Shakti 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh takes Mohini to factory

Shakti 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh threatening Harman reminding of yesterday’s incident. Preeto asks him to go have food inside with Mohini if he wants, but don’t fight with Harman. Harman praises his mum. Harak Singh tells him what do you know about relations and says everyone is fake. Harman asks Preeto not to worry about Harak Singh and says today he will make her have food. Shanno says you are Didi’s strength, she is happy today. He gets Soumya’s call and she asks him about Preeto and him. Harman says Preeto is fine. Preeto thinks if this kinnar calls him again and again then he will become mine. Soumya asks him to take care of Preeto and says she needs you the most at this moment. Harman says good night and take care. Preeto also makes him have food with her hand.

Maninder, Varun,

Surbhi and others are having food. Surbhi asks him to call Preeto and asks how is she? Varun says she is not receiving call. Nani asks him to call Soumya. Surbhi calls her. Just then she sees Rani standing in her house. Maninder asks her to go. Rani says she wants to talk to Surbhi. Surbhi takes her outside.

Harak Singh says he is happy, although he don’t like this vegetable, but was eating it as he is happy. He asks her to sleep outside the room, else Harman will shoot her. Mohini is scared and says she likes her life more than money and that’s why sleep outside.

Rani tells Surbhi that she knows Preeto and that’s why telling that because of Harak Singh and her act, Harman is going to stay in his house at nights. Surbhi says she will find out and she can’t let them separate. Maninder is about to call Preeto, but Surbhi takes the call and says you will never change.

Preeto tells Harman that Harak singh sent Mohini out to sleep due to him. Harman says he will handle him. Chameli asks Soumya to sleep. Preeto looks at Harman from far and thinks slowly she will get him fully and he has to return.

In the morning, Harak Singh asks Mohini to wear the saree. Preeto asks him why he wants to ruin his respect. Harak Singh says this thing is better than that everyone knowing about Soumya. Kareena tells Gurumaa that Soumya shall also come with them to ask for nek. Chameli says Harman goes on her behalf. Kareena says he is going to fulfill his condition. Gurumaa asks Soumya to go. Kareena thinks Harman will get angry now and fight with Gurumaa. Harman comes and says he has no objection if Soumya comes with them to get nek. He says he will play dhol more loudly. Soumya agrees to come.

Harak Singh and Mohini come to factory to give diwali gifts to employees. Employee says he would have brought preeto or soumya and says we don’t know her. Harak Singh says she is special to him and is a family member. Mohini gives gifts to workers.

The people on the road see kinnars going and asks why the kinnar is in veil. Harman says she is like gulab and we are like thorns. We can stay like this, but she has to cover herself. Man says you are Harak Singh’s son and that’s why talking strange things.

Soumya tells Harman that she wants to have morning tea with him. Just then he gets a call from factory and is shocked to know that Harak Singh took Mohini to factory.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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      He is not hero Preeto is hero of all this drama

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