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Shakti 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe coming to Maninder and gives him something. Maninder cuts Surbhi and Soumya’s pic. Bebe says don’t know where did Nimmi keep it. Maninder says I will throw Soumya out of pics too. Beeji comes and asks why you are cutting pic, it is inauspicious. Bebe says it is not inauspicious as they are cutting the pics of a person who do not exist. Surbhi brings Nimmi home. They see Nimmi having injury on her head with bandage. Beeji gets worried. Surbhi asks her not to worry and says wound is not deep. Beeji says why Nimmi is sad? Nimmi cries and says Soumya is gone. Beeji asks where did she go? Maninder says Soumya got what was destined in her life. Surbhi says I knew you are a bad father, but I didn’t know that you are a cheap person too. She asks him to celebrate if he wants

and says they will bring Soumya back. Maninder says nobody can bring Soumya back from where she is gone, I want to celebrate like Diwali but stopped seeing your sad faces. Surbhi asks can’t you see Nimmi’s condition. Maninder says your mum is responsible for her own condition. He says Preeto is far better than you people and says she shook hands with me, and sent Soumya to the place, she belongs to. Nimmi asks did you send her. Maninder says yes.

Nimmi says how dare you and start beating him. Maninder asks have you gone mad? Shakti song plays….Surbhi tries to stop angry Nimmi. Maninder finally holds her hadn and picks a stick to beats her, but Surbhi stops his hand and takes stick from his hand. She warns him not to raise hand on her mummy else she will forget that he is her father. Nimmi says it is my fight, don’t come in between us. Maninder is shocked and says my daughter is saying this. Surbhi says if a father can forget his limits then daughter too. Bebe says what I am seeing God. A daughter is raising hand on her father and feigns to cry. Beeji gives her a fitting reply. Bebe asks Maninder to come.

Shanno asks Harman to have something and says you are hungry since morning. Harman sits down to have food. Raavi serves him roti. Preeto tells Harman that Soumya went to her world and says she will be happy there. She says even if you find her, then some other Kinnar will take her away. She asks him to start her life afresh. Harak Singh says he will make Kinnar as wife and will give birth to small kids…he will make history which will be written with the gold….He says the kids will say kinnar mummy and papa came…Varun says I have a small doubt in my heart and asks how Harman will make her woman from Kinnar….Harak Singh says he is a tiger son and can do anything. He asks Varun to ask Harman. Varun asks Harman to say….Harman gets angry, gets up and throws his plate…Everyone is shocked. Harman says Harak Singh…it seems your heart have become plastic while making plastic toys, and that’s why you couldn’t feel my pain…He tells Preeto that she should have understand his promise made to Nimmi, and says I will find Soumya somehow and will handover her to her mum, may be this way I can wash away your sins. He is about to go.

Harak Singh gets up and asks Harman to stop saying I will explain to you. He says you have grown up drinking milk earned from plastic factory money. He laughs on him and says your friends might call you third gender lover…laughs again. Harman asks him to stop and says don’t tell anything, else people will regard you as a father beaten by a son. Harak Singh asks him to respect their relation. Harman says you have to bear the pain of the thorns which you have sowed. He goes.

Surbhi asks Nimmi to have something. Nimmi says I can’t eat, my Soumya must be hungry too. Beeji asks her to have food. Nimmi says I have given my life for Soumya and became her reflection, but destiny took her away from me. She says those people would have kept her for a day, and thinks about Soumya’s condition at Kinnars’ place. She says my Soumya is so innocent, will not say anything, will die in 2 days. Surbhi asks her to trust mata rani and says she has seen your tamasya and love for her, and she can’t separate you from her. She asks her to have some food. Nimmi refuses.

Harman comes to his room, sits on bed and recalls Soumya asking him to sleep on bed…a fb is shown, Harman asking her to sleep on bed silently. He couldn’t sleep on bed and sits on couch instead. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……..He imagines Soumya trying to talk to him. He says no need, asks her to sleep. He realizes, wakes up and sees her missing. He says Soumya where did you go? How are you and in which world….how to find you….gets tensed.

Kinnars’ basti is shown…the head of the kinnars Guru Maa does the puja and aarti. All Kinnars gather for the puja. She turns revealing her face. All kinnars take aarti. She comes to Soumya. Soumya is still unconscious. A kinnar sees Soumya and says she is so beautiful, yet incomplete presentation of God. How she will live with us. Guru maa says she will live just like we are living here. She gives aarti to Soumya. Soumya gains consciousness. They clap and sings Aye Banno Ayi…Soumya looks on surprised and gets worried seeing Kinnar’s community clapping strangely. She gets scared. Saya holds her hand. Soumya asks her to leave her hand and asks her to let her go to her mum and sister. Saya shouts Soumya and says now we are your mum, sister and family. She asks her to accept the fact sooner and it will be good for her. Soumya refuses to accept the fact and asks her to let her go. Saya asks her not to try to leave, and says this is your life…accept it. Soumya says I will not agree. Guru Maa calls her name and handover her ghungroos….Jag Begana song plays………..Soumya recalls Nimmi getting kataar/knife made with ghungroos. A fb is shown. Soumya looks on shockingly.

Harman meets Nimmi and asks if she came to know about Soumya. Nimmi says she is in her world and called you here to break relation with you. Harman is shocked. Kinnars bring Soumya out, make her sit on the chair…and asks her to accept her fact happily, says you are beautiful among us. They pour water on her head. Soumya is scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. harman will find her and save her

  2. Renuverma

    Thanks mam for the update

  3. pwincess pari

    Harman is realising his love for Soumya ????
    Sooo nice ??

  4. Oh! Harman’s family taunts him. OMG that to in these words. Its almost humiliation. But it is reality. In fact it is like ‘Yeh to sirf trailor hai Picture abhi baki hai mere dost’. He should be ready for this bitterness if he choose to be with Saumya. His family, friends the whole society will react like this. He need to be strong enough to fight the world for Saumya. If he had chosen to accept a raped girl that would have been a simpler task as compared to accepting a Kinner as wife. This is gonna be more interesting day by day. Beautiful story in fact bitter truth of our society.

  5. indira chatterjee

    i am so busy, but interested in shakti serial, so thanks telly updates.

  6. Don’t worry harman.criticism is always behind d good doing ..but don’t let ur love down .get soumya back ..

  7. Don’t worry harman.criticism is always behind d good doing ..but don’t let ur love down .get soumya back ..face d world

  8. Angelk1

    I love harmen family… Their different from the usual indian drama family. But poor soumya i keep crying seeing her in this situation. I dont want her to loose the innocence. But she will probably be more outspoken with her new avatar

  9. Hurry up Harman.. save her.

  10. Harman should not accept to break his relationship with sowmya because sowmya his harman s first love at any cost Harman will not forget sowmya he will save her and live his life with her.

  11. Harman what are you doing.sowmya is waiting for you she is loving you she trust you. that you will come and save her.Harman sowmya wrote a letter for you read soon the letter and feel her love and live your life for your love.everyone is thinking that your love is ended.Harman give a sprit to your love prove that your love is strong be an example for this society. I love Harman s acting

  12. Every episod touch me so hardly….the story about kinnar is really teach us something…

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