Shall we ever fall in Love? (Rinka_Ritz) Ch. 10


Note: In the previous update, there was a typing mistake, Sankar’s name was replaced by Anjali in half of the chapter. It will be Sankar only. There is no one as Anjali in my ff.

Recap- Shraddha is finally accepted by Kabir’s family at his birthday party, partly for Thapki but later with Aryan’s help. On the other hand, Aryan’s business partner’s daughter Sankar storms out of the party in anger vowing to take revenge later. Kabir informs Thapki about his boss and hands over Aryan’s house address to her. She gets happy with a ray of hope.


Thapki’s room

Thapki changes her burnt dress and rests herself on her bed. Her gaze falls on Aryan’s coat and she takes it in her hand slowly. The fragrance of his expensive perfume fills her heart with joy, “Now I am not worried anymore because I have finally got something about you and your whereabouts. Rest will be decided by destiny but I know I am going to meet you tomorrow. You’ll be surprised when you find that this time, it’s me who has come to you first.”
Thapki neatly folds his coat and places it on her bedside table. She switches off the table lamp and goes to sleep hugging her pillow. A beautiful broad smile fills her cute face in sleep.


Thapki wakes up quickly and takes her shower. She throws open her cupboard and juggles among her western outfits.
“No I can’t wear my casuals today, I should look someone special. After all I am going to meet him”
She leaves all her dresses unarranged but doesn’t find any. Finally, she takes her keys and opens a special locker in her cupboard. She finds a range of her own frock salwars,”I had specially brought these from home for various functions at college. I think I must wear one today.”
Saying so, she chooses a yellow frock salwar with golden laces, “Perfect for the meet.”
She wears the matching earrings and a colored bangle on her right hand, her wrist watch on her left hand, she applies a light makeup with a little ‘kajal’ and light lipstick.
“This is the first time I have tidied up myself so much.”

She locks her room and comes out into the corridor. She takes a look around only to find other girls of her hostel either brushing their teeth or having their morning tea. Nobody are ready for college except Thapki.
“I think I am too early,” Thapki thinks to herself. She doesn’t notice any of her besties around though.
“Today, I’ll have to hurriedly go to his house and then to college. I have never felt so excited ever in my life,” she looks at her swollen bag once and checks it, “His coat lies perfectly inside,” she grabs her bag tightly and follows downstairs.
Thapki takes the keys to her scooty, “No I shouldn’t go by scooty today. I don’t even know whether Suman is back from her house or not, if not then how will Shraddha go to college? Let my scooty be here, I’ll go by a cab.”
She hands over her keys to the guard, “Uncle please give the keys to Shraddha.”
“But where are you going this early morning?” the guard asks her.
“Sir, you have always been strict with girls returning late night but I am leaving hostel early morning. I don’t think it’s any harm,” saying so, Thapki leaves with a smile on her face. The guard nods to himself in confusion.


Thapki impatiently waits for a cab for about half an hour and keeps checking her watch a hundred times, “I want to meet him as soon as possible, I can’t keep my calm. It’s so impossible to get a cab early morning.”
Soon she notices an unhired cab coming in her direction, she stops it.
“Where do you want to go Mam?” the driver asks her.
Thapki’s eyes go wide as she has not yet checked the card or read the details.
“Wait, I will tell you,” she opens her bag and gets his coat out, she searches for the card in the pockets and finally gets it. As she is about to read it, her phone rings.
“Oh it’s Shraddha calling me,” Thapki hands over the card to the cab driver,”Bhaiya, take me here.”
Thapki answers the phone call while getting into the cab, “What is it Shraddha?”
The cab driver sees Thapki busy in phone call, he places the card beside him and starts driving.
“Thapki, where are you? I checked, your room is locked,” Shraddha asks her.
“Sorry Shraddha I didn’t inform. I am out for some important work, I will directly reach college. You get my scooty keys from the guard and meet me in college.”
“But did you forget that I shouldn’t drive in this condition? You only advised me?” Shraddha reminds her.
“Oops! It just slipped my mind, so sorry,” Thapki tells her.
“From when did you become so forgetful Thapki? Is it because of your Mr. Nameless?” Shraddha teases her.
“Hey what do you mean by ‘your Mr. Nameless?” Thapki makes a cute face.
Their phone conversation continues as Shraddha keeps teasing her when the driver finally speaks, “Mam, we reached your address.”
“Shraddha, I’ll talk to you later,” Thapki discontinues the call and gets off the cab.
“How much should I pay bhaiya?” she asks the driver.
The driver tells her and she pays the required amount. The driver drives away while Thapki walks towards her destination, which stands before her.


Shraddha gets ready and calls Suman.
“Where are you girl?” she asks her.
“I am still stuck at my parents’ place, I’ll return within two days,” Suman informs her.
“Okay you may take the notes from us,” Shraddha tells her.
“By the way what happened yesterday at the party?” Suman asks her.
“Nothing much, everything is in our favour. I will tell you everything when you return, okay take care of your family and yourself too,” Shraddha tells her.
“Okay fine, bye.” Suman disconnects the call.
“I don’t think it will be good to tell Suman everything about last night’s party. She is already worried about her family, though things were in our favour finally but whatever happened before, those attacks and all, Suman will get tensed for us,” Shraddha thinks to herself. She leaves for college.


Thapki walks slowly towards the villa counting her footsteps. She feels a bit tensed, “Such a huge villa! I wonder who all are there in his family. If he gets angry on me for coming here without informing then?”
Thapki reaches the huge gate when the security guard stops her, “Wait! Where are you going?”
“I…I came to meet…” she fumbles and checks for the card in Aryan’s coat which she is holding tightly in her hands.
“Oh no, the driver forgot to return me the card, now what should I do?” Thapki thinks to herself and looks around.
All of a sudden, her gaze falls on the name plate, “ARYAN KHANNA VILLA”
Her eyes go wide as ever and a chill runs down her spine, “Ar-yan Kha-nna!”
“Where did this driver bring me? To Mr. Khanna’s villa? I wanted to go somewhere else,” Thapki wonders shockingly.
“Oh madam, whom you want to meet tell fast. Don’t waste time,” the guard questions her.

Soon, Thapki hears a loud, angry but known voice, “Get my car out fast, go hurry. I need to leave for office.”
Thapki sees Aryan from far, in fact, her Mr. Nameless coming out of the villa with a few people around him. She gets happy upon seeing him.
“I want to meet him…” she tells the guard excitedly.
“Oh you want to meet Mr. Khanna?” he asks her.
“Mr. Khanna?” she gets confused.
“This villa belongs to him, we work under him and you don’t know who he is. His name plate is here. He’s Aryan Khanna, the great business tycoon, the medicine manufacturer, with whom you want to meet you said,” he tells her.
Thapki notices Aryan walking towards the gate and the guard gets busy with their boss. Thapki covers her face with her ‘dupatta’ and upon getting a chance, she quickly sneaks into the backyard of the garage to hide herself from Aryan. She is completely confused with the sudden developments around her.
She peeps from the garage and watches Aryan leaving for office in his car.

Thapki quickly falls on her knees and her eyes fill with tears, “Ar-yan Kha-nna” she fumbles to herself, “How come he be that…that criminal who kills people with wrong drugs?”
She wipes her tears after crying for some time and gets up, “No I shouldn’t fall weak, but it’s good that I got to know about him before falling more into his trap.”
As she stands upright, her eyes fall on something else, the ‘Bugatti car’, the car whose pane is broken.
Thapki finds the ground beneath her feet unrooted and her legs shiver in anger or rather in disgust. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Whom should she believe? Her eyes or her heart?
She reminisces every incident from the beginning, “That bad attitude man, that good Mr. Nameless, or this criminal Mr. Aryan Khanna?”

She takes out the 2000 rupee note from her bag pocket which she had kept carefully and holds it before her, “You will soon get your answer, you wanted me to share my feelings isn’t it? I will share soon.”
She remembers all the precious good moments spent with him, but her thoughts are overempowered when she remembers what Jatin had told her before, “No this person is a mass killer, he kills innocent people, he wanted to trap me, but enough is enough Mr. Khanna. For this Thapki, her duties as a citizen is more important than what her heart fills. Whatever little emotions or feelings I had for the ‘so called good person’ in him has been buried now.”
Thapki keeps back the currency note in her bag, and takes a look at the coat in her hand, she feels weak for a moment but then strongly defeats her emotions, she throws his coat on the dusty ground in the garage, “I hate you Mr. Aryan Khanna, I hate you.”
She is not left with any other clue but to hate him forever.

Thapki comes out of the garage slowly and finds nobody near the gate. She quickly runs outside and takes a final gaze at the villa. She then leaves for her college. But deep inside, she is devastated, broken by the fact that she was cheated, her feelings were played with. She felt dejected, a strong Thapki felt weak!


Shraddha is waiting at the lounge for Thapki when she sees Thapki hurrying inside.
“You? You wearing an something indian for college?” Shraddha asks surprisingly.
Thapki, who is not in a mood to speak anything about what had happened with her just an hour before, quickly avoids, “Actually all in the laundary so I had nothing to wear other than this.”
“Oh I thought, you went to meet that special guy so you wore this,” Shraddha teases her.
“Who asked you to think always Shraddha? I didn’t tell you so,” saying so, Thapki walks inside.
Shraddha wonders at Thapki’s temper and follows behind.

Later, after their classes get over, Shraddha walks outside the classroom without waiting for Thapki. Thapki realises that Shraddha is hurt with her behaviour. She runs behind and catches up with Shraddha.
“I am sorry darling, I…I actually was in a bad mood that time,”Thapki holds her ears.
“So you couldn’t share with me why your mood is off?” Shraddha asks.
“Nothing as such, whatever it is, I’ll handle myself. Don’t worry. Come on, now smile and forgive me please,” Thapki and Shraddha hug each other.
“I know nothing can separate us and break our friendship ever,” Shraddha tells her.
They both reach their hostel later.

Thapki tries to sleep on her bed at night when things flash in her mind. She begins weeping, after some time, she opens her cupboard and takes out the magazine that Suman had once given her. She opens it and finds Aryan and her’s picture in it. This time she reads everything properly unlike last time, she reads Aryan Khanna’s name on it.
“Why did I avoid reading this on that day itself when Suman handed me this? Then I could have controlled my feelings much sooner. he played with my emotions. But I know, it is much easier for him because he must have been in the habit of doing this each time with people. I hate you, I hate you forever,” she tears the magazine page roughly, “I don’t want to keep anything related to you.”
She takes out the pink dress given by him and sets it ablaze along with the magazine.
“You are out of my life but my revenge is still left, yes for the attitude mysterious Mister, and I need to return him that.”
Thapki plans something and then goes off to sleep.

Aryan reaches his bungalow later at night and garages his car. He jumps on something in the dark, he switches on his mobile torch and finds his coat which he had given to Thapki last night.
“How come this is here? Does this mean that she? Or is it Kabir who told her everything?”
He hurries outside and finds the guard, “Did anybody enter the house today or came asking for me?”
“Yes Sir, a young girl came in the morning and she was searching for you. But I don’t know where she disappeared suddenly and didn’t come asking for you again,” he informs her.
Aryan shows Thapki’s picture in his phone, “Was she the one?”
The guard nods and Aryan walks away.
He wonders, “So she has come to know the actual thing as to who I am. The way she has dusted my coat over the floor, I know she is in prim anger. But never mind, the face offs will become more interesting henceforth. I hate this! But I still love your attitude, your straight forwardness and your innocence. I love you Thapki!”


Thapki and Shraddha reach college.
“I miss Suman,” Shraddha tells her.
“Me too, hasn’t she returned yet?” Thapki asks eagerly.
“No, I even tried to call her but it’s unreachable, I hope everything is alright with her,” Shraddha speaks worriedly.
After their classes, Thapki informs Shraddha that she has some urgent work and that she’ll meet her directly at the hostel. Shraddha leaves and Thapki takes her scooty and drives on the street. She reaches near a secluded place.

She keeps riding and intentionally, bumps against a hard rock. She throws herself on the ground and acts to have been fainted.
Somebody arrives at the spot and sprinkles water over her face. Thapki, in spite of being awake, acts as if she has just regained consciousness. She opens her eyes and stares at Aryan. With a light smirk on her face, she pulls him into a hug. Aryan feels odd with her behaviour as he has expecting some rude behaviour from her, but no! He hugs her back warmly.
“I knew you would come to my rescue, thank you for saving me otherwise I would have died tonight,” Thapki shivers.
“Until I am with you, nothing will happen to you. I told you before right?” he smiles at her.
Thapki smiles back and separates from him. Aryan helps her stand up and she looks at him once again.
“But what are you doing in this lonely place?” he questions her.
“I..actually came here intentionally because I know that if I fall in trouble, I will always find you,” Thapki tells him.
Aryan wonders in his mind what Thapki’s plan is, “So this was her plan just to find me but why? She already knwows my address and who I am, then why does she need to find me in this way? I get it that she knows that my eyes are always on her movements 24X7 and if she falls in trouble, I will come for her but….”

“So you intentionally did this to find me? Your accident too? But why?” he finally questions her.
“Actually…I needed to talk to you, you have never given me any of your contact but left me in thinking about my emotions, what I feel for you, but you know I couldn’t even spend a day properly without sharing my feelings for you, without talking to you, Nameless. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have given you so much trouble but it was necessary for me,” her eyes fill with tears as Aryan looks on shockingly.
He wonders, “What does she mean by these things? Doesn’t she really know my name? How can she behave so cool even after knowing everything about me? I wonder she knows nothing because by her past records, her anger can’t be controlled. And after knowing my truth, her anger is justified. But it doesn’t seem so. I guess I’ll have to wait to actually know what she is upto.”

“What happened? You aren’t talking to me? I am telling you something,” Thapki shook him.
“Oh I am sorry, I was just wondering what you are going to tell me,” he tells her.
“I really don’t know who you are, what is your family background, from where you came, what you do, your name, nothing. But from the few meetings with you, I only know that you have been my saviour always. You’ve never tried to hurt me, you saved Shraddha’s life too, you in fact, built her life. And remember, that night, you shared your feelings with me, you wanted me to befriend you, you wanted us to share more time with each other. I was reluctant but…” Thapki looks into his eyes lovingly while he moves closer to her. He suddenly holds her by her shoulders and looks straight into her eyes, their faces are just a few inches away, “But what Thapki?” he whispers softly.
“But…but after what happened last night at the party, I know you truly have feelings for me, the way you saved me from the fire, you burnt your hands, (she caresses his burnt hand), you explained Kabir’s family,you stood for me and Shraddha, I don’t think whatever you are, but not a bad person atleast, and tonight, with this dark street around us as a witness, I want to tell you that I too, have feelings for you. I yet don’t know whether it is love or anything else, but every part of me wants to be with you, wants to spend time with you. I accept your proposal Mr…Mr. Nameless,” and she smiles.

Aryan is totally blank with whatever she just said but he can feel love in her beautiful eyes, and he knows this love is just for him. He doesn’t worry for the consequences but he wants to love her back too. On the other hand, Thapki feels her heart being broken into thousand pieces but deep inside, she, too had derived feelings for him. His little touch still gives her shrills, like the way he is holding her now, by her shoulders.
Aryan feels Thapki’s arms resting on his chest while he speaks, “This is you telling me, you Thapki?” his mouth wide open.
Thapki nods and within seconds, Aryan lifts her by her thighs and whirls around. He screams loudly with none to hear them in the secluded place, while his voice echoes, “You have given me the happiest thing in the world, you have given me your support, your trust and your faith. I don’t promise I can fulfill everything of it, but yes I promise I will never hurt you from my side. Nothing wrong may touch you till I am alive.”
Thapki wonders in mind and feels pain in her chest, “But you have already hurt me Aryan, you have broken all your promises even before they were made, I confess I have feelings for you, and while acting falsely, I have confessed everything in real. How I wish these things could have been true, you would have loved me truly, I could have thrownmy anger, worries upon you and you would have just hugged me like this and swirl me up as if nothing had happened. It feels as if hundred of swords are being acted upon me and I am being pierced by those. Everything is just so hurting but I want my revenge, I want you to be punished. I know it will hurt more to see you being punished, but I will have to do it. You are fake, you are totally fake.”

Aryan wonders in mind, “I am still unaware whether you know anything about me or not, but what I feel right now is that your confessions were too real to be fake, your words had those feelings of love and joy, I want to believe that everything that is happening tonight is for real, I would never want to lose you, never!”
“I have something more to say, I know you are reluctant to tell me anything about you, and I am sure you must be having reasons for it. I promise I will never force you to tell me anything unless you are ready or comfortable. But just tell me what should I call you? Just your name please?” she tells him.
“Eh..You may call me… Mr. Nameless. Actually I love when you call me by that,” he laughs.
Thapki makes a cute face and hugs him again, Aryan kisses her forehead softly, “Do you really want to go home now or you want to spend the whole night in this lonely place?”
“You don’t want to spend some more time with me?” she asks him.
“If you will, everything will be your wish from now on Madam,” Aryan smiles playfully.
“Umm..then shall we go to some restaurant or something? I want to spend the evening together with you,” she holds him by his arm.
“Jo hukum mere aka!” Aryan wraps his other arm around her and they walk together towards her scooty.
“Will you go by my scooty? Where’s your car?” she asks him.
“It’s right over there, I will ask someone to drop it at my house, don’t worry,” he tells her.
“Who will you ask? You have some brother or some uncle or what?” she questions him.
“No…A friend actually,” he replies irritatingly.
“I am sorry. I promised no to question you anything about your life. Sorry!” she pouts.
“Now don’t be silly, it is alright. Let’s go,” he drives her scooty while she sits behind him wrapping her arms tightly around his chest.

To be continued….
CHAPTER 11: The revenge

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