Shakti 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya praying to God to get a good job for Harman. Harman also prays to God on his way and asks to show the way. He hears ambulance coming and taking an injured man. Director asks someone to get another guy to perform the stunt. Harman hears him and says he will do the stunt. Director says it is not easy. Other man asks him to go and says this man who was taken in the ambulance was a stunt man who worked for big heroes. Harman insists to do the stunt and asks him to give money by evening. Director asks him to sign on the paper in which it was written that if he dies, then they are not responsible. Harman signs on the papers. Soumya prays to God to help Harman. Action director brief him what to do. Harman says he can do this for his love. Soumya waits for him and thinks he gets angry,

and fights with others. She hopes that he don’t risk his life for money.

Some men identify him as Harak Singh’s son. Harman recalls his moments with Soumya. He thinks about Soumya and Aditya, Harak Singh’s will etc. Director asks him to get ready and says action. Neighbor says Harman didn’t do this before. Director says he is doing this for love and will do. Harman performs the stunt and jumps the bike in air. He performs the stunt with ease. Everyone applaud for him. Harman asks what I have to do more. They say you have done your work and gives him money. Soumya misses Aditya. Director hires Harman to perform more dangerous scene. Harman says when I have to come? Director says tomorrow.

Kaushalya tells Saya that Aditya was taken to foreign and he couldn’t return. Saya is shocked. Soumya is walking on the road insearch of Harman. Some goons tease her and surround her. Soumya asks them to let her go. The goons laugh. Soumya requests them to let her go, else she will shout. Goons ask her to shout. Just then Ayushman and Parineeti come in their car. Ayushman Khurana asks them to go, and stop teasing the girl. Goons escape hearing Police name. Soumya thanks them.

Ayushman asks what you are doing here. Soumya says she was searching her husband as he got late. Parineeti asks why she came alone and asks about her family. Soumya says they are kicked out of house as she is a kinnar. She tells that her husband have accepted him with her identity and have adopted a child to make her get motherly feeling. They wish her all the best for her live. They promote their film meri pyari bindu. Parineeti asks her to watch film with Harman. Soumya wishes them all the best.

Harman feels pain in his leg and thinks if he couldn’t walk properly then Soumya will get worried and asks himself to walk straight. Soumya comes out and asks why he came late and asks him to have food. Harman tells that today he realized wife’s scolding is actually her worry. He brings house stuff for her. Soumya asks from where did he get the money? Harman tells that he brought it with his hard earned money. Soumya gets happy and asks about his job.

Harman tells Saya that it was good that she came, now he can be leave Soumya with her. Later he comes home and hides. Chintu sees him. Harman signs him not to tell anyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Harman was awesome today!

  2. Lovely episode. Especially Harman is ausumn today for his love gulaboo.They both always thinking about each other.very nice.last few minutes HAYA seens r very worthy to watch.FOR what purpose he return to his home ? Don’t know na? Wait for tomorrow.

  3. Vivian is fabulous. Harman is really a hero. Hope all the best for his future.

  4. First part of shakti was fabulous. It was only harman and harman and harman. It seems without harman the entire show would have become bechara. Thanks to see harman returning to his home. Harman deserves everything, he shouldn’t destroy his life for someone else. Moreover saumya have accepted her astitva as a kinnar infront of parineeti,it’s good. She should fight with her astitva and not like the one what she had done in the Mumbai hotel (during honeymoon), where she have prepared her identity card with gender FEMALE inspite of being a kinnar, not ready to accept her astitva and ehsaas is door ki baat.

    1. I totally agree with u Anu, he don’t have to destroy his life for anyone, in serious Harman is shining his life, I know hell get back to his parents, once he get know his gulobos selfishness. Meanwhile I felt very good seeing he returned home, I hope soumya can accept her astitve in front anyone instead of portraying herself as a women

  5. Harman is a big big big bohot big hero. He is awosome. I love him soooooooooo much. I think chintu don’t tell anyone his arrival and nobody see him except chintu.

  6. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Harman apne ghar ko chod ke nahi gaya hain usey nikala gaya hain usey ghar Jake prove Kiya ki woh toh her faraz nibhana janta hain chahe uske parents kaise ho woh har khushi deserve karta hain isei liye woh bina Preeto ke disturbance Saumya ke saath life enjoy kar raha hain real life main mene ek maa ko apne ek hi bete ki shadi kinnar se karvate hue dekhna hain who Anuji aapo jan na ho toh puchna main detail main bataungi

  7. Prachi Mehta Durkaal


  8. HARAMAN IS A BIG BIG BIG BOHOT BIG HERO. I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOO MUCH.I hope chintu is not tell anyone harman arrival and nobody know about that.

  9. Awsm wala stunt …u r a real hero…….y dont u try fr bollywood in real life…u deserve it…………..
    Conversation btwn somu and parineeti s gud……..

  10. Here also everyone praising harman. So vivian is the real superstar of shakti. Shakti’s present track is super se upper with harman’s stunts. Keep it up.

    1. Yes without Harman(Vivian) no shakti in d show, the caption to be changed to struggle of a husband from astitve ehsas ki, oh my god, Harman such a good person, getting him soumya still dumb and selfish, I can’t stand soumya anymore, but I’m watching it for Vivian, kamya for their faboulus acting. Or else I would quit the show way too early, how can anyone like selfish as this soumya, omg I’m fed up with her, I hope presto please take ur son home along with soumya, because if something happens to Harman, soumya will search another person as her wall(rakshak) or surbhi is already there, but u will loose ur son who is completely pagal after that selfish, dumb soumya. Please take him he even if u have to accept soumya too.

  11. @Jessica I don’t know. Is it working?

    1. Maybe it is… Hehe

  12. Next harman to perform stunt with dogs OHH that’s enough why he is putting his life in danger for someone who knows nothing other than crying, fearing,praying and totally astitva less.

  13. Really this show is going to build vivian’s career more strong as now a days shakti has totally become hero centric where heroine is a fearful and nothing like creature. This is different from madhubala ek ishq ek junoon where vivian and drasti shares equal popularity as madhu is strong and fearless but shakti stars the only popular vivian dsena

    1. Jarman please don’t do this, soumya doesn’t deserve this. Stop this all…. Please

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