Shakti: Forgiveness part 4 (haya)


Precap: haya saves his mom and they quickly rush him to the hospital, while harman tells harak about haya bravery.

The next day, Soumya took Haya to school. She told Haya to pay attention and behave. Haya nod. She fix his jacket and watch as he leave. While leaving a car pass bye. It stop and a boy steps out. His mom told him, his grandfather will pick him up later. The boy nod.

Soumya decides to go to work. She grab her things and head to her job. When she arrives kids greeted her. Soumya smile, and asks them if they ate. When they didn’t answer, she decides to make a first for them. Says tells Soumya what she’s doing for them, they will never forget.

Soumya tells her that no child should be left or neglect from having a warm and happy life. She says with this organization, they will not only help neglected kinners, but also help them survive the world itself. ” I knew you we’re something special. Nimmi was right about you.”

Soumya sadly smile, even now theirs not a day she doesn’t think about her mom. Saya asks if Haya knows about her job.

” no he doesn’t. I don’t no how he will react if he finds out”

Says helps Soumya cook. ” it’s better to tell him before he finds out ”

” I know I will. Just not now, we have to settle down first.”

” ok, just hope its soon”

The remaining of the day soumya taught the children and teens with other kinners. She look at the time and realize, she has to go. She said her good byes and leave.

Elsewhere, harman was out for lunch. He watch as people pass, he felt empty. Every where he turn, reminds him of soumya. He saw a women layerd with scarf running, and imagine her as soumya.

Harman imagination

Soumya stops when she sees him. She smile her cute smile. ” harman-ji”

” gulabo, your finay back to me”

Soumya runs in his arms and they embrace. Harman held her tight . He told her this time, he wont let her go. He says they will be together forever. they both stare at each other, before harman moves in and rub his nose with hers. Then he kiss her forehead. Soumya close her eyes while blushing.

Harman was about to tell her he loves her, when she starts vibrating. ” why are you shaking like your being shock. He blink in confusion before he was snap out of it.

End of dream

Harman answer his phone, he turn and grab his things. ” what is it?”

” how long are you just going to work. Come hone, mahi made your favorite and she has a surprise for you.”

” i dont like surprises, she knows that”

” you can make an exception, shes your wife”

” soumya is my wife too”

Preeto scoff ” that kinner left you remember. Get over her.”

Harman looks hurt ” i know soumya she wouldnt just leave me”

” keep believing that” she says

Harman told her he wont come, before hanging up.


Haya was getting along great with some kids. He tried making friends with the boy that seats besides him, but he won’t speak to him. Haya step out waiting by the gate, the boy pass him and got in the car. Mr.Singh. seeing Haya invites him. The boy was surprise. Haya rejects the offer, but Mr.singh was persistent. Sighing he got in the car.

Through the whole ride, he was being glared at. Mr. Singh asks haya some questions, Haya answered. When they reach the house, he opens and preeto greets him. Mr.singh told her they have a guest, and invites Haya in. Preeto looked upset, while staring at Haya.

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  1. Hi writer when r u going to make Harman and somu see each other. Waiting for the episode. Glad to see sowmya help kinner children. Gud thinking

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks an its soon

      1. That’s nice to know Angel, that you like Indian shows. Welcome to the group.

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