Shakti- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Epi-4)


Sri takes a deep breath, she takes out the red button switch, she kicks the bomb, and she pressed the button. The bomb blasts and Sri Falls in another direction and her body were fully burnt and she fell into the middle of the sea. Everyone cries; Sid notices that Anuj has fainted and everyone calls for medical emergency and the Pilot takes the Airplane into safe place and he landed the plane safely. All passengers come out and everyone had medical treatment. The police come for security they tries to search evidence but all evidence was vanished. The doctors finished their treatment and one of the doctors comes to Sid and says that Anuj has a memory loss. Sid asks how. The doctor replied that the knife has poison due to which he had memory loss. He says that is good that they get him soon unless he would be died.
Sid and everyone get shocked. Sri’s Sister cries badly and says what she will tell to her (Sister) mamaji. Her husband pacifies her. Shreya ask the police to search her chachi who fell in the middle of the sea. The inspector asks his troop to find Sri’s body.
On the Other side, Sri’s body was drowned in seawater. Some dolphin’s gets near her and they tries to wake her up but she was died at that time due to poison. One of the dolphin got whale and a Girl mermaid for help. The Mermaid takes Sri’s body and kept her on the back of the whale’s body. They get on to the seashore.
The Girl mermaid changes to human form and she takes Sri’s body and keeps it on Rock Bed. She calls her husband, the male mermaid turns into human, and he checks her body and brings her soul out. Sri’s soul comes out and she calls the male mermaid as her aman bhai and female mermaid as her draupadi bhabhi. Draupadi prays to god Karthikay and says in mind connect that she arrived with his daughter and ask him to come. Draupadi makes Sri’s soul captured in a Mani and ask her to wait. Sri agrees.
After a while, there was thunderstorm and the clouds lighting… Draupadi and Aman sees Karthikay who comes with his 2 wife’s on peacock. He landed on the shore and he meditates for a while. On the other side Sri’s Sister calls her Mamaji (Sri’s Father) and says every incident.
Mamaji breaks down into tears and Sri’s mom notices her husband break down into tears. She asks the reason for this. Sri’s dad says everything to Sri’s mother. Sri’s Mom cannot believe that her child has been dead. Sri’s mom turned speechless and breaks down into tears and she cries badly. She prays to lord Murga (Karthikay) that how can he separate a daughter from a mother and he only make them as Sri’s mother and Sri’s dad as a father. Then how can he separate her from them. Sri’s mother sees that Karthikay’s idol fall on the Flowerbed and they both realizes that their daughter is still alive.

On other side, the police troop cannot find Sri’s body on the sea and they came empty handed. Shreya and her mom gets shocked and they all shout and fight with them. Sri’s jiju consoles them and says they have to console her parents who lost their Daughter. Sri’s sister stops crying and agrees with her husband’s saying. Shreya and her brother Rahul inform everyone and all of them get back to Sri’s House.
Here, Karthikay stops the meditation and they all hear animals sound. Draupadi sees a Lion coming with its troop. She says to Aman that Mata came here for her grand daughter. Aman, Draupadi, Deivanai and Valli (Wife of Lord Murga/Karthikay) greets Mata Parvati who is in the form of Lion to hide her identity from normal people.
She comes near Karthikay. Karthikay greets her and shows her the Mani in which Sri’s soul is present. Karthikay Takes Sri’s soul out and the soul assumes the form of Sri. She greets everyone and Karthikay introduces Mata Parvati as Vagi (the mother of the land) to Sri. Sri greets her. Mata signs Karthikay and Karthikay sprinkles some pure water, after a few seconds another soul came out of it and it looks like Sri. Karthikay introduces her as Shakti to Sri. Sri is surprised and shocked to see her lookalike. Shakti splits into two as Shakti Naagin and Queen Shakti.

Precap: Sri Practices Sword fighting and Dance from Mata Parvati. Sri has became friends with All types of Animals and Birds who helped Sri in every manner when she was practicing Sword Fight with Karthikay. Anuj sees black and white X-ray face of Sri every night in Dream and cries who is SHE?

Note:-?? Guys this was my Dream ever come true story? and I’ve shown
the real characters who played as the stars but it was just a story and not a real so If
anyone was disturbed by this story I’m SORRY. Its just an story and not REAL. So Everyone Take a Chill Pill and get ready for the next episode.?☺?

Quote:Love is form of AMNESIA when a girl forgets there are 1.2 billion other guys in the world.

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