Shakti: forgiveness (haya) prologue

Summary : soumya was kidnapped by none other then preeto. Harman disappointed married mahi out of preeto wish. Years later soumya comes back with more surprises then everyone expect.


It was a rainy day. A young boy about nine was running, he was heading somewhere with a gift in his hand. He was determine to reach his destination no matter what. As soon as he was about to cross the street, a car pass by almost hitting him. Surprise his gift falls and smush. He stood their watching the cake, but became angry when the car decides to drive.

Elsewhere, soumya was waiting. She was getting anxious, because Haya hasn’t come back yet. He had told her he was just going to grab a few things at his friends and will be back, but he hasn’t. She look at the house, they we’re about to leave, and hope everything goes well.

Meanwhile, the boy ran after the car even when it turn a different route. He stop running when the car stop at a factory. He saw reporters their with camera’s. He watch as mahi and preeto step out. Soon follow by harman and harak Singh. The reporters took their photos and question about the factory. Mr. Singh smile ” this factory will soon be given to my daughter in law, and when she have kids they will be the face of this place. ”

The reporters move in, trying to ask more question. Harman was quiet. He didn’t say a word, he was lost in memory lane, when soumya was given the privileged to cut the rope. He bold his hand. Harman says in head, why did you leave gulabo. Didn’t you think once about my feelings? Did you feel that I couldn’t protect you, is that why you left.

Preeto nudge him and thank him for leaving work to come. Harman told her she drag him here, he wanted to stay and work on more cases. Preeto laugh it off.

The boy tried going to them, but he was pushed back by the reporters. Thinking he climb on top of Mr.Singh car and shout. Everyone turn, they we’re surprise. The boy cross his hand ” you people owe me an apologie”

Mr.Singh raise a brow ” for what?”

” you guys almost hit me, causing me to accidently drop my gift for my mom”

Preeto ask the boy to come down. The boy refuse, he says he won’t move until he get an apology. Mahi told him they will pay for the damage, but the boy refuse ” money is not going to solve the problem. I work really hard saving to get my mom this gift, you people ruined it.” He says

Preeto signal the police to grab him, but the boy stop them ” even if you move me, I won’t leave. My mom blood for justice run in my vein while my fathers bravery runs deep. Now I want an apology ”

Mr.singh. was amuse, he told the boy they will pay for his gift, and apologize for what they did. ” are you satisfied now, come down boy.”

The boy just continue to stare, with his hand fold. ” I want an apology from all of you, you guys we’re also accomplice on it. ”

The reporters start clicking pics. Preeto was not amuse. Harman on the other hand was impressed by his bravery. He apologize to him, soon mahi did. Preeto refuse too. But with harak persuasion she did. The boy smile and jump down.

He turn to leave, but Mr.Singh stops him and write him a check. The boy told him to keep it. Mr.Singh insist, but he still refuse. ” what is your name?”

The boy smile ” haya ” he says before turning to leave.

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