Shakti: Forgiveness part 5 (haya)


Precap: haya end up getting picked up by harak while soumya rushes to get to his school. Now lets continue

Preeto asks harak why haya was here. Harak told her to calm down. He ushers haya inside the house and puts a hand on his shoulder. ” this boy here did the impossible, he captured the drug dealer that we work hard to find.”

Preeto still wasn’t pleased ” but why did you bring him here?”

” isn’t it obvious, I’m going to reward him” , both haya and preeto Were surprise. Raavi’s son frown. He didn’t like haya and didn’t want haya to be anywhere around his family. Raavi tells her father he doesn’t reward her son when he does good things. Harak says he doesn’t need to when he has many things.

He turn to haya and asks if he has anything he would like or want. Haya says no, harak told him not to be shy. Haya says what he wants he won’t be able to give. Harak asks what is it ?, he waited for him to speak, but haya staid quiet. He recalls the children getting picked up by both parents, and enjoying family time, he sigh.

Harak seeing his distress says when ever his ready to tell him, he will do it. he told haya to join him and says his son will drop him back home. Haya says he should call his mom, because she might be worried.


Soumya was asking the children if haya came out or left. They ignored her. Soumya waited and waited, but haya still didn’t show up. She warm her hand and grab her phone to call surbhi. When she answerd. She told surbhi about haya missing. Surbhi was shock, Soumya starts crying saying if anything happens to her son, she won’t live. Surbhi hearing her panick told her to calm down. She says she will get abhishek To get her.

While she was on the phone haya tries to call her, but he Was on hold. He tries again and again, but still nothing. Haya wonder why she won’t pick up. He hang up the phone and walk to Harak. Preeto, asks haya about his family. Haya staid quiet.

Preeto Feeling insulted says ” is this how you we’re brought up, to disrespect elders?”

This time haya look at her ” mom says I shouldn’t give information to strangers”

Preeto scoff ” and yet your here with a stranger ”

” no Mr.Singh is no stranger, because I met him twice. It only takes two meeting to warm up to someone.”

Harak laughs loud, Preeto says she doesn’t like haya. The room became quiet. Harak invites haya to his toy factory. He says when ever his not busy to stop by. Mahi smile seeing their interaction, she imagine her and harman child. raavi was staring at haya, who was listening to her father. She says to mahi haya has a familiar face.

” who?” Mahi says

.” He reminds me Of that kinner ”

When she said this Mahi became angry, you know she shouldnt. Be mentioned in this house. Preeto prohibit it, besides harman still not over her, even til now. She sad sadly.

Raavi son asks who is a kinner, Raavi told him to go take a shower. He frown, but did anyway. While going he looked angry at haya and Harak laughing.


Harman got of his desk. He search for his key, but couldn’t find it. ” where did I put it?” He questioned

” your looking for this?” A voice said
Harman eyes widen ” Soumya?…you…how are you here?”

Soumya gave him her confuse look ” I’m not suppose to be here?”

” yes..I mean.. no!?”

” Harman -ji are you tierd? ”

” you made me tierd. I can’t sleep or eat, always wondering where you we’re, what your doing? If you missed me…or think about me. Its frustrating” he says

Soumya smile ” thank you for thinking of me, but you know the answer to those question. You know me just like ma did. I will always come back to you.”

Harman moves in for a hug, but stop when she vanish. He sucked his teeth. ” I must be very tierd” , he found his keys and went home. When he arrived, he was confuse to see haya. Preeto seeing him told him to stop his father, before it’s to late. Harman asks why haya was here. Preeto says he wants to reward him. Harman understood. He says it’s late he should be home.

Harak hearing this says, ” that’s why I want you to take him home.. ”

Harman says his tierd, Harak says he already promise haya . Harman sigh. He look at haya who was looking at him. For a second he thought he saw Soumya in him. He smile and told him to follow. Preeto was shock.

While on the road, Harman asks for the address. Haya told him and continue watching the snow. When they arrived haya thank him, and step out the car. As soon as he did, the door open. And Soumya came running down, calling his name. Haya watch as his mom run in the snow and gave him a hug. She cried, telling him how worried she was, but disappointed that he didn’t wait or call her. She kept hugging him unaware of Harman, until he finally clear his voice.

Soumya looks up and gasp ” harman-ji?” She says voice full of emotion. That night two lovers meet under the snowy sky, near the frozen fountain.

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