Shakti- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Epi-1)


Flying Airplane is shown. All the passengers were afraid to see the girl who is holding Sword.

Few hours before…….
Airport is shown where Small screen actors like Siddarth, Tunisha, Reem, Anuj, Helly and Tejaswii are returning to India after attending IIFA Awards that has been conducted at Indonesia. When they are rushing it is announced as the flight will be arrived late due to climate change and everyone has been taken to safe place and on the other side Siddarth is speaking on his mobile and he hears a girl talking to her mom through her phone and says that the flight will be arrived late due to climate.

She ask her mom not to worry and ask her to smile that her project is over and her project will give a big deal and she is waiting for that and she is very excited. She then cuts her mom’s call and prays to god that everything should be fine. When the girl leaves Siddarth didn’t see her face and thinks why he has strong feeling suddenly for that girl and says never mind and leaves from there.

Sid goes to cafe with Reem for drinking coffee. He sees the same girl who is rushing and he sees some men stolen the bag of old women and runs. The girl stops him and beats him with the stick and hand him over to the police and gives the bag to the old woman. Everyone appreciates the girl and Sid finally sees her face. He gets too attracted by her skills and unknowingly slips the coffee glass down. Reem ask him if he is fine; he nods his head. They leave for flight as it was arrived.

The old woman gives the Christian cross to that girl and says that this cross has soo much power and can save her from death and ask her not to lose that cross and ask her to tie it in hand. The girl follows the rules of that old woman. The old woman’s son takes his mom to the flight and the girl slowly takes her items and she too leaves for the flight.
Her friend asks her to come fast as anytime the flight will take off. The Girl asks her to take a chill pill as the flight will take some more time. Her friend ask how does she know and the Girl replied as she saw the pilot who was taking a leave from her to drop his mom in this flight.
After 10 minutes,
The Girl was listening to the music while preparing for her mutual studies and on the other side Sid, Reem, Helly, Tejaswii were playing cards and Anuj was listening to music. At that time a teen girl suddenly saw the face of that girl and identifies her as chitti (chachi) and calls that girl as Sri Chachi and goes to her. The girl looks at her and says Shreya and the both hug each other. Shreya calls her Parents and Her Parents says Sri are you here what a surprise. Sri says that she came for Fashion designing Course and her project is over so she is returning back to India. Her sister congratulates her and the sisters chatting goes on.

After that Shreya ask her Sri Chachi to accompany to the restroom and the both leaves. Outside Sri was waiting and they tease each other. Shreya comes out and Sri gets in and cleans her face but suddenly she heard a bullet noise and she gets afraid. She heard the voice of Shreya for help but the rude voice ask everyone to sit and ask them not to make noise else he will shot this girl. Shreya cries for help and Sri who was inside the restroom gets worried for Shreya and everyone. Sri peeps and sees that some Terrorists were got hold of Shreya. Sri silently closes the door and prays to Kaali maa and Durga for Shakti to save the innocent people from the terrorists. She sees one bag which contains Wine bottles; Sri takes one of them and breaks it. One of the terrorists comes for check and he opens the door of rest room and Sri suddenly pears the glass into his throat and kills him without any noise. She makes him hide in the toilet and cleans the blood which falls on the floor. The other terrorists wonder where the 1st one go did and comes to the same rest room and opens it. The 2 men got shocked as Sri was holding the gun. Sri fires the bullet within the seconds and alerts everybody.

Precap:- Sri turns into Kaali maa and kills all the terrorists and saved everyone from that bomb incident. Shreya and her sister shouts as Sri fell off from the plane which was opened and Sri dies when she kicks the Bomb.

Note:-?? Guys this was my Dream ever come true story? and I’ve shown the real characters who played as the stars but it was just a story and not a real so If anyone was disturbed by this story I’m SORRY. Its just an story and not REAL. So Everyone Take a Chill Pill and get ready for the next episode.?☺?

Quote:- ☺A Million Feelings, a Thousand Thoughts, a Hundred memories, all for ONE PERSON.❤??

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  1. Sriranjani

    Guys don’t u all like this story?

  2. Hey Sriranjani I reallyyyyyyyyyy liked your concept and story??❤️❤️??………but I want to ask that are Somya and Harman in your ff or not ?? so if you tell me then my confusion will be cleared??…….lovelyyyyyyyy start keep it up????????

    1. Sriranjani

      No Yaar As I said this is not Harmya FF and its my dream ever come true story….So guys Plz chill

  3. Hoi sri is tat you the sri mentioned here…..nammala maadhiri tamil pakkikaguluku kolupu konjam….illa ila rombave adhigama tha pochu……

    1. Sriranjani

      I’m not mentioned in the story It was just a dream story I can’t live that hell life who loves to live the problems filled life. It was my story that I want to take a Serial through this So don’t get Soo much tension. Tamil Girls are always Rockz but some don’t like them to improve so I don’t need idiotic comment. Its my Imagination and what’s wrong when I want to act in this serial or any film. I will surely become one day a director or a producer You just wait and watch

    2. Sriranjani

      Juggu Eppdi anavasyamma enna pathi illa tamil ponnungala pathi ezukkatha

  4. Renuverma

    Interesting thriller sri .

  5. Alisha

    Sri, that was so interesting. I literally loved the way you used the real names of the actors. I am kinda eager to know that what kinda of special abilities she has.. Desperately waiting for the next episode.. KEEP WRITING! ??

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