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The Episode starts with Preeto asking Nimmi to concentrate on Surbhi and her marriage else you will lose her too. Nimmi is shattered hearing her about Soumya. Preeto leaves. She recalls what Preeto said, that Maninder was always right and that she has ruined Soumya’s life because of her stubbornness. She recalls Soumya’s marriage and gets emotional. She thinks I have ruined my daughter’s life inorder to safeguard her, and thinks what I have done…Mata Rani. She cries badly questioning God. Just then she suffers a heart attack, recalls Preeto telling that Rani and Raveena are going to sell Soumya to other country and she will never meet her again. She shouts Beeji and falls down. Beeji comes there and sees Nimmi in immense pain. She holds her and says she will call doctor fast. Nimmi says I don’t

have much time and says if anything happens to me then my words will be unheard.

Beeji shouts asking Maninder and Bebe to come soon. Maninder asks Bebe what happened? Bebe says this is daily drama and asks him to sleep. Soumya misses Nimmi and recalls her childhood moments with Nimmi, and then spending time with Harman. Harman, Surbhi and Saya are in the bus too, but don’t see Soumya. Nimmi tells Beeji that her time is completed. Maninder tells Bebe that Beeji never shouted like this, I have to check what happened and asks Bebe to help him get up. He gets up. Nimmi tells Beeji that her soul resides with Soumya. She says tell Soumya that I will be with her where ever she is. She asks her to take care of both of her daughters. She asks her to tell Soumya to be so strong that she don’t need her. Beeji asks her not to talk like this and shouts for Maninder to come fast. Nimmi is teary eyes and asks her to tell Soumya that she has any complains with her for being a kinnar. She says I will ask Mata Rani not to make her kinnar in next births. Beeji cries.

Nimmi asks what wrong did I do with Maninder, Bebe and Surbhi? Beeji says you was never wrong. She says you are honest and truthful person, good mother, daughter and wife and have fulfilled all your duties well. Maninder comes there with great difficulty and sees Nimmi’s condition. Nimmi tells Maninder that she never had any complains with her, but just wanted him to accept Soumya, but my wish never came true till my last breath. She says you have proved to be a good father for Surbhi, but I couldn’t become a good mum. It was my mistake, I wish I would have sent Soumya in her childhood to her world, so that she would have been in her world. She says I was wrong….and takes her last breath. She dies in Beeji’s arms. Maninder is shocked.

Beeji cries and asks her to tell her something, and gets shocked seeing her died. She shouts Nimmi. Soumya gets up shockingly from the seat. Goon asks her to sit and tells others that she is unwell. He asks have you gone mad? Harman sees her, but couldn’t know that she is Soumya, because of the burqa. Soumya feels restlessness and wonders what has happened? Beeji cries while Maninder stands shocked. Bebe is also shocked. He comes near her and sits, holds her hand and checks her nerve.

Beeji asks Mata Rani what did she do. She hugs her and cries. Maninder gets up and is in shock. Bebe follows her son as he walks out.

Surbhi tells Harman, don’t know how is Nimmi? She says I will call her once and asks Harman to give his phone. Harman asks her to talk to Nimmi later once they find Soumya. Goon asks driver to stop the bus and asks Soumya to come silently. Harman feels restless and feels Soumya’s presence near him. He tells same thing to Surbhi. Goons and Soumya get down from the bus, but Harman and Soumya couldn’t see each other. Maninder, Beeji and Bebe mourn for Nimmi’s death. Goons bring Soumya to some place. Soumya is shocked to see little girls in goons’ captivity and crying. They say nobody will come to save you here and slaps her. Soumya cries holding her cheeks.

Preeto comes to Maninder’s house. She tells that Soumya’s love has taken Nimmi’s life. She instigates Maninder against Soumya. Later Saya asks Surbhi to step in the human trafficking to bring back Soumya back. Goon asks someone to dress up Soumya well, so that Sheikh will like her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wish Harman finds Soumya soon,it’s dragging since 3 days the same thing…. anyways loved when Harman gets up and tells that he is feeling restless and the Tu he mera khuda music…

  2. Emotional episode…

  3. Yeah!!!!!!

  4. kopila acharya

    Nice episode

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