Shakti 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman misses Soumya, gets pressurize by Jeet’s condition

Shakti 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer’s mum asking Soumya to have juice. Soumya says she has kept nirjala fast today. Sameer’s mum says you can drink this juice. Soumya says she has trust on this fast and that’s why I will not drink or eat anything. Sameer thinks her truthfulness made him love her and one day he will realize that how crazily he loves her. He tells Soumya that he went to her house and took everyone’s pics. He shows the pics. Soumya gets happy seeing everyone’s pics, but get sad looking at Jasleen and Harman’s pic. Sameer tells her that Jasleen took Harman to room as she was keeping fast and tells that even Harman was roaming around her like a top/latthu. Soumya goes to her room. Sameer tells his mum that Jasleen didn’t keep any fast for Harman and tells that he lied to Soumya for

her betterment and Harman can’t love her more than him. Sameer’s mum says maybe you are right and tells that the pain which we gave her now will work as an ointment for her later on. Harman wouldn’t have left her helpless if he really loved her and says Soumya’s heart need to break and let her cry so that she can think of a future with you.

Veeran shows gold chain to Shanno. Shanno gets happy and tells that although she fights with him, beats him etc, but loves him very much. She says you are a good husband. Veeran gets happy and hugs her. Jeet asks Raavi to trust him once and tells that he want to be with her forever. Raavi asks him not to leave her else she will be ruined. Jeet tells that once Harman marries Jasleen, they will shift to Canada. Harman returns home. Jeet asks why did you get late? Harman says my car brakes failed. Preeto asks if something happened to you. Harman says Soumya has kept fast for me and asks how anything can happen to him. A FB is shown, Soumya brings food for him on last vrat savitri puja. Harman tells that he can’t eat food. Soumya asks did you keep fast? Harman says no and says I don’t keep fast. Soumya says why is he hiding and says she is lucky to have him who loves her even after knowing her truth. She says she will keep all the fast so that she can give him all happiness to him in next birth. Harman says you are complete woman for me even now. Soumya thinks Harman must have kept fast for Jasleen and prays for him.

Jasleen asks Harman if he is fine. Shanno asks him if he doesn’t agree with Jeet’s saying then people will tell that bahu is a kinnar and beti is characterless. Preeto says they will also tell that Veeran’s wife is a naagin and doesn’t have any loyalty for anyone. Shanno says Veeran has no respect in society, but if Bhai saheb’s respect is gone then what will happen. Veeran asks Harman to agree. Harman refuses to agree. Preeto asks Harman not to bend down in front of Jeet’s condition and says we will face the storm together. She thinks to talk to Surbhi. Sameer asks Soumya not to cry and asks her to open the door. He says I promise that I will not give you Harman’s news. Soumya opens the door. Sameer tells that I will give you Harman’s news and says you felt peace listening to him. Sameer’s mum says we shall go out and have dinner outside. Sameer asks her to ask Soumya first.

Preeto, Surbhi, Nani, Harman, and Jasleen meet in the house. Preeto tells that she is sure that harak Singh will not let Raavi’s respect be ruined and says we shall not be scared of Jeet’s threats. Jasleen says why Jeet will agree and says he is very stubborn. Preeto says if Harak Singh gets angry then he will lock Jeet in the room. Surbhi says we have to take care of Raavi. Harman says I can’t take a step which will ruin Raavi’s life and when he meets Soumya, she will tell that I should have thought about Raavi. He says I can’t marry, but how to save Raavi. Raavi asks Jeet if Harman doesn’t marry Jasleen then..? Jeet says then I have to tell truth to everyone, but promises not to let anything happen to her.

Sameer and his mum along with Soumya come to Dhaba. He brings food for them and says if Soumya would have been in Harman’s house then he would have taken her to a big restaurant. He says I brought food plates so that she feels good. Soumya is sad. Sameer asks her to have food for Harman. His mum also asks her to have food.

Harman worries for Soumya and thinks don’t know if she breaks her fast or not. He calls Sameer and tells that Soumya is in your city, I want to tell you about my feelings. He says on this day, we used to go out and have food and then she used to breakfast with my hand. Sameer keeps a hand on the mobile and asks his mum to break her fast. Soumya drinks water. Sameer asks him to think that he has broken her fast and says she will soon be found. He thinks Harman shall break her fast in dreams as she will keep all fast for him in the future and breakfast with his hand.

Preeto tells Jeet that he can do whatever he wants to do. Jeet says I have to do all those things which I don’t want to do. Harman and Jasleen come in marriage clothes. Harman says nobody have to do anything. Raavi gets happy seeing them as a married couple.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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