Shakti 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman saves Soumya from Lavneet’s conspiracy

Shakti 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer telling his mum that he will fight with Harman alone. Shanno says Harman went somewhere and we couldn’t do anything. Veeran tells Harak Singh that Harman is after Khushi, there is something for sure. Soumya prays to Mata Rani and tells that she is in Dharmsankat, she is marrying Sameer, but is worried about Jolly. She asks Mata Rani to make his family reach him and says he needs help. Lavneet is going from there in her car and stops seeing Harman unconscious on road. She says Jaan, I reached where you are unconscious. She says I will take you with me till Khushi’s marriage. She is about to take Harman with her, but just then she sees Preeto and Raavi coming there. She runs and hides. Preeto and Raavi see him using torch. They get worried seeing him injured. Raavi ask who

did this? Harman tells that they will beat him, but he will go there again and again. He says I will go and bring her. Preeto says you will not go to her and says if she cares for you then will come to you. She says I want to see if she will come.

Sameer’s mum asks him if Harman did any siyappa. Sameer says he is not in a position to do anything, says neighbors said that he was beaten up badly by them and thrown near the temple. Harman tells Preeto that she will come. Preeto asks him to let her give test and says if she doesn’t come then think that your love is one sided. Soumya hears Sameer and his mum’s conversation and gets worried for Harman. She thinks to go to Harman and see him. Preeto asks Raavi to go home and says I will be with him. Raavi says how to leave you alone. Preeto says we will sit and wait here. Raavi asks her to take care.

Preeto says lets sit somewhere and wait. Lavneet hears them and thinks I will see if Harman’s love got lesser, but if fire is ignited both sides. Preeto asks Harman to give up his love and come. Harman asks if she is joking and says she must not have known. Preeto says my son and my bahu’s love was unique and they would have known about each other. She says you must be hungry, so I will bring something for you to eat. Lavneet is hiding and thinks nobody can love you more than me, you have to come to me. Harman says Khushi…please come to me. He says my mum is not believing on my love and asks her to come. He gets restless and says I am sure that you will come. He shouts Khushi…

Just then he sees Soumya coming holding torch and gets happy. He says my mum said that you will not come, but I was sure. Soumya says I care for you. Harman says if you care for me so much then marry me. He says we shall get married. Soumya says I can’t marry you. Harman tells her that she don’t recognize her feelings and says she will realize this later. Soumya says people do care for each other, but they don’t love each other. Harman asks her to keep hand on his heart and say. Soumya says I don’t love you and asks him to go home. Harman asks her to say truth and says their respect will be ruined if anyone sees them together. Harman says I don’t care. Soumya leaves. Preeto comes. Harman tells her that Khushi came to meet me. Harman says she left without telling me that she loves me.

Raavi gives tea to Balwinder. Balwinder gets happy and says he didn’t forget her charm still. Raavi asks him to tell the truth of Harman and Soumya’s accident. Balwinder asks him to give him some time and love and says I will tell you when I trust you. Raavi says when I get to know the truth, I will settle scores scores with guilty and you.

Soumya is sitting for her mehendi ritual. Lavneet comes indisguise of an old lady. Sameer tells that his dream is coming true. The mehendi function begins. Lavneet comes forward to apply mehendi on Soumya’s hand. Sameer asks her to write S on her hand. Lavneet writes S and thinks Harman is mine. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to go near the fan as the mehendi will dry up fast. Soumya goes to her room and blows on her hand. Lavneet comes inside and closes the door. Soumya is shocked and says Police will handle you. Lavneet ties her mouth with a cloth and then ties her hand and legs too. Soumya tries to stop her, but in vain. Lavneet says you are very daring and shameless to reach Harman and says I can’t bear if anyone goes near him. She says that time your destiny was good, but lets see what happens this time. She takes out something and says its poisonous gas will spread in room and then you will die. She lights it and throws. She lights the bomb like stuff again and leaves from the window. Soumya struggles to free herself. Sameer asks neighbor to write Khushi’s name on his hand. Neighbor lady writes K. Soumya gets drowsy. Harman comes through the window and gets worried seeing her tied and poisonous gas inside. He unties her hands and takes her out in the hall. They both cough.

Sameer, his mum and the neighbors are shocked to see them together. Sameer gets angry and says today I will break your bones. His mum tells that they shall get him arrested. Soumya coughs. Sameer says neighbors beat you badly, but you didn’t listen. He says I will charge you for kidnapping my would be wife. Harman raises his hand on Sameer, but stops. He thinks of Preeto’s words. Police comes there. Guest lady tells that she called him. Soumya tries to tell, but nobody hears her. Sameer’s mum says it is matter of our respect now. Harak Singh comes and asks Harman to arrest him. Harman says you said you are my father. Harak Singh says our relation is of that friends and asks him to have shame to eye someone else would be wife being a married man. Harman comes to Soumya and asks her to think of an answer why did she come to meet him last night. Inspector arrests Harman. Soumya looks sad.

Harman asks Soumya not to marry Sameer. Soumya feels helpless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This shakti becomes SOOOOO BORING;
    Where is Soumya’s SHAKTI? Same old stories every time.
    When will soumyaHarman be together forever?
    Please,Stop this boring scenes and show some real Shakti

    Due to all these boring scenes,people don’t comment anymore

  2. Alister La Frenais

    Tonight’s episode was boring and lacked substance. There are too many loose ends and unbelievable coincidences. For example, Lavneet appears from nowhere. Harak Singh also arrives at the home of Sameer at the same time as the police arrive. Whilst, the show is based on make believe, it must also pay attention to reality. Should the storyline continue along the current path, the serial will lose viewers and will end up being cancelled.

  3. Please bring us a happy ending by making gulboo a girl .a whole girl

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