Shakti: Forgiveness part 3 (haya)

Precap: while on their way to look at their new apartment, soumya was kidnapped. Haya seeing this asks harman for help , but harman refuse to let him go and knock him unconsious. Haya stuborn follows an save his mom, but soumya was hurt in the proceas. Now lets continue…..

Part 3

Harman look to see blood on the women head. He quickly calls an ambulance while Haya kept crying telling Soumya to wake up. Harman told him to man up, he says his mother doesn’t need his tears. What she need is her son to be strong, and give his strength to her.

Haya continues to wimp. Harman sigh, he puts a hand on his head. Causing Haya to look up. ” stop crying already, your mom will be fine”

Haya wipes the remaining tears before thanking him. Harman asks him, how he managed to get the drug dealers. Haya told him their in a barn full of chickens sleeping. He just let them loose, and they distracted the men. He says that was his chance to save his mom. But the other men had push Soumya causing her to hit her head on the brick.

Harman smile ” smart boy, you would make a good police officer one day”

Haya smile. It wasn’t long before the ambulance arrived. They took Soumya in the car and took her to the hospital. Harman didn’t go with them, instead he grab the drug dealers and took them to his car. ” you guys are giving me a reason to add more life sentences to your charge.”

When he reached the station, his father Congrats him, for catching the drug dealers. ” it wasn’t me, who did it”

” then who?”

” the Haya boy”

” Haya?” Mr.Singh suddenly remember the boy from the other day. His eyes widen ” why would he be in the crime scene ”

Harman looking at the files says ” his mom was kidnapped and was used as a shield.”

” well is she alright? ”

” no, she was injured”

Mr.Singh, was now curious ” what a brave child, putting himself at risk for his mom. He reminds me of you” he says

This time Harman looks up ” me?”

” yes, you we’re just like him, when it comes to preeto. But I will reward him for his bravery ”

” what do you have in mind”

” don’t worry about it.”


Surbhi met with Haya at the hospital. She asks what happen, and Haya explained everything. Surbhi scold Haya for putting his life at risk. She told him, he could have let the police handle it. Haya says ” would you have sit back while your sister was kidnapped?”

Surbhi remember the times she left to save Soumya. ” your right, but your a kid. That makes it even more dangerous ”

Haya frown. It wasn’t long before abhishek and dad I came. They ask about Soumya and Surbhi ressures him, she will be fine. Soon the doctor came and told them, Soumya is awake. They quickly rush to her room, and gave her a hug.

Haya apologize for what happen. Soumya pinch his cheeks. She told him, it was dangerous, but she understood. Surbhi finally introduce abhishek as her husband. Soumya was so happy, she said she knew he was the right person for her.

Haya by his mom side, gasp ” look mam, snow” he says

Surbhi and Soumya we’re amazed. Abhishek says ” in other countries theirs a myth that says when a women go to a fountain while it snows , she will meet her soul mate.”

Surbhi told him, he doesn’t need to go because he already found her. He smile, Haya staid quiet. Soumya didn’t listen to abhishek , she was busy admiring the snow.

Few days pass, Soumya finally settle in her new apartment. Turns out the complex had a fountain and it wasnt to far from haya new school and surbhi house. Soumya woke haya up, telling him it was time for school. Haya refuse , but with a little push he was up.

Soumya walk him to school, and he hugs her before leaving. The principle showed haya his classes before taking him to his first class. When he walk in, the children were quiet. The teacher introduce haya causing some people to be disappointed. ” i thought we were getting a girl?”

” yeah, why is he here?”

” whats with the name?”

” are you a girl disguised as a boy?”

Haya was use to the reaction after all his old school was the same. A boy a little older then haya was taking notes. The teacher told him to sit next to the boy. Before she start the lesson. Haya tried making friends , but failed. He decided to just stay quiet.


Soumya decides to do grocery. While shopping, she heard a familar voice. She turn and her heart beat. ” harman-ji?” She says watching him, buying fruits. She was about to go to him when she heard a voice.

” harman, did you find what you want?”

” i told you already, it doesnt matter to me, but since you insisted…here” , he gave the fruit to preeto, and she gave it to mahi.

Preeto told mahi that her cooking always warm their heart. Thats why harman cant get enough of it.

Soumya watch as they turn to leave. She sadly held her tears and turn. Suddenly her bangles came off. Harman hearing it drop , turn and walk to her . He picked it up and call her. Causing soumya to froze.

” your bangles fell, here” he says

Soumya didnt know if she should turn around, she knew it was about time she face him. Just when she turn, harman got a call. He grab his phone , to answer. Soumya watch as he continue to talk admiring how handsome he is. Decided she left his side and continue her shopping. harman turn to see her gone. He search around the store, and sigh.

” i will give it to her later” he says before meeting his family outside.

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  1. Nice to see haya like his father. I have one doubt haya is somus own son or adopted son? It seems somu is not a kinner? Then y preeto kidnapped sowmya before some yrs. Plz can u ans me.

    1. Angelk1

      As the story progress everything will be reveal. It wont be fun if i just told you the answer. It will ruin the story. But i am sticking with my theory from the day the show started. And I’m going by it

  2. Nice episode

  3. I don’t like this story ytack

    1. Angelk1

      Its fine, after all it is the beginning before their meeting again

  4. Nice starting but I have just one comment, may be I used to the current running show, but I really do not think that the profession of a police officer suit Harman character

    1. Angelk1

      I think it suits him. After all he always fights for justice and after soumya left it gave. Him more reason to try to help people in anyway he can.

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