Shakti: forgiveness (haya) part 9

Precap: soumya meets harman by chance and remisc the past how she was kidnapped and was saved by a nice person and his family. Now lets continue with her journey before the meeting.

Harman woke up to the sound of birds. He sleeply look around, but became startled when heard his name being called. ” soumya?” he says

She was standing by the door with food. Smiling at him. ” your awake?” she says

Emotional harman asks what she was doing here?”

Soumya puts the food down ” you dont want me here?”

” no”

When he said this she frown sadly, harman quickly tries to correct himself. ” i want you here, always by myside. But where did you go? Why did you leave me? Is it because we consume our marriage” ” we’re you that disgust with my action?”

Soumya sits on the bed, making harman sit up. She check his forehead. Saying his temperrure went down . harman not looking away puts his hand on her hand, ” you still didnt answer me.”

Before she could speak they heard a knock. Harman looks at the door before turning to soumya , only to see her gone. The door open and preeto walks in. ” how are you feeling?”

Harman says ””

Preeto knitted her brow ” soumya…soumya…soumya…is that all you think about. I’m right here worrried sick about you. Stop living in a world that doesnt exist .”

Harman got up , but fell back down ” w-what happend to me?”

” you were in a fight and was drunk. But luckily we arrived to help you.”

Harman holding his bandage head says ” we?”

Preeto nods ” varun an i”

Harman nods. He once more tries to get up. But preeto puts a hand on him ” what are you doing? Stop and rest” she says

” i cant , soumya is waiting for me. Everyday I’m sitting here its taking time away. Soumya is probably waiting for me to find her. I will do just that.” , harman left the room with preeto following him downstairs. She told him to think about her an her feelings. Harman ignores her. Just then they stop when they heard a gun shot.
.” where are you going harman?”

Harman glares at his dad ” your going to stop me to old man”

Mr.singh drops his hand. ” no, i gave you a chance to bring soumya but you didnt . ”

” I’m still searching’

” how long will you look ”

” as long as it takes”

Mr.singh looks at preeto, preeto nods. ” then before you go you might want to see this” he says throwing the bracelet. Harman looking at it remeber the gift. It was the one he bought for soumya.

” why are you giving me this?”

” harman…soumya, how do i say this” she says sad
” shes dead” he finished

Harman move back ” what?’ he says

” we got the news not to long ago”.

Harman still didnt believe , he told them he has to go to surbhi house, preeto told him to go then since thats the only way their word is confirmed. She does her drama about her son not believing her. Harman ignores her and left .

Meanwhile, soumya and sonali were walking after doing grocery. Sonali taught soumya about america. She told soumya not everything is behind doors and people can get justice. Soumya almost trip, but luckily someone caught her. ” are you alright?”

” yeah…thank y-yo-”

Soumya stops to watch the face. She was surprise to see a beautiful Women . The men lady looks at her before giving her a card. Sonali looks at the card. ” what is this?”.

“The men smiling says ” its a function, we’re holding to speak up about our marriage rights”

Soumya looks at sonali for help. Sonali translate to her. The men looking at soumya asks if she will attend. He said they need a lot of supporters. The soumya seeing his desperate look agreed. Sonali said they will come later. The men thank them and walk away. It wasnt long before they reached the house. Soumya excuse herself to use the phone. She tried dialing harman house number, and the maid answer. ” hello?”

Soumya excited said hello. She asks if harman was home. The maid was about to respond. When preeto asks who it was. The maid says soumya. Preeto knitted her brows, this soumya just wont leave . thinking she disconnect the phone line. Soumya was about to say something, when she heard the hang up noise. ” hello? . hello?”

Sonali asks what happen, she said. The line was disconnected. She tried again an again, but nothing. Sonali says ” do you think they change their number?”

Soumya tense says ” i hope not”

Meanwhile, harman reached soumya house to see people leaving there. He watch as surbhi comes out crying . dadi told her soumya wouldnt want her to be sad. She says ” our soumya is with nimmi now”

When she said this harman heart broke. He turn away from the scene and got in his jeep. He was driving extremely fast ignoring. People protest. ” soumya” he says ” why did you leave me? Did you dispise me so much that you had to die. I cant live without you soumya.” while driving harman didnt see a huge truck heading towards him. The next thing he knew he was hit.

Causing his car to flip over. Before passing out harman heard a voice calling him..

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  1. Whatis going on? any one under stand any thing

    1. Angelk1

      This is not the actual story. Its a fan fiction story for haya. Basically, soumya was kidnapped by preto. Sent overseas. Years later, she arrives with a young boy name haya. Now that harman an soumya met again, soumya is remembering the past, what had happen to her. Her journey that led her to be this confident women.

      This chapter is the past, what was happening before an then. I can send you the link to the beginning if you like.

  2. guys i was really scared, i thought this the actual story.

    1. Angelk1

      I prefer this story then the real one at least soumya became more brave and confidence in this then the show soumya.

      1. you r right, so far their is no hope for soumya in the show.

  3. Oh i scared really

    1. Angelk1

      I will repost the first eps so you will understand

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