Shakti- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Epi-2)


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Sri comes out and stares at the other 2 man angrily; she didn’t notice the 5th man. The 5th man attacked her and he was holding knife at her neck and warns them not to be over smart unless they will suffer like this. Sri silently watches the other men’s and the passengers. Sri without any single noise; she takes the Gun from the 4th man’s pocket and Shoot the terrorists when they about to alert.
The 5th man alert her that game is not yet over and they all will die within ½ hour and ask her to find out where the bomb is? Sri’s Sister asks her to come back and not to get inside the trouble. The 5th man laughs at them and says 29mins is still there to blast. Sri starts shouting at everyone and says that the terrorist are giving their life for murdering someone for money and for other purpose then why you all are afraid to give your life for saving other people and asks everyone that who have the will can join and fight with other terrorists too. She asks the passengers that who is going to come along with her? Anuj, Sid, and some other men come infront and she smiles and asks them to take the Gun/Pistol and knife for safety. Sri’s Sister alerts her to watchout. When Sri was about to turn the 6th man back stab Sri and says no one will move and says to Sri you are thinking soo much about us and today will your last day and ask to pray to god that the Poison filled Knife should work fast and she should die.
Sri Cries with much pain but her Eyes were filled with anger and that pain was vanished when she saw the sword; Sri manages to get up and she take the Duppata and ties her stomach tight with that and she takes the Sword But the 6th man smiled evilly and ask her to come and fight if she can. He takes out his pistol to shoot but she sliced the 6th man’s hand into two. Her eyes turned into red and she shouts Vinashh (Destroy).
The 6th man got afraid and he dies by seeing her red eyes. Sri Walks towards the Pilot room and everyone goes in other direction where Sri ask them to go. Sri Kills the 7th and 8th man and gives a alert to the pilot who was driving the plane with fear as the main 9th and 10th man was forcing him to go in the route where they say.
Sri and everyone searches for goes the bomb and they didn’t any clue. Sri, Sid and Anuj meet at the same position and ask each other. They say NO to each other.

Sid and Anuj finds out that her Eyes are still red as she was still angry. Anuj notice that the 9th man comes and takes his knife to attack but Anuj comes in between Sri and the Man and he Holds the Knife. The 9th Man takes the knife in the jerk and Anuj’s hand got bleeding. Sri gets angrier but Anuj keeps his bleeding hand on Sri’s forehead and moves her back.
But Sri takes the Sword and Kills the 9th men and stabs him repeatedly and she gets into the room where the pilot was captured. The 10th man attack Sri and she falls on the floor. Her Eyes turned Golden and backs to Red. She gives the powerful Punch and the man’s mouth starts bleeding. Sri takes her sword and kills him which makes everyone get scared. She shouts Vinashh and the clouds start thundering and the place gets worsened. Sri comes out and goes to the place where 5th man died. She saw the same two Red buttons on the box and the 5th man’s watch. She understood and goes towards that box.
Sid sees the watch and says 3mins only left for blasting. While Sri tries to get near the box but the Old woman keeps the Bel and Neem leaf on Sri’s Left Shoulder and calms her. Sid and everyone got surprised when they saw that her Red eyes got vanished and back to normal. Sri opens the box and Takes out the time bomb and goes to the main door and she opens the door and throws the bomb and she feels more pain and accidently she feel from the Airplane and everyone got Shocked. Shreya shouts Chachi.
Sri takes a deep breath and she takes out the red button switch and she kicks the bomb and she pressed the button. The bomb blasts and Sri Falls in another direction and her body got fully burnt and she fell into the middle of the sea. Everyone cries; Sid notices that Anuj has fainted and everyone calls for medical emergency and the Pilot takes the Airplane into safe place and he landed the plane safely. All passengers come out and everyone had medical treatment. The police come for security they tries to search evidence but all evidence got vanished. The doctors finished their treatment and one of the doctors comes to Sid and says that Anuj has a memory loss. Sid asks how. The doctor replied that the knife has poison due to which he had memory loss. He says that is good that they get him soon unless he would be died.
Sid and everyone get shocked. Sri’s Sister cries badly and says what she will tell to her (Sister) mamaji. Her husband pacifies her.

Precap:- Sri was revived by the mantras chanted by the Karthikay.

Note:-?? Guys this was my Dream ever come true story? and I’ve shown
the real characters who played as the stars but it was just a story and not a real so If
anyone was disturbed by this story I’m SORRY. Its just an story and not REAL. So Everyone Take a Chill Pill and get ready for the next episode.?☺?

Quote:- Every moment of Life is a step towards death.☺??

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  1. Siddhi

    Pls continue ur Ff shakti naagin

    1. Sriranjani

      Siddhi Both are same ff but what to do Telly updates managing people changed my title

  2. Siddhi

    And I wrote a ff on divek

    1. Sriranjani

      That’s Nice I’ll try to comment Yaar….

  3. Alisha

    Hey Sri! You are superemly talented. What a perfect story. I am really excited to know that what kind of supernatural powers Sri has, plus that lady who kept the need leaf on her shoulder. That seems kinda suspicious!
    Have a nice day and stay blessed.. ??

    1. Sriranjani

      Thx Alisha … Same to U …Stay Blessed 😀

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