Shakti- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Epi-5)

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Episode 3

Karthikay started to explain about the two Shakti’s to Sri who is very confused what is going on. Karthikay says that they are one soul but due to some reasons, they have split into three for Sri’s doubt clearance.
Karthikay explains to Sri that Shakti and Sri are same and she (Sri) has taken this birth to complete her Love Story, Revenge and some promises that she gave to Raja Shankaran of Surya Vansh. Sri was Startled.
Karthikay Give some glimpses of Sri’s Past Birth. Sri Sees the glimpses through her mind but Mata Parvathi ask her son to stop and says she can remember by herself when the weapons train her. Karthikay stops the magic that tries to remember the past of Shakti. Sri sees the man who holding her in arms and thinks that she has seen the face already and who is it? She opens her eyes. Sri says to Karthikay that she seen the war and social tortures but she cannot get rid the entire past scene. Mata says she will remember everything when she gets trained with weapons. Sri agrees and Karthikay says that Sri should call him as her father.

He says that she will be reborn today as his wife’s child and he is going to make her body burn.
Karthikay makes all the preparation and he burns the body. He gave the ashes into the Agni and does the pooja. The smoke started to spread and it goes to Karthikay’s 2 wife’s Deivanai and Valli. They intake the fragrance of smoke.

After some time:-
Deivanai and Valli become pregnant. After 3 days, Karthikay started to teach Vedas and stories of old Maharishi, Ramayana, Krishna and other avatar’s of Hari and Haran. Sri and Sri (Shakti) listened everything in the womb of the two mothers. On the 10th Day and at the time of delivery, the mothers gave birth to Sri and Sri (Shakti) on her same birthday.
Karthikay says that she will be make into one, when she becomes an adult. The mothers get teary eyed and they started to play with their Daughters.

Mata in the form of Lion gave her mother’s milk to the both twin girls to make them strong, fit and fine and to keep them away from diseases. Day by day gets passed and now Sri and Sri (Shakti) turns into Teenagers.

After some days:-
Sri becomes 11. Karthikay takes Sri (Shakti) with him and he says some mantra and Shakti came out from the body and says father that she will take care of the body and ask him to train another part and one day she will make herself remember when Sri struggles to remember the past.

Karthikay agrees and Shakti went into her body. Draupadi and Aman get a gold bathtub where it was filled with oil. Aman takes Shakti in his arms and keeps her body in oil to preserve.
Sri on other hand is trained on Bharthanatyam and Kathak. Mata and Draupadi teach her the dance forms and Sri is well trained on the gesture and forms. On the daily nights, she practiced every dance with her full heart wish. Draupadi teach her how to sing a song and makes Sri remember her past. Sri gets some glimpses and gets remembered one song that she used to sing for Lord Krishna. She sang the song well and the birds near her throws flowers and dances around her.

On the day 18, Mata teaches her sword fight and Aman helps her how to fight. Sri started to love the Sword as she remembers some past where she started to fight with knife at three and started to use Sword at five.

Mata makes her learn Tantra Vidya. Sri feels difficult in learning the Tantra Vidya and she stops Mata from persuading. Mata understands her problem. Therefore, she makes her meditate by giving the shell where Mata is trained by the shell for learning Tantra Vidya from Mahadev. Sri feels very easy to meditate, after some time Sri opens her eyes and Mata started to teach the Vidya. Sri understands every word of mantra and finishes her Vidya.

Mata ask Sri to show the powers, Sri Stand silently. Mata realizes that Sri wants to meditate for some time. She allows Sri to Meditate. Sri smiles and started to meditate. After a while, Sri opens her eyes. Her eyes was filled with tears, she runs to Mata Parvathi and hugs her. She calls her Maa, I do not know that you would come for me as a teacher and I didn’t realize that it was you and cries. Mata smiles at Draupadi. Draupadi, Aman and everyone understands that Sri has got to know about Mata Parvathi.

Karthikay says that by meditation Sri understands that Vagi is Mata Parvathi. Sri ask Mata Parvathi to show her real form. Mata says to Sri that when she show her real form her eyes will get spoiled by the Joythi. Sri says whatever it may be but she is adamant in seeing her real form. Mata shows her real form due to stubbornness of Sri. Sri’s eyes get spoiled and she cries and shouts that she saw Mata’s real form. Sri says that how Adi Sankara Charya described Mata Parvathi like that She saw her Mata. Mata gets pleased and return her eyes. Sri gets back her Eyes and cries by hugging Mata. Mata hugs her tight and says Some people has luck to see her and some may not but from today onwards everything will be changed as Sri will change the fate of Bad people.

Sri takes the blessing of the Elders and she started to dance the Lasya Niruthya of Mata Parvathi with her Brother Aman. Sri, Karthikay and Aman fights with Sword and Sri wins in the Sword fight. Karthikay says to Sri that her 20 days were completed and her age is 20, where she left the journey will be completed at this time and at the age 21 her mission will start for that she has to practice well. Sri nods her head.

Sri ask Mata to teach cooking. Mata teaches her how to cook the delicious food. Sri happily learned the techniques of cooking. After cooking, she wants to serve Ganesha first. Sri build the statue of Ganesh, decorates him with flowers, and does the Tika. She serves the food and feed the food first to Mata, as she is AnnaPoorani (The god who gives Food to each and Every people). Mata appreciates her food and ask her to serve everyone. Sri serves the food to everyone. Sri makes some cute faces to Karthikay. Karthikay understands her inner heart feelings. He says You think that I will not appreciate anyone for his or her work. Sri says that He is appreciating everyone in the world but not his daughter as her father (Natarajan). He will appreciates everyone and appreciates me by signing to my mom and mom says to me what he said. He also does the same by hurting her. The mothers of Sri and other animals also laugh on Sri’s unmatured heart feelings. Karthikay explains to Sri that Some men’s doesn’t show their feelings towards their children and makes her understand. After dinner, Sri makes the statues of the lords and Make them dry.

In the morning, she plays with the monkeys, tigers and Lions by Running, Jumping branch to branch. Draupadi sees the activity and comments her that she (Sri) has changed and she is back to the original form where Shakti used to be. Aman smiles and says that Sri is one among the gods and she is Vel of Karthikay and this truth will not hide anymore. She will get to know by help of Boomidevi (The lord who is holding the people on earth and have much patience towards the bad people and good people), whom she is consider her as her best friend.

Precap:- Sri reaches the Rameshwaram. She teaches the dance and Cooking to the poor children. She fights with goons who tried to kidnap the children for rape. she kills the police who supports the goon. on the other hand Anuj gets Sri’s locket from his pocket.

Note:-?? Guys this was my Dream ever come true story? and I’ve shown
the real characters who played as the stars but it was just a story and not a real so If
anyone was disturbed by this story I’m SORRY. Its just an story and not REAL. So Everyone Take a Chill Pill and get ready for the next episode.?☺?

Quote:Love is not who you can see yourself with. It is who you can’t see yourself without.??❤

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