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Shakti 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya hugging Nani. Surbhi gives Goddess idol and asks her to keep in her house. Saya asks her to keep clothes and utensils thinking it as their blessings. Harman signs Soumya to take it. Soumya takes it. Harman says we would have got it before, then I wouldn’t have made food. Surbhi says they will eat grah pravesh Prasad. Soumya gets tensed. Saya says we don’t want 56 bhogs. Harman says you got poor father in law. They have bati. Surbhi asks who made it? Soumya says Harman. Harman says everyone becomes her ghulaam except my family. Nani asks them to live together.

Kareena, Rani, Raveena, Maninder and Bebe are sitting with Harak Singh and Preeto. Preeto is angry at Soumya and curses the day Harman met her. Maninder is also upset. Harak Singh says he has never seen such love

story before. Kareena says she is not alone, Saya is with her. Preeto says kill her…Maninder says she said right and tells that he tried many times to kill her. Preeto asks him to stop it and asks everyone to do arrangements to kill Soumya. Surbhi tells Soumya that they used to make their home and kitchen in their childhood and says Harman has fulfilled your dream and I am sure that he will bring Aditya back. Soumya and Surbhi hug each other. Nani and Saya get emotional. Harman tells that hut is looking like a house now as they have come. Saya says she is proud of him. Harman says I wouldn’t have agreed to Soumya and would have brought Aditya home that day. He tells that he saw Soumya happy last time with Aditya. Saya says we will get our Aditya back one day.

Next day, Harman says everyone left. Soumya thinks what to make. She recalls childhood incident and makes meethi baati. She tells him that only rice and sugar was left so she could make this only. Harman says breakfast is good and says he is proud and thankful to God for giving him wife like her. He have it and makes Soumya also have it.

At Maninder house, Bebe tries to feed food to Maninder. Maninder refuses and says he can’t have anything. Surbhi comes home and asks we were not roaming. Bebe asks where are you? Surbhi tells that they went to Harman and Soumya’s house, although their house is not pucca like them, but it was a home. She tells that Soumya had a peaceful sleep yesterday. Bebe tells Maninder that they have to control their mouths now.

Soumya insists to come with him for work. Harman refuses and asks her to stay at home. He asks her to smile . Soumya makes him have sugar. He leaves. Tu Hi mera khuda plays….

Shanno brings tea for Viren. Viren asks why did you bring it here. Shanno says nobody cares for each other now, and are selfish, thinks about themselves. She asks him to have tea and worry about himself.

Harak Singh asks Preeto to have tea atleast else you will get headache. Preeto tells that she don’t know what to do. She says with whatever decision we have taken, we will get our son, but will not get happy Harman. She thinks to go away from the house. Raavi and Balwinder comes there. Harak Singh says you are my strength and tigress, I can’t see tears in your eyes, asks her not to cry. Raavi comes and asks her not to cry, says I know you loves Harman much. Balwinder asks her to have tea. Preeto takes tea.

Harman is searching for job. A labour sees him and asks him to come for work. Harman recalls seeing Kishan Lal there, and refuses to work there. Labour tells that big people and their big tantrums, he can’t work. Harman searches job, but is declined.

Soumya is worried about Soumya and comes out. Some goons tease her. Ayushman comes there. Later Harman performs the stunt and falls down from the bike.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Congrats to everyone,SHAKTI ASTITVA KE EHSAAS KI completes 250 episodes SUCCESSFULLY…Hoping for more milestones… HAPPY to have Vivian as a part of this show….

  2. I can’t imgine future about our haya.?????

  3. Omgggggg !!!! Wat Preeto’s plan now ??? I am sooo afraid ???

  4. Preeto has totally lost it now ?????

  5. Epi was gud…i dont knw why when surbhi herself loves her sis soo much nd says that her sis is pure at heart and also she dont have any problem with her life then also soo many people blame and hate somya for surbhis condition… Nd yeah for todays episode all villains hav joined their hands now.. Dont knw why so called mother preeto is nw going to kill somya.. What will happen now? Js hope for the best as positivity is less than negativity

  6. I know that preeto’s pain as a mother is right but killing saumya is not a conclusion at all. I think she should try to convince harman.

  7. Harman has already reached film set, now I think he is soon going to become superstar RK (AAHAN) ,but l know nothing like this is going to happen. CONGRATULATIONS to entire shakti team for completing 250 episodes, special congrats to VIVIAN (my hero),roshni and kamya. Rashmi sharma man is doing a fabulous job by creating such a social drama but man you need to do more work on the character saumya (the becheri one).

  8. Don’t feel like commenting today…just like that. This serial is not worth commenting.

    1. I hope soumya still just showing that bechariness again, its not worth commenting, y don’t soumya understand this to complete herself, she making Harman incomplete, he is not completely happy with her leaving his family behind. Anyways in my view she is much selfish person I have ever seen. No offence for this, I don’t want to explain anything to anyone

      1. Well said Sandy ✌️

  9. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Rubina is fabulous she is doing best acting i like her chemistry with Vivian

  10. I too find rubina fab. The adverse remarks are totally unwarranted. She’s enacting the role the script writers have written. So please lash out at the writers and not her. Why blame her for a decision surbhi made

    1. your silver lining

      Blaming or bashing a character obviously means that its for the writers, not actors…

  11. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Surprise Harman Saumya ke saath happy hain ki nahi woh Harman ki jagah dusre nakki karenge Wow!! Aur agar woh uskey saath rehke gayi kar raha hain to woh uski life hain usko right hain gayi karane kaal woh kisi ka gulam hain?

  12. Prachi Mehta Durkaal


  13. your silver lining

    Just few words for today’s episode- a very good, different and bold show has lost its charm…the feeling of uniqueness does not exist any more…?

    1. Well said Silver ✌️

  14. Good epi, as harman said that many evil eyes surround their love and he always love her, the problem is not them but people around

  15. @Jessica for you –

    Ek Dard Chhupa Ho Seene Me Muskan Adhoori Lagti Hai,
    Na Jaane Kyun Bin Tere… Har Shaam Adhoori Lagti Hai.

    1. Are you flirting with me?

  16. when people around consider this serial as crap then they shudnot waste their valuable time commenting nd watching it… There are many serials on different channels which can match their taste..

  17. Happy for shakti reaches 250 episodes. Congrats to whole cast nd especially VIV nd RUBY for ur superb performance vth ur superb chemistry. Actually soumya haters r hating RUBINA that’s y only they r always bashing soumya char nd praising that surbhi char unnecessarily .Even in d show char surbhi has no problem about her life then y some ppl r showing so much concern on surbhi? Agree with Sammy,prachy,nita nd shanaya comments.

    1. Hope harman nd somya always live together without anyone interference

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