Shakti 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Soumya refuses to become Gurumaa

Shakti 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji asking Harman to do some rituals. Preeto calls Kareena. Rani asks her to tell Preeto that everything is fine there. Kareena says everything is fine here and Soumya will become Gurumaa in sometime. Rani keeps cloth in her mouth. Saya asks Soumya to do as she says. Soumya thinks Harman is embracing sanyas as he thinks I don’t love him, how to tell him that I love him so much. Saya asks her to go and wear the clothes. Surbhi and Varun tie mata rani’s chunari on everyone’s forehead. Bebe asks where they are taking them. Surbhi says there is navratri and asks them to come. They come out and see the goons unconscious. Maninder asks who are they? Surbhi says may be they are drunk and thinks they have to reach there in 30 mins. They leave. Saya asks Soumya to do pranaam to

God and then sit infront of havan kund. She sits infront of havan while the puja for Gurumaa is going on. Saya says three Gurumaata’s will make Soumya wear ornaments and make her wear shawl, then she will take swear and become our Gurumaa. Soumya thinks she can’t become Gurumaa and can’t let Harman take sanyas, asks God to do something. Surbhi and Varun take a taxi and asks others to sit.

Pandit ji asks Harman to put kalash in the pond and leaves. Veeran says he will go with Harman. Harman says nobody shall come with me as I am going for forever. Everyone is shocked. Harman picks the kalash and says today he is leaving his house, family and everything and going. Kareena manages to open the rope and leaves from there. Preeto asks what is he saying? She asks what he is going to do? Harman says you all have done whatever you thought is right. Preeto says I am your mum, whatever I did is for your betterment. Harman tells that he is leaving his family life and is taking sanyas. Preeto is shocked.

Harman asks Preeto to forget that she had any son. He picks the ring kep in the inhouse temple by him, and is leaving. Preeto is shocked. Veeran asks them to stop him. Surbhi asks driver to take a left turn and says we are going to some other temple. Varun says there is a big jagrata. Surbhi asks driver to stop the car. She checks the time and runs. Maninder asks her to stop. Varun asks them to come. The three Gurumaa are making Soumya wear jewellery. Soumya thinks she would have met Harman if her family was not in danger. She says even if she becomes Gurumaa, she will have hope to unite with Harman. She asks God to do some miracle and thinks she don’t want to become Gurumaa. Soumya closes her eyes just as the Gurumaas make her wear jewellery. They see mangalsutra tied on Soumya’s hand and are shocked. Saya tells her that she can’t become Gurumaa until she puts it in havan. Soumya refuses to do so and tells that it is part of her life. Gurumaa says you can become Gurumaa only after giving its ahuti. Soumya cries and says don’t snatch my Harman ji from me. Other Gurumaa says you have to sacrifice your relations and have to forget all relations. Soumya says no.

They try to snatch mangalsutra from her hand. Soumya asks them not to snatch her mangalsutra, cries calling Goddess. A flower fell down on the diya and puja stuff. Everyone is shocked to see the puja stuff burning. Surbhi comes there and looks at Soumya.

Soumya comes running to Harman and says I love you. I am lucky to get you and says I love you Harman ji. Harman says I love you Soumya and hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Harman again was perfect, Guys plz vote for Vivian, make sure that he wins the ITA 2017,HE DESERVES IT

  2. Everyday it’s ending showing same thing. Why are they dragging it and not showing the next scene??? ???

    1. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

      Exactly! They keep dragging until they know that we will bust from this torture… can’t they just show HaYa reunite? Arghhhh

  3. I agree with you soumya.

  4. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

    TV serials have already made a mockery of our Hindu marriage rituals by marrying for revenge, bride swapping, doing those heroic ‘sacrifices’ for the betterment of the sasurals, frequent divorces, marriage/business deals, etc. I hope they don’t make fun of the Sanyas and the Gurumaa rituals, by having HaYa reunite after these happen to them…

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