Shakti: Forgiveness part 8

Precap: Soumya an harman consume their marriage. Preeto knowing this tricks Soumya and took her far away from harman. Now let’s continue.

Soumya could hear noises around her. She didn’t know where she was going. She look at the pitch black car and heard people wimping while taped and tied. She almost fell when the car hit a bump. She didn’t know where she was going or why she was in the car. She was scared, she calls for harman in her head begging him to save her.

She close her eyes hoping it was a dream. Hopeing that when she wakes up, she will be in harman room, in his arm, protected. But she was wrong, reality hits her hard, and she starts to she’d tears. It wasn’t long before their we’re noises, and people started talking. Soumya could hear taping soon follow by a men shouting in a foreign language.

The next thing she knows the door opens and she saw a Caucasian men looking at her and the rest of the girls. He said something to the men and the men tried to run, but the police friends grab him. Arresting him. She scooter in the corner when the officer tried helping her, afraid. ” I won’t hurt you” he says

Soumya couldn’t understand, but seeing the other women going with them made her take his help. And so Soumya was escorted to a place for immagrants. Since she didnt understand English, she staid quiet. Soumya waited an waited. Until a men calls her. The African American men told her to follow him. When she didnt move. He tried a different method.

He sat next to her and asks if she was ok in Hindu. Soumya surprise gasp. ” you speak Hindu?”

The men laugh ” I was in India for three years , so I know a little” he laughs

Soumya smile, she wanted to cry knowing someone can finally understand her. She had hope that maybe he can help her get back home to harman. The men asks ” what’s your name?”

” s-s-soumya”

” that’s a nice name Soumya.”

Soumya smile an thank him. Their was a short pause before the men spoke again. ” do you know how you we’re caught?”

When she shook her head, he sigh. Soumya asks if he will take her back home. The men nod, he says it will take time, but he will help her. Soumya says in head I will finally go back to harman-ji.


Harman once again search for Soumya. He check all the places she could have gone. He even calls surbhi for help. When she found out she was frustrated. She didn’t know why her di, always disappears instead of telling her… her problems. She calls abhishek and with him they also search for her. Night was approaching and still no luck. Surbhi cried in abhishek arms, thinking of the worse case senerio. He told her, they will not stop searching for her, and if they can’t find her, they will wait.

He says all good things happen to people that wait. Surbhi smile at him ” your right, di will come back. I know she will”

On the other hand, harman was taking things worse. He didnt stop even though it was late. He search an search determine to find her. Even the next day he search again. Tierd he finally pass out. Varun smirk, preeto asks how he was doing. Varun tells her not seeing his lover is killing him. Preeto tells him not to say that, she says harman is stubborn and hopeless. But once his hope is shattered he will agree to anything I say.

She says it’s embarrassing seeing him moan over a kinner, but hope this will teach him. She says ” keep me up to date on him” before hanging up. Varun smirk, ” look at you all weak an pathetic. Don’t come home, run to your Soumya” he says before driving away.

When harman woke up, it was raining. He heard chatting, and wonder who it was. He turn to see saya. She aks him why he pass out in front of their home. He got up ” is Soumya here?”

” Soumya?” ” why would she be here” she asks confuse

Harman frown “she’s not here, either”

” what happen to her?”

Harman sigh.


Soumya was at the men house. His wife was Hindu just like her. And she felt comfortable even more. At first she was shy, but the lady an her mother made her feel welcome. The lady explain everything to Soumya about America. She told Soumya about her life in India and how she fell in love. Soumya cries thinking about harman an her family.

The women pressures her she will go back to her husband. She asks if Soumya would like to make a call. Her eyes light up. She thank the women before dialing harman number. She waited an waited until someone answered. Happy she calls his name, saying it’s Soumya. Their was a long pause before the phone hang up. Confuse, she tried again, but no one answerd.

When she call for the third time, it didn’t even ring. She tried calling her sister, but no luck. The women told her she can try tomorrow. She says their probably asleep. Soumya nod.

The next day Soumya woke up, feeling tierd. She went to the bathroom to do her morning cleaning, but was shock at what she saw. Panicking, she scream. The women knock asking her what’s wrong. Soumya stummers ” i-i think, i-i’m u-un we’ll”

“Soumya open the door” she says

When she did she starts to shake. The women asks what happen, and she showed her pants. The women smile ” you have nothing to be afraid of Soumya, this is natural”

This confuses her ” it is?”

” yes, us females go through it all the time”

Soumya eyes widen ” i-i never h-had this?”

The women mother now interrupts ” that happens to some people when their stress. But since you said you never had it, that means your stress level most have been high. When it’s to high theirs a chance that your menstrual period will temporarily stop.”

” sonali take Soumya to her room, and teach her to use one of your pads.”

The women nod. Soumya follow trying to process this new information. She didnt understand, she’s a kinner, she shouldnt be having her period. Nothing makes sense to her. She hopes she finds out the truth soon.

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  1. Hi angel todays episode is ok because in sakthi serial also both Harman and somya separated in this ff also they r separated I cant see them suffer more its paining. So plz give us happy scenes which will help us to forget the original sad track.

    One more thing plz update ur next episode fast as soon as possible. We r waiting for our harmya.plz plz plz

    1. Angelk1

      They will get happyness. I’m just explaining what happen to soumya when she was gone from harman life and how things change for the better. Trust me, you will see a stronger soumya soon …not like the one on the show.

      1. What will she do with her sister and surbhi’s love to harman ? Is there a revenge?

      2. Angelk1

        Lamis, their won’t be a surbhi love harman. Did you read the begining. Of the story. Surbhi married abhishek.

  2. Hi ammu
    Neenga evvalavu sonnalum we can’t accept it. And rubina kodutha interview LA enakku nambikkai illa. Summa trb kaga . appadi enna changes varumam?sakkalatghi sandai than varum. 1000serials pathachu.

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