Shakti: forgiveness (haya) part 10

Precap: a young boy chases after a car and cause a seen at the singh interview. While a women worries for her son.
Soumya was getting things in the taxi. The driver told her to hurry up. Soumya told him her son isn’t back yet. She was extremely worried.suddenly she heard a voice, she turn to see Haya running. When he reached Soumya hugs him before squeezing his cheeks ” where did you disappear to huh?”

” ouch mommy, it hurts”

” you deserve it, I thought something happen to you”

Haya touch his mom hand and smile ” nothing will happen to your protector. As long as dad blood runs deep, I will continue to be strong, and she’d light in your life.”

Soumya smile ” you already did by being born. Beside I don’t need a protector, I just need my son near me.”

Haya nod. He took something from his pocket and call his mom name. ” surprise” he says showing her a cupcake with a candle. ” what’s this?”

” it’s my gift to you”

Soumya was touched. Haya says it’s not much, but he wanted to wish her a happy birthday. Soumya starts to cry. Haya panicked, he told her not to cry. And that he was sorry. He says if shes not happy about it he won’t do it next time. Soumya denies it, ” I’m very happy…thank you Haya”

The driver ruin their moment by beeping. Soumya quickly told her son to get in before the driver leaves. They said their good byes and get in the car. While driving they stop at a red light, she was unaware of Harman in the car next to her. She was busy talking with her son and feeding him the cupcake.

Harman turn when he thought he saw Soumya reflection. He sigh, I need to stop thinking about Soumya. Its been many years. She left and theirs no trace of her, it’s like she doesn’t exist. He thought, he close his eyes and open it to see her reflection gone. Mahi seeing his disturb look ask if everything was fine, Harman ask her to stop being concern over him, so she won’t catch feelings for him again.

Mahi frown ” can’t a friend be concern ” she says

Harman staid quiet. Mahi curse under her breath. You still thinking of her even now. Why won’t you let her go.

The next day, Preeto grab the newspaper for her husband. She was surprise at what she saw. She walk to the living room and drop the front paper on the table. ” look, look at what happen”

Harak reads the paper ” boy bravely confront the singhs for ruining his present and making them apologize “, Harak laugh ” what’s so bad about that”

” this, made us seem like bad people. Like we didn’t want to apologize. ”

” just leave it alone”

” no, I will have to teach that boy some manners”

” drop it honey, leave things be ” he says

But Preeto was one to never leave things alone. She was cooking up stuff.

Meanwhile Soumya came out of the taxi. She watch her old home, recall in everything that happen to her. Haya told her he will get her things while she knock ” who is it?” the voice said

Soumya became emotional. ” di” she says

The door quickly open and surbhi came out. ” soumya!? ”

Emotional they hug. Surbhi had many questions for her, she call beeji and they all hug her. They told Soumya to come in, but she said she has to wait for Haya. They question her about it, and she told them Haya is her child. Soumya smile and went on about how sweet and caring Haya was. Surbhi and beeji smile, ” I’m glad she makes you happy. I haven’t seen you glow in so long.”

” Surbhi right, now I want to see my niece that cause this.”

Soumya was about to tell them Haya was a girl, but stop when she heard him call her. Both Surbhi and beeji gasp, standing with logedge. Was a young boy who resemble someone they use to talk too. But he had Soumya nose and eyes. Beeji wanted to cry, ” you adopted someone that looks just like you Soumya, it must be fate.”

Surbhi ushered them in. She said it’s cold and it’s better if they stay warm. When Soumya walks in she realize somethings have change. She ask for maninder, and Surbhi told her he doesn’t live with them anymore. Soumya was sad, but didn’t ask anymore question. Beeji told her she missed many things , just like how she missed a lot of Soumya life. She told her Surbhi is married and is expecting.

Soumya became happy. She was happy for Surbhi. She wonder who it could be. Suddenly her phone rang. ” hello”

” Ms. Soumya, we found a nice apartment for you.”

” is it near the location I told you”

” yes mam, we want you to come and take a look”

” OK, I will come tomorrow ” she says

Beeji watching Soumya wonder how much Soumya has change. She look more confident just sitting their and talking on the phone.the old Soumya would have been stuttering while speaking. Beeji ask her if she’s not planning on staying, Soumya says no. ” being by myself have giving me strength and also challenge me. I don’t want to keep deepanding on people.”

Surbhi coming back was sad, but she turn to Haya observing him. Haya was quiet observing his surrounding, he was making sure it was OK for his mom. He relax when he saw how comfortable his mom was. He turn to Surbhi and raised a brow ” aunti-ji, your mom sister?”


Haya got up and stood in front of Surbhi. He gave her one of Soumya smile ” my name is haya-kaur, nice to meet you”

” aunty ji makes me sound old. Call me choti.”

Once everyone settled, they ate and went to bed. Haya couldn’t sleep, so he went to his mom room. Soumya smile ” you came to check up on me”

Haya nod, Soumya scooter over and told him to sleep. And he did. The next day Soumya woke up feeling heavy. She look down to see Haya head on her stomach sleeping. Soumya smile. ” Haya, wake up”

When he did, they both went and brush their teeth. Before getting ready to leave. Surbhi told them to eat before they go, Soumya nod. After breakfast, they happily left.

To be continued…


A car is being chased, a women became hostage, a boy runs to save his mother, and two people meet for the second time.

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