Shall we ever fall in Love? (Rinka_Ritz) Ch. 1




A girl of around twenty years of age wakes up from her sleep, she checks her alarm, “So finally you rang at sharp 4.30 a.m. How much I love you for waking me up like this daily.”
Saying so, she kisses the alarm clock once and jumps out of her bed.
Wearing her comfortable tees and trousers, she looked like a cool modern girl. She covers herself with her stroll and walks downstairs.
She reaches the garden, she sees flowers have blossomed for the day, she goes near and smells one.
“Flowers are so tender, they also have lives, we must not pluck them unnecessarily.”
She speaks to herself while watering the plants.
“The gardener uncle isn’t up yet, God knows why he keeps sleeping for long hours daily and I have to do his duty. But then I love doing this. Today is my project submission final day, I don’t know whether that girl has completed her work or not. I always end teaming up with her and then face problems with assignments. But she is my best friend, she always relies on me. How can I not help her?”

She completes watering the plants, “Now I must go and check if she has woken up or not. This is again an another part of my duty.”
She brushes her hand across her forehead and goes upstairs.

As she walks across the balcony, she knocks in each girl’s room to wake wake up for college. Finally she stops at a door. She slowly opens the door and peeps in.
“Hmm..She’s still sleeping…Wait I’ll show you.”, she murmured to herself.
She picks up the empty flower vase from a table in the room and checks it, “There is little water in it.”
She tip toes upto the bed of the other girl.

After a few seconds of careful observation, she skillfully removes the blanket off the other girl and pours water over her face, “Good morning Shraddddhhhhhhaaa…”, she screams as loudly as she can.
The face of the other girl is shown, she is Shraddha.
She wakes up with a jerk, “Hell it’s you, Thapki….Isn’t it too early to wake me up stupid!”
The face of the wonder girl is now shown, she is Thapki.

Thapki and Shraddha, both are best of friends and both are well known in their college too. Thapki is known for her intelligence and studious nature, whereas Shraddha, on the other hand, is just the opposite. Shraddha is a playful, prank loving girl who relies on Thapki for everything. But she loves Thapki equally.

Thapki wipes the water off Shraddha’s face as she speaks, “Don’t you remember today is the final day for submitting our project for the session, and if we don’t, Sir is going to kill us.”
“Hey nothing will happen, are you afraid of him? Don’t be. I know how to manage him.,” Shraddha speaks playfully.
“We have been late because of you only idiot. Hadn’t you gone wasting time here and there with your so called boyfriend, we would have completed on time. And above that, you simply can’t go on managing everything,” Thapki replies back in a quick tone.
“Don’t call him my so called boyfriend okay, and I said I’ll handle Sir, you just see. Go get ready, I am coming,” saying so, Shraddha takes out her mobile and quickly clicks a selfie with her bestie, she shares a friendly kiss with Thapki and enters the washroom.
Thapki walks back to her room with a worried face.

Thapki wears her casual ripped jeans and her favourite balloon top, her watch and her college sling bag. She looked simply a collegiate. She locks her room and walks across the balcony to fetch Shraddha when she trips with an another girl.
“Ouch!”, Thapki shouts and her project file falls on the floor.
The girl helps her in picking up the file, “Sorry Thapki I didn’t see you coming.”
“It’s okay Suman. But why are you in a hurry?” Thapki enquires her.
The new girl is Suman, an another good friend of Thapki.
“You don’t know? I just got a call from Sir that our college is going to hold an exhibition of our projects this year along with some new medicinal discoveries done by fellow students. If our project is liked by people, we may get sponsored for our works. I am going around informing everyone. You know how strict our Sir is and he may be difficult to handle if we wronged something.” she explained Thapki.
“Wow hearing this news itself is an excitement. I feel like starting to work now only,” Thapki expressed her joy.
Shraddha walks over to them and hugs Suman and Thapki sideways, “Hey girls, good that I got both of you here. Today I might be leaving early from college. You know my boyfriend has planned a special dinner party with his friends. He asked me to join. Are you both interested to come with me?”
Both Suman and Thapki nod their heads.
Shraddha looks at them shocked, “Why what happened?”
Thapki speaks in a soft tone, “We might have to stay back late in college for some other work.”
Shraddha assured if everything is alright. Suman explains her everything.
Thapki completes the rest, “And you know how Sir is, do you think he’ll let anybody of us early? Hope not, but you might have to cancel your date too.”
“No way, not a chance! He won’t listen to me this time. I have been cancelling dates with him now and then for these stupid projects. I just informed him that my project is finally over and he planned this,” Shraddha said.
“See Shraddha, then help yourself. I won’t assist you this time. I anyhow need this research work get approved. I have been working on this project since long,” Thapki answered back.
“Okay I won’t rely on you this time but I am bunking today for sure,” Shraddha winked with a smile.
“But we should reach college as early as possible now,”Suman pulls both the girls and they leave.

Thapki starts her scooty while Shraddha sits behind her, Suman joins them with an another scooty. They ride off for their college.


The three beauties reach their college, Thapki and Suman park their respective scooties and walk in.
Shraddha sees someone from far and laughs wittily, she holds Thapki and Suman from behind and points them towards something, “Look! That short height has even started for his research planning. But as usual, he is bound to fail again.”
Thapki looks up to find a boy similar to her age, reading a book and writing something with a few other boys and girls around him. Suddenly the boy starts giving lectures.
“See if you write your answers in this way and if you attend practical classes in time, you are sure to get good marks, even you can top the class. I will show you how.”
As he begins writing something, Shraddha walks over to him and snatches his pen, “Hey little boy Diwakar, you can surely pass if you follow your tips religiously but everyone knows who the topper is!”
The boy is Diwakar.
“Hey you, again you are coming in my way, how many times will I tell you to stay away from me and my friends?” Diwakar speaks irritatingly.
“Unless you stop taking our names or talking about the topper, I won’t stop. Thapki has been the topper and will be always till the end of our MBBS course. So keep your cheap politics to yourself. These are all your publicity stunts to gain other students around you that’s it,” Shraddha replies back.
Another boy comes and holds Shraddha’s hands, “Hey stop arguing with my best friend and get lost from here otherwise…”, he shows Shraddha a punch.
Thapki comes forward and twists the other boy’s hand from behind releasing Shraddha from his clutches, “Monty, mind yourself. Dare you threaten or hold my best friend’s hand again otherwise I’ll show you who I am!”
He is Monty, Diwakar’s best friend.
“See Thapki, your friend was insulting my friend so I had to come in between,” Monty said, trying to free himself.
“Didn’t you see what your friend was doing? He was just using his own tricks to get people in his own side to win the college elections for you, and as usual, you all are going to pass by cheating. Are you going to win elections also by cheating?” Thapki replies sternly and then leaves Monty’s hand.
Monty’s hand begins to ache, “Thapki, you hurt me like this but no, I won’t win like this. Diwakar, say sorry to her right now.”
Diwakar gets confused, “But Monty, I didn’t do anything, I was just…”
“Do what I say,” Monty winks at him.
Diwakar says sorry to Thapki.
Thapki walks away with her friends.

Diwakar turns to Monty, “Why didn’t you allow me to tell her anything?”
Monty pats Diwakar’s shoulder, “We’ll take revenge in some other way. You know she is already a black belt in marshal arts, my hand is aching. We need to win the elections somehow. If we start arguing with girls and especially with a student like Thapki, the college may turn against us. Be careful.”
Diwakar nods and they both walk in for their classes.

Thapki arrives her classroom along with her friends and each one of them takes her own seat. They go through their files. Thapki finds a page missing from her project file.
Shraddha notices Thapki tensed, “What happened Thapki?”
“I think I missed something back in the hostel. I am not getting all the pages,” she speaks in a low tone.
“Is it possible when we dashed against each other, your papers fell, and it got misplaced or something?” Suman replies with a tensed face.
“May be. I think I’ll miss my first class. But I will go and get those pages soon otherwise Sir will not leave me. I will join you guys as fast as possible,” saying so, Thapki grabs her bag and take an exit from the classroom.
She rides her scooty back to the hostel.

To be continued…

Chapter 2: He’s mysterious.

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  1. Hi rinka such a different story waitting for the next part

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Yes dear it’s a modern teen fiction… keep in touch.. will update soon

  2. Amazing dear. Loved it. Very happy to read that thapki, suman and shradha are best friends. Nice episode. Waiting for nxt

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Yeah just like real life Jigu, Monzo, Pooja.. here also they are besties.. keep reading dear

  3. without my manu tadPaya kyu itna? Nanad g jaldi likho muje mere hero ko dhkna jaldi se new avtar mai and haye meri MK ka ye cute look Bestie wala modern type I love her more proud to be shrahaan and Monza mani lover bt mata g black belt ya shradha if mata g is black belt tb to mera arru or bihu darna hoga unse Khatra !!!!!! And i knw thayaan meeting will be awesome bt Shrayaan ki meeting bi yadgar rhkiyega U knw Bhabi- devar magic had a different level that’s why I m loving it

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Manu aa raha hai na agle episode me… aur aage aage dekho kya kya karti hai black belt wali.. waise yaha shrahaan/shrayaan dewar-bhabhi nhi honge, sali-jija honge.. Hehehe

      1. are jija sali hi shi bt yad rhkna shrahaan/shrayan ka standard thahAan thayan se upar hi rha hai unka tashan khtam mat krna kyuki thahaAn ke tashan aur shrahaAn ka tashan hi to hai jo we all r missing jo apke fF se vasoOl krenge ab chahe request smjho ya dhamki nanad ho bhaBi ki bAAT manNi pdegi

      2. Rinka_Ritz

        Hahaha maine yeh ff puri tarah se planning khatam nhi kiya hai.. I will try including them slowly…Bas aap padhti rehna…

  4. Nice starting dear. waiting for next part.

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      thanks dearie.. keep reading

  5. Hi! Rinks I am taking freedom to call u rinks hope u dnt mind
    Entirely different story
    Liked it
    Post next part soonnnn

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Hey I will not mind..My friends do call me rinks.. And yeah it is a different concept this time.. I hope you have read my previous fan fiction on Thahaan too.. I will post the next soon

  6. Simple., but really nice start..
    Waiting for your update… ? ?

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      I will update soon dear.. It will be a modern ff…that’s why its simple.. I know manish is missing in the chapter that’s why

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      hahaha you haven’t yet seen aryan’s character which you will see in the next one..take care..will update soon

  8. Navami

    Hi ritz its simply superb….very different..
    Lvd it…i am eager to know who their sir is…? Waiting for bihans entry….keep writting

    1. Rinka_Ritz

      Hey navi hi….. yeah I will update the next part tomorrow…. take care dear

  9. Juveria.ghalib

    Fantastic..really happy to see suman in that roll..I loved thapki’s apperence her confidence.loved her..he is mysterious is really aching me I want to know who it u dear tc n do read my royal love birds again on wattpad which I will be adding some mirchi in it?.

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      Oh is it? then I will read it again… and yes mysterious will enter tomorrow…

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      How are you dear? Seeing you after so many days… I have submitted the next part..Read to find it

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    Suspense Suspens or suspens … ….. !!
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