall?”

“I didn’t fall Shraddha, somebody actually splashed mud water on me. But how can I tell Sir that somebody splashed at me, at Thapki, at a black belt holder huh? By the way I got the papers,” Thapki whispered in an angry tone.
“What! Someone splashed mud on you? How dare he? I mean was he a girl or a boy? I mean how he or she looked? And…and…”, Shraddha asked.
“Wait wait wait! I myself haven’t seen that person, in fact it was a girl or a boy I don’t know, but I think it was a man”, Thapki replied.
“How can you say that?” Shraddha asked again.
“He actually spoke in a rough voice from inside his car and he literally flew this note over to me”, Thapki shows the note angrily to Shraddha.
“Oh my God! How dare he? Thapki, couldn’t you show him his right place for insulting you?”Shraddha too replies angrily.

“Before I could catch hold of him, he drove away in his Bugatti, huh!” Thapki replied.
“Bugatti? (mouth wide open) He is damn rich I think and throwing off a 2000 note is proving this. May be he is handsome too,” Shraddha surprisingly answered.
“Oh Shraddha please, I am not in the mood of talking something good for such a person. So stop praising any guy like that. If I ever find out that mysterious Mister, I am gonna get hell out of him. He doesn’t know me,” Thapki replied sternly.
“Okay my darling sorry. Kya karu aadat se majboor! Such a rich hot guy…How can I not praise him?” Shraddha winks at Thapki.
“Hey you, his praises are more important to you than my insults? Shall I tell this to your boyfriend?”, Thapki eyes Shraddha.

“No never, don’t do that. I was just trying to cheer you up!” Shraddha smiles back, “So Thapki, don’t forget me when you go on an expedition to catch your culprit. I will also join you in the mission of defeating that attitude guy!”
“I am alone enough for that mysterious Mister but yeah if you get some time left from your boyfriend, you may join me,” Thapki smirks.
“Hey Thapki please stop it,”Shraddha makes a pout face. Thapki smiles back.
They resume their classes.

After some time, Suman speaks, “Since Sir has made me his informer, I got a message from him regarding his meeting today after college, he has asked all project submitters to stay back. he has much important things to say.”
“Sure thing, I am going to stay back but in this condition,” Thapki looks at her spoilt dress sadly.
“Don’t feel bad, after the meeting, we’ll rush home immediately,” Suman assures her.
“Hey tell me one thing, why did Sir make you his informer? I think he is trying to keep you round the corner, on his edge or may be he has some feelings for you,” Thapki winks to Suman.
Suman slightly elbows Thapki, “No yaar, those are your wild guesses. Do you think a person like Sir would even fall for girls? Huh!”

“But you can never judge a human’s mind. He might..” Thapki keeps teasing.
“Hey Thapki, stop it haa, can you tell these things before Sir?” Suman feels irked a little.
“Hey sorry sorry I was just teasing you,” Thapki holds Suman by her shoulders.
“I know that yaar (she pulls Thapki’s cheeks), but isn’t it odd that Shraddha is missing out such an interesting conversation! Look at her,” Suman replies back.
While the girls speak, they notice Shraddha inattentive towards them and busy in her mobile.
“I hope everything’s fine otherwise she is not the one who will miss out such conversations for something else,” Thapki backs with a vague smile.

To be continued…

Chapter 3: The project meeting

I am getting few comments on my updates. If readers are not interested, I will not update here. I am doing this hard work to keep ManYasa and ThaHaan/ThaYan memories alive.

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