Shakti 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya to Land in Biggest Trouble

Shakti 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman coming to Soumya and says he wants to give her gift. He asks her to close her eyes. Soumya closes eyes. Harman shows her bangles. She opens her eyes and gets glad. Harman makes her wear bangles. Tu Hi Mera Khuda Plays……He kisses on her hands. He says this is not bangles, but my trust. I am sure you will keep it safe always and will never get dim. He says when you wears these bangles, then my heart beat will increase with its sound, and asks her keep it safe like it is their relation. He says whenever you see it, think that Harman Singh loves her a lot. Soumya says even your Gulabo loves you a lot. Harman says there is something special in these bangles. Soumya asks about Aditya. Harman says that man is searching Aditya and says very soon he will be found and will call

you mummy and will call me Harman Singh. Preeto comes and asks what he will call me. Harman says Preeto. Shanno says I hope your grand son shall be accepted by Harak Singh. She says Harman’s family will be completed then.

Surbhi is going to office. Varun asks her to come with him for outing. Surbhi says we can go on Sunday. Varun asks if you are taunting me. Surbhi says when did I say. He says I will drop you to office. Surbhi says she is already late and goes. Bebe asks him not to feel bad and says she is same since childhood. Nani says I will make tea for you.

Soumya meets Nani and tells her that she wants to do puja of kinnars God. She says she loves Harman and wants him to be her life partner in all births. Nani asks her to do puja if she wants.

Veeran calls Shanno and asks for tea. Shanno gives him tea. Shanno tells Raavi that Preeto and Harak Singh went to temple, it seems they will take rounds and come. Raavi says it is good. Harman comes home and asks where is Soumya? Preeto says she didn’t go with them. Nani comes there and tells that Soumya went to get medicine for her. Shanno thinks Soumya will be ruined now and she will lose all her relations, and you will be responsible.

Surbhi is in the office. Her colleagues talk to her. Surbhi attends the call. Varun tries to talk to her, when her colleague comes and snatches phone from her hand and asks Varun if he don’t have manners. Surbhi gets tensed and asks what is this misbehavior. He says he had already disconnected the call.

Employee comes and gives Insurance papers to Harman. Shanno thinks Soumya’s life is useless and her life is getting insured. Harman says he will get his wife’s signature when she returns. He tells Harak Singh that he wants to name new factory on Soumya’s name. Shanno gets shocked and asks Harman to name it on her son’s name.

Preeto asks Shanno not to worry and says Harman will handle Prabhal. Shanno says even Veeran worked hard. Veeran says yes. Harak Singh says mouth shall be used to eat food and not to use it. Harman says Chachi is right and gives factory to Veeran. He says Soumya is enough for him and he will build his own factory starting from zero. He says he is going to office.

Saya tells Chanda that she asked Soumya not to do puja as the kinnars doing puja will become married for a day, but Soumya is married for life, then the kinnars doing puja have to do something which is not good. Kareena hears them and thinks that’s why she made Soumya decide to do Puja, after puja she can’t show her face to anybody.

Kareena tells Guru maa that Soumya is from their community. Purohit ties thread on her neck. Harman sees it and questions her when she returns.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. There is a Special Mahasangam in which our Charming Hero Vivian (in Red formals) is there so we must watch it….
    Harman,Ahaan and Deep, It will be super fun.
    Don’t miss it at any cost !
    Wanting that this integration should record really high and good trp ratings !
    More More power to you Vivian

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