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The Episode starts with Harman looking angrily at Rani and Raveena. Saya slaps her hard. Raveena asks her to leave else they will slap her back. Saya asks how can you treat Soumya like this. Harman says if something happens to Soumya then I will not leave you both. Raveena and Rani ask what is the proof you have that we had kidnapped her. She says we will give you clue, and says Soumya will be sent to Delhi today and then out of country. Rani says let this Harman search for Soumya. Soumya is in the car. Goon gets a call from someone, and he asks the other goon that they have to take a public transport. He says we will change your life so that your family will not identify you. Mahi tells Preeto that Harman is not in your hand, then why did you promise that Harman will accept me as his wife. Shanno asks

what you are saying? Mahi says he has to return and marry me, else you people will be responsible for my condition. She says I won’t leave anyone. Shanno tries to calm her down and says once Harman returns, we will get you married to him. Don’t worry. Preeto gets angry and throws the things.

Harman asks Surbhi to get down the car and says I will tell you why? Surbhi, Harman and Saya get down the car. Surbhi says we can’t waste time. Harman says we have to take public transport as Harak Singh must have sent police after me. He says journey is going to be difficult. He asks Saya to bring clothes for them as they can’t stay in marriage clothes for long. Saya says she will bring clothes and asks them to stay there itself. Surbhi asks Harman if they will be able to find her. Harman tells her that Soumya is his friend and nobody has right on her. Goons make Soumya wear burqa and take her in the bus.

Harak Singh scolds the Inspector. Inspector says we will find him. Harak Singh says I want that lafandar right infront of me, and your time starts now. Inspector thinks he is grinded between father and son. Harman, Surbhi and Saya take lift from a truck after they change clothes. The truck stops at police checkpost. Driver of the truck informs Harman about the checking and asks them to get down fast. Harman, Saya and Surbhi get down from the truck. Police team get inside the car and look for Harman. Soumya tries to alert the police, but goon stops her and holds her hand tightly. He tells Inspector that she is his wife and he is taking her to Delhi for treatment.

Harman tells Surbhi and Saya that Harak Singh made the police search for him, and says they have to be careful. They get on the same bus in which Soumya is travelling. Soumya thinks about Nimmi and thinks once again these people made me far from you. She ties her hand and thinks I am sure your love and care will not let me go far from you. Harman, Surbhi and Saya don’t see her. Varun comes to Mahi and asks do you want to eat anything. Mahi refuses. Varun says Harman did wrong with you and says he doesn’t listen to anyone and listens to his heart only. He says his character is left and right, and says I tried to make him understand, but he didn’t listen.

Nimmi hears someone coming and comes out. Preeto comes there, holds Nimmi’s hand. She gives her phone and asks Nimmi to call Soumya and asks her to send Harman back. She says my son has already ruined his life behind your kinnar daughter and yells at her. Nimmi says I didn’t know how Soumya’s kidnapping news known to him. She says I don’t want Harman to get involved in this matter. Preeto says that’s why I had sent her to Kinnar world. She blames Nimmi for keeping Soumya with her when she was born. Nimmi asks how can you say this being a mum. She says I just know that two woman came and kidnap Soumya. You can meet your son, but I can’t. Preeto blames Nimmi further and says that means Rani and Raveena have kidnapped her, and says your daughter couldn’t mingle with her people because of you. She says Rani and Raveena have planned to send Soumya to other country. Nimmi is shocked hearing this.

Nimmi says you will never find her back and tells that Rani and Raveena came and threatened to her, but she asked them to go. She says Soumya is not in Bhatinda and went far. Nimmi cries. Preeti says I am feeling bad for you, but you was always wrong and Maninder was right. Whatever he would have done, was for everyone’s betterment. She says Saya was good than you, who wanted to keep Soumya with her happily, but Soumya couldn’t adjust because of you. She says Soumya is not a woman, so her respect will not be ruined. She will dance and earn her livelihood. She says I am feeling pity on you as you couldn’t do anything for her. She says you are responsible for her condition. She says Soumya’s life is ruined because of you and blames Nimmi. She says Soumya will never come back and asks her to get Surbhi married. Nimmi hears her words and is shocked.

Nimmi gets a heart attack and tells Maninder and Bebe that she wanted them to accept Soumya, but it was her mistake. She dies in Beeji’s arms. Maninder is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Want more Harman and Soumya scenes!

  2. very interesting… but feeling sad for nimmi….

  3. So sad precap ? A new chapter in Saumyas life will now start I guess ? Now Saumya will have to stand for herself and prove her shakti ?

  4. Angelk1

    Poor nimmi. Preeto have the nerve. Everything she blames soumya. Why dont you control your son , instead of preeching about nimmi not being a good parent.

  5. Oh god why making nimmy die. She was a backbone to soumya

  6. Episode – 122
    08:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 09 Nov Set Alert
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    Saumya is taken to a farmhouse and is asked to stay with the other girls. Later, Saaya orders Surbhi to change her clothes and wear shorter ones.
    Episode – 123
    08:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 10 Nov Set Alert
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    Saumya scares everyone and tells them that she will jump from the place. Later, Surbhi rushes to help her as she is about to fall down.

  7. Omg so sad Nimmi died oh Noooo! This is all Preeto fault. Preeto doesn’t feel for Somu as she herself don’t know what it means to have a child Harman was given to her this is very sad terrible. I hope Harman finds out

  8. Negative characters r increasing day by day in the serial. Mahi is going to take revenge sowmya itseems

  9. Its hard to miss nimmi. Hate preetos character she don’t deserve to be a mother.

  10. until now harman still can’t reliase his love, it’s only friendship. even harman can’t accept so who will?

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