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The Episode starts with Nimmi telling Mahinder that they will go together and find out about the owner of the stolen jeep. Bebe asks Mahinder to go with Nimmi and says we shall know what she comes to know. Mahinder says he will confuse Nimmi and she will never come to know that he is behind the conspiracy. Nimmi tells Nani that she is going out and asks her to take care of her daughters. Nani says she will. Nimmi recalls Surbhi is upset with her and tries to speak to her, but she is still upset. Soumya asks Surbhi to forgive mum else she will do sits ups. Nimmi says I will do also. Surbhi smiles and hugs her.. Nimmi hugs her too. Bebe asks Surbhi to enjoy mother’s love which is seasonal. Mahinder asks Nimmi to come. They go to the address which is written on the chit. The owner asks them to sit and asks

what is the matter? Nimmi tells him everything about his stolen car. The man says this car was stolen and I filed FIR also of the same. He gives FIR copy of the complaint.

Nimmi and Mahinder check FIR. Owner calls tea seller and asks him to serve tea to them. Tea seller serves tea to them. Owner gives him 500 Rs note on which Soumya had drawn the sketch. Tea seller says I don’t have change. Nimmi says I have and takes that note from him, as she sees the sketch. Mahinder spills his tea and gets up. Surbhi and Soumya are playing. Mahinder and Nimmi return home. Mahinder says nothing. We didn’t get any info and came empty handed. Nimmi asks Mahinder to come to room and says she wants to talk to him. Once he goes inside, Nimmi slaps him. Mahinder is shocked and is about to slap her back, but Nimmi shows the note and asks what is this? Mahinder says I don’t know anything. Nimmi says your daughter soumya have drawn the sketch. She says I got this from Indrajeet and asks what it was doing with him. Mahinder says how do I know? Mahinder asks how can you slap your husband being a woman. Nimmi says I am a mother also and says I will not leave you. It was good that you showed your real face, then it won’t be difficult for me to take a decision. Mahinder asks what? Nimmi says I will not stay in this house even for a moment. She goes out and asks Nani to come. She asks Surbhi to come with her along with Soumya. Mahinder stops Nimmi and says you can’t take Surbhi with you.

Nimmi says I will see who will stop me. She takes the girls to room. Mahinder apologizes and accepts his crime, and asks her to forget. Nimmi refuses to forgive him. Nani asks what happened? Bebe says she is getting attacks now and calls her inauspicious. Nani asks Nimmi what happened? Nimmi says she thought to save Soumya from outsiders, but was unaware of her husband’s doings. She says he gave money to kidnapped my daughter, he is not a father, but a butcher. She says I bear their torture, and never thought that he will try to kill his daughter again. Mahinder asks her if she has seen him. Surbhi and Soumya takes their dad and mum’s side respectively. Surbhi asks why they are fighting, and says we will fight like them. Surbhi acts like Mahinder and tells his dialogues. Nimmi tells Mahinder that she knows how he was smiling when Soumya was kidnapped. Soumya says did you ever take Soumya with you outside.

Surbhi says you are a bad mum. Soumya says okay, I will become a good maa, and you have to become a good papa. Surbhi says okay, papa will play with Soumya and says it will be fun now. Mahinder says what I did was right? Nimmi says what was right, kidnapping and hatred for Nimmi. Bebe shouts and says they were cleaning the grass grown in their garden. Nimmi cries and says they think my daughter is like grass. She refuses to stay in the house anymore. Mahinder asks where do you want to go? Bebe tells Nani that how Nimmi will manage alone and talks about reputation. Nani says she is proud of her daughter. Nimmi declares that she will raise both her daughter well, and asks Mahinder and Bebe to leave the house as she is the one who took house on rent. Bebe argues with Nimmi. Nimmi asks for divorce.

Nani tells Nimmi to come inside and asks her not to say anything more. Mahinder says she has gone mad. They go inside and see Soumya and Surbhi sleeping holding hands. Nimmi tells Nani that Mahinder wants to separate her daughters. They make them sleep on bed. Nani asks Nimmi to do whatever you think is right. Nimmi cries hugging her.

Bebe asks Mahinder to let Nimmi go. She says it is good that she asked for divorce, and says I will get you remarry again. She says I can’t raise Surbhi alone and don’t know how your new wife will treat her, so it will be better if you let Surbhi go with Nimmi. You are young, and will have more kids. Mahinder agrees.

Mahinder asks Surbhi to tell with whom she wants to stay? Surbhi says mummy and Soumya says Papa shocking them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Why this soumya wants to stay with this stupid mahindar?? Anyways. Nice slap to him!!

  2. Good episode yaar but why did soumya said she will live with papa.

  3. Yeah becoz she want her fathers love…nice episode

  4. Kim Ha Ra( 김 하라)

    Soumya probably was reprimanded by her father or instructed to say so so that the parents won’t divorce

  5. i think soumya is a daugter of maninder illegitimate

  6. I think soumya is a transgander..bcz the hand of d veil kidnapper was lyk some male’s hand…even wen she was unconscious they said they CNT call doc…

    1. You mean soumya is transgender.

  7. I mean transgender

  8. Surbhi aka tasheen is damn cute. Just love her and her acting..

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