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Shakti 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe asking Mahinder to let Surbhi go with Nimmi and says you will have more children once you remarry. Mahinder says no, Surbhi is my child and I won’t let her go with Nimmi. If Nimmi wants to go then she can go without Surbhi. Nimmi packs her stuff. Biji says it is not easy to take this decision. Nimmi says I would have taken this decision long ago. Soumya asks what? Bebe asks Surbhi to brush her teeth. Mahinder asks Surbhi to sit on his back, but she is still standing. Mahinder asks what happened? Surbhi brushes her teeth. Mahinder asks what happened? Don’t you want to sit on my shoulder. Surbhi says no. Mahinder says you are my ego? Surbhi says I don’t want to sit and goes. Bebe asks Mahinder what happened to Surbhi. Nimmi makes her daughters’ ready and asks them to come.

Nimmi gives jewellery back to Bebe and says it is given by you people and also my biji which she gave for my marriage, may be it will compensate for the money which you people have spent on me. She tells Bebe that she was very much hurt to know that she has supported Mahinder in his attempt to kill soumya. She says you are a mum and can’t understand a woman’s pain. She apologizes and asks Biji to come.

Bebe looks on. Mahinder stands infront of Nimmi and says Surbhi will not go from this house. Nimmi asks him to leave from her way and says we three will leave from here. Mahinder says you will not agree like this and forcibly takes Surbhi from her. Nimmi says you can’t snatch my daughter and threatens to go to police. Bebe says you are taking Surbhi forcibly from here. Mahinder says why do you want to take Surbhi as you loves only your Soumya. He says even court will ask the children, with which parent they want to stay. He questions Surbhi and asks her to tell. Surbhi says I want to stay with mum shocking Mahinder. Nimmi and Biji smiles happily. Bebe says they have taught Surbhi all night. Biji asks them to give Surbhi to them. Bebe argues with her. Mahinder says you will not get Surbhi and asks her to go.

Soumya says I want to stay with Papa ji….Bebe asks what you said just now. Biji asks her to move and asks Soumya to tell. Nimmi asks what happened? Did you say something. Soumya says I want to stay with Papa ji, shocking Nimmi and others. Biji asks Mahinder to see Soumya’s heart and says she has suffered so much because of you, and then also want to stay with you. Bebe asks Mahinder not to come in her talks and says Nimmi and her mum must have taught the girls to say this. Soumya and Surbhi go and hide under the sarees kept for drying. Surbhi picks her eye lash and asks her to pray. Soumya prays that Papa ji and maa should stay together and never fight and blows on it. It falls near there. Surbhi says we will bring here. Soumya says may be they will end their fight here. They are still hiding.

Nimmi thinks where did they go and searches for them. Mahinder asks Bebe, why do Soumya wants to stay with me? Bebe says she has an idea to use Soumya’s decision in their favor to deal with Nimmi and Biji. Soumya and Surbhi are seen in the saree hut..Nimmi comes and asks them to come with her. Surbhi says we will stay in our new house together and will not go anywhere. Bebe tells Nimmi that as Soumya wants to stay with Mahinder, he will stay with me. He takes Soumya in his lap. Nimmi tells that she is understanding their plan and asks them to leave Soumya. Surbhi asks Nimmi to let Soumya stay with Mahinder. Nimmi shouts at her. Bebe fills Surbhi ears against Nimmi. Mahinder takes Soumya to room and closes it. Mahinder tells Nimmi that he will take care of her now, and will do everything which her mum didn’t let him do.

Nimmi says she is a kid and asks Mahinder to stay away from her. Mahinder holds Soumya’s neck. Surbhi asks Nimmi why she is scared and says Papa ji will love Soumya. Nimmi cries. Bebe tells Surbhi not to worry and says you knows her well naa. She tells your mum just needs Soumya and is just acting to take you. Bebe continues to fill Surbhi’s ears. Biji argues with her and asks her not to snatch Nimmi’s right. She says Nimmi is bahu of this house and if she is not allowed to take both of her daughters then she will stay here. Bebe says okay and marks a line on the floor dividing the house into two. Bebe asks Nimmi to take her right and says I have marked the line. Now this house is divided into two, you, Surbhi and your mum will stay at other side, and we will stay with Soumya here. We will not cross the line and meet each other.

Mahinder asks Soumya to have jalebis, and calls Nimmi. He asks Soumya to tell Nimmi that he will be taking her to meet chudail. Nimmi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode but hate that maninder.

  2. I hope nothing bad will happen to Soumya…………I wish Nimmi could take both her daughters with her…and I hope that Mahinder and his mom won’t turn Surbi against Soumya………..when’ll the story take leap ???????? and who is going to be the female lead of Vivian ???????????? Soumya or Surbi ????????? Is Soumya really a transgender???????????? I hope not………………….

    1. Soumya is Rubina dilaik n she is d one who will pair for Vivian

  3. No soumya is not transgender. She is a inters*x. Inters*x are completely different from transgender. That’s the only way love triangle is possible..

  4. I think u r right manali. How can a transgender be identified in birth itself.

  5. The reason for hatred may be something ,how could you sure about her being a ttasgender or inters*x.

  6. Bcz according to makers this movie is inspired from daramyan the beginning and bol(pakistani movie).. In bol there was a boy who was a transgender and in daramyan sharukh played the character of inters*x..

  7. Sorry movie is Darmiyaan: in. Between

  8. Shahrukh Khan was originally slated to play the role of inters*x, finally essayed by Arif Zakaria.

  9. oh god what v is this they are killing our patience…

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