Shakti: Forgiveness part 7


Precap: Soumya and harman end up getting drunk leading to them getting romantic. Now let’s continue

Soumya surprise moves away, she almost trip but was held by harman. ” Soumya” he says

She blush, harman turn her to him before lifting her up. Still drunk, he took her to his bed and dump her on it. He watch as she tries to hide her skin after the duppatt came off. Harman grabs it ” they mock you saying your not a women, they tease you an took you far from me. But not anymore. Today I will make you a women. By the time you leave this room, people will know that my Soumya is in fact a women not a kinner. They will know that something they find impossible can become a reality”.

Soumya wanted to cry. She wish it was true what harman said, and is willing to consume their marriage as long as his willing, but was slight afraid. Afraid that this reality will crash down on her. Harman seeing the look, drunkly told her to trust him. Soumya told him she trust him. He throw away the duppatt and climb on the bed before sitting next o her.

He gave her a few minute to calm down before grabbing her chin and kissing her. It soon led to him laying on the bed with her. Things led to another and the two start to consume.

While this was going on varun smirk. He says the only thing he has to do is show preeto harman drinking state. He walk to harman room and heard some noises. He was shock an disgust. He smile ” this is better then I thought ”

” what are you doing outside of harman door? ” preeto said

Varun smirk before turning ” I wanted to see if he was alright. But it seem like he’s busy with his wife ”

Now he got preeto attention ” what do you mean?”

He usherd her over and she was surprise . She was beyond angry ” that soumya has cross her boundary ” ” I will have to get my hands dirty after all.”

” what about harman?”

“I will handle him”

She walk away and head to the living room. She made few calls an arrangement before Waiting. She waited an waited until she heard Soumya footsteps. She calls her, and told her to get something for her in the kitchen. Soumya getting a headache was surprise. She knew she was in trouble for sneaking in harman room. She quietly walk down, limping a little. While she was making it, she was unaware of preeto coming behind her an injected her with something .

Soumya fainted. Preeto says now I will make sure you never see my son again. She quickly grab Soumya and took her in the car. Then she drove off. When she reached her destination. The helicopter was ready to go, and the piolet greeted and ask her where too. She hands Soumya over ” I want her as far as possible. So far that harmen won’t be able to find her.

The piolet took Soumya in the helicopter, before closing the door and leave.

The next day arrived, harman woke up to see Soumya no where. He says ” I would have thought you would stay in bed longer after last night.” , he smile remembering what they did.

He got up and stretch before going to the bathroom to get ready.he didn’t know how it happend, it just did and he felt great. He quickly brush his teeth and took a shower before heading out. In search of his wife. He went to the kitchen, the servant corner and even the bathroom. ” where could she be?”

Shanno seeing him confuse asks if he was searching for Soumya. He nod ” do you know where she went?”

” she left his for you, before she left the house”

Harman looks at the card before opening it. He smile seeing his an Soumya picture, but frown when he saw the word good bye. He check the card to see if theirs anything else, but nothing. ” this must be wrong” he says

” my Soumya wouldn’t leave me. ”

” I’m sorry harman”

Harman shokm his head, and walk to the door. Preeto seeing him ask what he was doing. harmN says his going to stop her. ” she’s a kinner, it’s already shameful that you marry one, but she left you. Why can’t you see that”

Harman stares at her ” did you have something to do with this?”

Preeto. Gasp ” now your accusing me”

” my Soumya wouldn’t leave unless she was forced too”

” fine hurt me even more. I don’t know what to say to you”

Harman angry turn to walk out, but stop when his father calls him. ” you are leaving because of a kinner, ruining your family relation. Then fine, I won’t stop you”

.preeto. protest, harak stops her from talking ” I will not get you back or force you to come back, but if you can’t find Soumya and you end up coming back you will marry mahi without objecting.”

HarmaN determined says fine, before leaving.

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  1. Plz reveal haya as somu and Harman’s son to harak and preeto family. I want to see them guilty.

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      Dont worry it will come

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