Shakti Review: Concrete cast-concept having stacking mystery with a social touch


Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is story of a Punjabi family, where a mother fights with her own family to save her daughter. It presents a beautiful mother-daughter relation. Nimmi and Soumya’s strong relation is evident throughout. The story will then focus on Soumya, who will fight for her identity. There is a big secret hidden by the family. The truth is related to Soumya’s birth. Soumya bears hatred by her father, while her mother Nimmi loves her a lot. Soumya does not understand the reason of the biasing.

Shakti presents the tale of such parents who discriminate between their two daughters. Maninder wants to secure his reputation in the society. He wants to show a perfect family, and maintains a false prestige. Maninder and his mother Bebe can go to any extent to save their image. They both try to kill 10-day old Soumya, just to exclude their name from the big mysterious matter. The mystery is such that it will tear apart their family.

Main Characters:

Maninder: shakti12
He is Soumya’s father. He is an arrogant and hot tempered man. He hates his elder daughter Soumya and has bad terms with his wife. He always disrespects his wife Nimmi. He scolds Soumya for everything, even if Soumya is not at fault. Maninder’s thinking is small and orthodox. He addresses all issues with his conservative thinking. He does not try to change this thinking. Maninder gets support from his mother Bebe. Bebe often provokes him to take wrong step. Surbhi is Maninder’s weakness. He loves Surbhi the most. He is superstitious and did not see more of the world. He believes in his traditions and has roots in his village.

Nimmi is a strong willed woman. Nimmi loves both her daughters Soumya and Surbhi. But she is over protective about Soumya. She is a very loving and caring mother. Nimmi can go to any extent for her elder daughter Soumya. She is scared to lose Soumya and regards Soumya as her life. Nimmi is hiding a big secret about Soumya. She ties Soumya to herself every night and safeguards Soumya since her birth. Nimmi expects Maninder to love Soumya, just like he loves his younger daughter Surbhi. Nimmi gets hatred from Maninder, Bebe and Surbhi.

Soumya is pretty, sweet and a obedient girl. She is disliked by her father and grandmother. Soumya is much loved by her mother Nimmi. Soumya does not get her rights like other children. Soumya is caged at home. She is not allowed to go to school and study. She is not even permitted to play with other children or make friends. Soumya is happy to get love from Nimmi, but gets very upset finding her father Maninder hating her. Soumya wants to live a normal childhood like her sister Surbhi. Soumya helps everyone and is good at drawing. Soumya doesn’t understand why Maninder and Bebe treat her differently. She is been deprived of education, friends and toys. Soumya finds solace in her mother’s arms.

shakti22Surbhi is Soumya’s younger sister. She is immensely loved by Maninder. Surbhi feels just Maninder and Bebe love her. She struggles to understand her mother Nimmi’s indifference towards her. Surbhi does not understand Nimmi well and regards her a bad mother. Surbhi is pampered by Maninder. She is allowed to go school and have plenty of toys to play with. Surbhi is treated well by Maninder. Surbhi has a soft corner for her sister Soumya. At the same time, she feels jealous seeing Soumya getting more love by Nimmi. Surbhi gets everything she wants, except Nimmi’s attention.


Reena Kapoor as Nimmi
Ayub Khan as Maninder
Mahira Khurrana as Child Soumya
Tasheen Shah as Child Surbhi
Vivian Dsena as Harman
Rubina Dilaik as Soumya
Roshni Sahota as Surbhi

Story So Far:

shakti16Nimmi worriedly finds her daughter Soumya. Nimmi prays for Soumya’s welfare. She finds her husband Maninder digging the land. Bebe asks Maninder to bury Soumya. Nimmi screams and stops Maninder from burying the ten days old baby girl. Bebe wants to save her respect by burying Soumya. Nimmi saves Soumya from them. Nimmi warns them of not hurting Soumya again. Nimmi takes Soumya with her and since then makes a habit to tie Soumya to her hand, with a cloth.

shakti29Few years pass, Nimmi and Soumya are shown. Nimmi secures Soumya always. Maninder takes care of his other daughter Surbhi. Maninder loves Surbhi a lot, while Nimmi showers love on Soumya. Soumya packs tiffin for Maninder. He angrily throws the tiffin. Maninder hates Soumya and the reason is not shown. Maninder tells some people that he has just one child. Soumya tells Nimmi that she wants to make friends. Soumya goes to meet Surbhi. Surbhi is angry that Nimmi loves Soumya more. The people ask Maninder why does he hate his elder daughter.

shakti12Maninder loses his temper and angrily beats the man. Maninder gets arrested by police. Soumya goes out of home to see the party going on in neighbor’s house. Nimmi gets informed about Maninder getting arrested by police. She ignores the news and goes in search of Soumya. A woman is about to kidnap Soumya. Nimmi saves Soumya. Soumya apologizes to Nimmi. Maninder is released by police and comes home. Maninder gets his anger on Soumya. Nimmi asks Maninder to love both daughters equally. Soumya feels she is the reason for Maninder’s arrest. A lady takes Surbhi and Soumya for Navratri puja rituals. Bebe asks Nimmi to stop Soumya, else their Dharam will get ruined.

shakti28Nimmi stops Soumya from eating the Prasad. Nimmi feels guilty seeing Soumya bearing so much. She cooks Soumya’s favorite food. Maninder tells Nimmi about people questioning about Soumya. Maninder makes Surbhi afraid of Nimmi, and limits Surbhi from going to Nimmi. Nimmi sees a veiled woman outside her house. Nimmi angrily goes to kill that woman. The woman flees. Bebe tells Nimmi that woman will some day take Soumya with her, as Soumya belongs to that woman. Nimmi decides to leave the city. The woman leaves the note that she will take her daughter. Nimmi makes both her daughters ready and leaves from the house by fooling Maninder. Bebe and Maninder try to find Surbhi.

shakti25Nimmi gives a knife to Soumya for her protection. Maninder finds them and takes them back home. Maninder and Nimmi have a heated argument. Bebe tells Maninder that they all will leave from this city and start fresh. Surbhi feels Nimmi is partial and does not love her. Nimmi slaps Surbhi. The family leaves in the lorry. The veiled woman comes infront of the lorry and takes lift. They all reach Nimmi’s mother’s house in a different city. The woman keeps an eye on Soumya. Nimmi’s mother asks her to start a new life and without any fear.

shakti27Soumya goes out to play along with Surbhi. The woman gives a toy to her. Soumya refuses to accept the toy. The woman holds her hand. Soumya attacks her with the knife and assumes that woman to be the ghost. Nimmi spots Soumya and takes her home. Maninder gets angry to lose his reputation again because of Soumya. Maninder takes Surbhi to get her admitted in a school. Soumya also wishes to go to school. Nimmi gets afraid for Soumya. The people think Nimmi and Soumya are mad. The house owner asks Maninder to vacate the house soon. Their stuff is thrown out of the house. Soumya manages the situation by apologizing in her innocent way.

shakti8Nimmi asks Soumya not to attack innocent people with the knife, and just use it after much thinking. She explains Soumya to know enemies, if someone drags her and tries to take her away forcibly. Maninder gets angry on Soumya. Soumya feels Maninder does not love her. Nimmi consoles Soumya. Soumya and Surbhi go out to play. Surbhi tells Nimmi that Soumya has hidden somewhere and not coming out. Nimmi looks for Soumya. The veiled woman kidnaps Soumya and takes her away, while Nimmi screams with fear of losing Soumya.

Our Take:

shakti30Concept wise, Colors offers something new with this show. The mystery behind the parents’ discrimination with their two daughters has some big secret behind, which will unfold in the coming episodes. Maninder does not wish to get a son, or does not feel biased for any petty reason. Maninder and Nimmi’s past will bring the truth of Soumya’s birth and the evil veiled woman who is wandering around Soumya. The show promises to bring something unseen before on the Indian Telly. The viewers can get hooked to know why Maninder hates Soumya.

shakti26The child actors are superb in their portrayals. Soumya played by Mahira Khurana has the right innocence, charm and plight of a little girl facing her father’s hatred, yet unknown to the right cause. Ayub Khan and Reena Kapoor give powerful performances. Ayub’s aggressive portrayal clubbed with Reena’s strong willed and defensive persona makes a good combo. Their scenes are majorly arguments and have high intensity. The show would get a romantic story after the leap, with both sisters Surbhi and Soumya falling for the same guy Harman, played by Vivian.


shaktiGood cast and an engrossing concept would definitely work on the prime slot. The viewers can wait for Vivian Dsena and Rubika Dilaik’s entries. Much can be expected from the show. A family entertainer with a social concept to unfold.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. I think the secret is dat if soumya being a transgender..dats y she is nt allowed out, her fathr and grandmother hate her…and dat woman who is aftr soumya is some head of d transgender committee n wants to take soumya wid her

    1. hey i had the same feeling..while watching the promo… i also feel that she is restricted for being a transgender…

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Yes.. So that this show is diff Concept!!!.. Nice story line!!

    2. what do you mean transgender

    3. I think she might be an inters*x child- a child born without clear genitals hence her gender is not clear.Transgender would mean that she was born a certain gender but feels she’s of the other gender. Personally I have more sympathy for inters*x people than transgender people but thats just me.My other guess would be that she’s not really their kid. Maybe Nimmi’s sister’s kid or something like that. Anyway it’s interesting. Haven’t watched, just read the updates.

  2. Superbbb storyline ??? jz waiting 4 my Vivi’s entry

  3. I agree this is a new story line….but i somehow relate this show to kaali serial…

  4. who is going to be accepted by Vivian????????? Soumya or Surbi ??????? Is Soumya really a transgender ?????????

  5. the whole article has repeated lines that Soumya is hated by her father. not sure why it has been written again and again in ever paragraph.

    Anyways, am not sure if this whole thing is gonna be about transgenders. coz in that case Rubina Dilaik would be playing transgender.

    I also don’t think she would be Nimmi’s sisters daughter coz if so then Maninder doesn’t have to get scared about the society. Am curious to know the real cause anyhow!!

  6. the whole article has repeated lines that Soumya is hated by her father. not sure why it has been written again and again in every paragraph.

    Anyways, am not sure if this whole thing is gonna be about transgenders. coz in that case Rubina Dilaik would be playing transgender.

    I also don’t think she would be Nimmi’s sisters daughter coz if so then Maninder doesn’t have to get scared about the society. Am curious to know the real cause anyhow!!

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