Shakti 8th September 2016 Analysis


Shakti 8th September 2016. Written Updates on com

The episode starts with Nimmi and Surbhi coming inside. Bebe asks them what happened.
Surbhi tells her that it’s a short cut. Nimmi cries
and says Soumya…………… Nimmi asks where
she went? Mahender tells God doesn’t hep the people who are wrong. Surbhi and Mahender
have an argument. Nimmi says that means you
took Soumya? Mahender tells yes. Nimmi beats
him with stick. When he was going to slap her,Surbhi comes in between and tells didnt touch my mother or else I will forget you are my
father. Nimmi asks her not to interfare.
Mahender tells you are going against your father? Surbhi tells if he will say that things she
will also forget he is her father. Bebe starts her
drama and tells why didn’t she die beofre seeing
this day. She then asks Mahender to come to room.

Chachi ji calls Harman to have breakfast.
Harman nods yes. Preeto tells that if he brings her back,again a kinner will take her and asks
him to move ahead. Varun asks Harak Singh
that how will be make Soumya a woman?
Harman throws the plate and tells them that by
making plastic toys. Their hearts are also now
plastic. He tells Preeto that you are a mother
and then how can you leave your son like this
and tells he will bring her back. Harak singh tells our hearts aren’t plastic and tells him something
and laughs. Harman tells these relantions hips
are now not together.

Surbhi asks Nimmi to eat food and says you are hungry from morning. Nimmi tells I provided my
full life to Somu. Protected her but the truth
came out and how will they keep her? She is so innocent. Surbhi tells you belive in God. He will not let you and Soumya separate.

At night Harman thinks of his and Soumya’s moments and imagines her there. She asks him
that she wants to ask him something. He then
realises it was his imagination. He thinks where you went and how will I find you?

Some people are seen dancing at the morning
and watering the plants and doing morning aarti. The lady who has been doing the arti turns and recalls her face and everyone taker
arti. She then goes to the room and wonders
she is so beautiful among us. How will she live? Saya tells as we were living. The lady then gives arti to Soumya and tells she is getting awake.
They all take black eye from her. She tries to run but Saya holds her hand. Soumya request her to leave her and Saya shouts. She tells now we are your sisters and mothers. Better you accept this soon. Soumya shouts and tells I will not accept and shouts her to leave her. Saya tells I will not leave you. A lady holds her hands. Nasiba song plays.And gives her a thing to wear in legs. She recalls Nimmi giving this thing to a man in childhood childhood and asks to make katar.

Harman asks Nimmi where is Soumya? She replies she is in her world and wants to break ties with you. The ladies ask her accept herself and pours water on her.

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    The update should be exact happen in serial …. Y sooo short ????
    Plzzzzz dun make it as summary ???

  4. Poor soumya….y it is happening with her man…but i hope that soon harman will find her…Anyways i luv Rubina, she is one of my fav actress….Luv u Souman….

  5. I am very thankful for the update.But this time it was very short and so much important ideas are not mentioned.

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