Shakti: forgiveness (haya) Part 2

While Haya and Soumya we’re walking, they didn’t notice a police car passing by. In that car was non other than harman. He was chasing after a drug dealer. He puts his siren on and turn left when he saw the car turn. Harman told the other men to block the next exit so they wouldn’t ascape. He says ” this time you won’t disappear”

Meanwhile, Haya sees a candy stand. He ask Soumya if he could have some. Soumya told him just one, before taking out her money. ” I’ll be right back” , he walk to the shop and bought his candy. As soon as he turn, he saw a men grabbing his mom and putting her in the car.” Ma!” He screams dropping the candy.

Soumya surprise was scared. She was about to call for Harman like old times but stop. She suddenly heard Haya calling her, and look out the window. ” Haya!”

” ma!” He scream

The drug dealers pulls her back in. And close the window. They said their lucky to get a women as their ascape goat. They said we just have to reach the boat and we are free.


Haya continued to run, but he wasn’t fast enough. He spotted some police officers putting some guys in their car. He saw a masculine man writing things down while talking. ” sir?”

The police officer turn around and recognize the boy ” your the kid from before”

Haya nod. Harman ask the boy what he wanted, the boy says some one kidnapped his mom. Harman says he should give that case to the cops at the office. Haya says his here now, so why won’t he just help him. Harman sigh ” look kid, we’ve been on this case for a while, we almost got it. I’m not about to drop it”

Haya frown. Harman turn when one officer got a report that their leader manage to find a different route to ascape. Harman curse. the police officer describe the car, and Haya recall the same car that took his mom. ” I know that car”..

All heads turn to him, ” you do?”

” that’s the car my mom was in”

Harman made a decision ” well kid, I guess we’re saving your mom after all.”

Haya sigh. Harman made some orders, before getting in the car. Haya stop him from closing the door saying his coming. ” no kid, this is to dangerous. Now run along, we will bring your mother to you”

” my mother is the reason why I’m still alive. I won’t just sit and wait Like a child.” ” either you let me go or I will find her myself” he says stubbornly.

Harman sigh, he told Haya to come in. As soon as he did, he hit Haya on the back of his neck. ” I learn this from a friend back in high school. ” , he drop Haya near a bench and walk inside his car. ” sorry kid, but it’s to dangerous.”

While driving Harman got a call from mahi, but he ignored her. She called some more, but he ignored it. He hand the phone to his partner, and told him to turn it off.

Meanwhile, the dealers arrive at the river. They tied Soumya and drag her to the deck. They told her to stay while they loosen the boat.


Haya woke up upset. He recall what happen and became angry ” that Mister stops me from saving my mom. He is definetly On my naughty list.” He got up and search for transportation. When he spotted a bike, he quickly got on. He saw the wheel tracks and followed. By the time he reached, he saw Harman telling his men to move out and check the deck. When they we’re clear, he saw a small barn near the deck. He check inside to see his mom tied up.

” ma!”

when soumya Saw Haya, she shook her head to get him to stop. He observe his mom eyes and knew something was wrong. Quickly he move when the men tried to hit him from the back. Haya sigh with relief. Luckily I know how to read my mom expression, he thought. The drug dealer tried grabbing him, but Haya move to another area. ” look, I don’t have a problem with you. I just want my mom”

” mom?”, the drug dealer told his man to point a knife at Soumya. Haya eyes widen. ” if you hurt her, even Shiva himself won’t save you”

Soumya feared for her son life. She tried untying her rope. When she succeed, she bite the men hand causing him to scream. That scream was enough to alert Harman and his man. The drug dealer curse and grab his gun.


Harman told his man they we’re tricked. His not on the deck. Suddenly they heard a scream. He wonder what a female would be doing around here. He grab his gun, and told his men to move out. As soon as they enter, they saw the drug dealer on the floor tied. And the same boy, crying. ” you? Didn’t I leave you back there”

” sir, please help. My mom she was hit”

Harman looks at the woman, his eyes widen.

To be continued…


A women, sees her ex lover with his family, a men starts to daydream, a boy gets tease at school, and old secrets resurface.

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