Shakti: forgiveness (haya) part 11

Precap: harman. Finds out from his mom, about soumya death upset he question her words. Soumya on the other hand, tries reaching for harman but presto disconnects it . Harman got into an accident, Soumya worried decides to for for his well being. Now let’s continue


Soumya woke up feeling restless. She didnt know how, but she knew harman was in trouble. Getting out the bed, she puts her shoes on. She walk out of her room and walk downstairs, heading to the small shrine sonali has. Sonali husband watching the news stop to look at her, when he saw her praying he silently mute the volume out of respect.

Soumya says in head. I’m away from harman ever since we consume. You took me away from him and brought me here, for what? Now harman could be in danger. He needs me, but i cant reach him because I’m far away. So I’m begging you please protect him. She says .

While she was praying harman was being takin to the hospital room. Preeto was crying while mahi counsel her. Harman thought he heard soumya for a second. He calls her name causing preeto to stop crying. She says even in his death bed my son still managed to say that kinners name. This has gone to far.

Harak says my deal with harman is over. He says he gave him chance to find soumya but he didnt. His time is up, and now he will marry mahi. He says ” harman obsessive love is very dangerous. We wont know what will happen next if he tries to look for her.”

Preeto couldnt agreed more. Just then surbhi came in asking if harman was fine. Preeto knitted her brow ” no …my son is lying in the hospital because of your kinner sister. If anything happend to him i will not spare any of you.”

Raavi says ” you have no relation with us. Your sister is dead, so leave and never show your face infront of us”

Surbhi sadly look at them, ” your right, i have no relation with you all, but harman is my friend. You guys ruin his life and di’s, i will remeber this day. The day you all broke Ties with us” she says before leaving.


When soumya was done sonali mother asks if she wants tea. Turns out she had woken up a few minute before soumya. After making the tea. She asks soumya what was wrong. Soumya explains her concern. Sounali mom says ” its natural to feel this way, after all your far away from your husband. Your practically home sick” soumya nods when she said this.

” who ever kidnapped you must have been adamant to make you stay away. Do you know who?”

Soumya thought about it. ” the last thing i remember was preeto asking me to get her something”

” do you think she did this?”

Soumya shook her head, ” theres no way, she…she w-wouldnt ” she said more with a question.

Suddenly soumya recall something. When she went to get something for preeto, she thought she saw her face behind her. She gasp ” it was her”

” well…it would seem that your mother in law wants you away from her son. But why?”

Soumya hesitate pondering whether to tell her. ” I’m a kinner” she says looking down

Sonali mom stayed quiet for a while making her nervous. John sonali husband asks what was a kinner. Sonali mom answerd the question. John says soumya should watch this news with him.

He told soumya theirs nothing wrong with being born a boy in a girl body. He says you didnt choose this. He showed the people on tv. He says ” do you see them. Their fighting right now for their rights to get married. They are mixtures of trans, les an gays. Other country are allowed to get married, but this mayor refuse to allow it. Which is going against the law. ”

Sonali mom looking at soumya says ” i can understand , our culture. They criticize too much. But in order to survive this you must be confidence and fight for whats yours. Give them no way to say no. And show them kinners lives matter too”

” but how will i do that?”

” sonali told me , you met a kinner that gave you a card?”

Soumya nod ” then go to that convention, hear their story and help them.” ” become the shakti they need” she finished

Soumya became tense.


Harman woke up to see his father next to him. ” your finally awake” he says

Harman look around ” wheres ma?”

” shes been crying all night because of you”

Harman frown. He tried to sit up, but his head starts to hurt. ” how did this happen?” he says in pain

” you did this when you went in search for soumya?”

Harman looks at him now confuse ” whose soumya?”

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