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Shakti 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking his chacha to make Preeto understand to accept Soumya, else dad will get angry. Chacha asks Preeto to agree. Preeto says he must be busy with his friends. Harak Singh is seen sitting with his friends and they praise him for getting his son married to Soumya for saving her respect. Chacha’s daughter asks him about Harman’s marriage. His wife asks why didn’t you tell her. He asks her to keep quiet.

Maninder meets Saya and says this time there will be no mistake as I will do it myself. He says Nimmi didn’t agree and that’s why you have to help me. Do as I ask you. I will make you enter my home. He says you won’t take Soumya, but she will come with you with her wish as you will tell her the truth. He asks her if she will tell and asks her to tell. He says

I will be relieved with this truth now. He says Soumya will not have any relation with us or home.

All the neighbors come to Maninder house and asks why the environment is silent and why there is no dhol playing. Surbhi says dhol will play. Surbhi dances with everyone happily while the song Banno Tera…..Nimmi looks at Soumya. Soumya smiles. Nimmi asks Bebe, why did you call them. Bebe says I didn’t call them. Maninder comes and says he has called them. Nimmi asks why you are doing drama. Bebe asks what do you want? Why you are arguing with him and asks her to bring tea and snacks for the guests. Biji asks Nimmi to smile and take care for sometime. Nimmi says she can’t until Soumya’s bidaai happens. Surbhi brings Soumya for dance. Maninder also joins. Saya enters with the guest women. Maninder nods….and signs Bebe to see Saya. Bebe and Maninder smiles looking at each other.

Preeto is angry looking at the marriage arrangements and calls someone asking him to come and cancel Harman’s marriage. Harman’s little sis asks him to come and have haldi applied on his face. Preeto asks the man to come else she will die. Soumya sits down for her haldi ritual. Nimmi sits to apply haldi on her face and recalls Soumya and Surbhi playing bride game in the childhood. Shakti Song plays in the background. Saya looks at Soumya. Soumya is happy as everyone applies haldi on her face and hands. Harman asks his family to do the haldi rasam and let him go. A guest asks them to call Preeto as she will start the rasam. Harman’s sister says she will not come after the insult. She herself goes to apply haldi on his face. Nimmi gets shocked seeing Saya about to haldi on Soumya’s face, and stops her by holding her hand. Everyone is shocked.

Saya tells Soumya that few people shouldn’t marry as they are meant for the other world. Soumya is confused and asks what she means?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what other world? This tension is killing me. I wonder if it’s something supernatural.

  2. is soumaya supernatural

  3. now I feel its something to do with superstition. ..I think they have put some tattoo (mohar) on soumya’s body. . identifying them to become something I too don’t know what lol..

    1. Or maybe she’s born with male genitials?

      1. It can’t be Kiran. If that is the case, Saumya wouldn’t be so confused or ignorant about her situation!!!

  4. Wish that mystery might be solved tmrw .and their marriage happens

  5. Agar soumya transgender hai toa unki alag duniya kaise ho sakti hai

  6. I think it will take another month fir their wedding…

  7. What does kinner mean?

    1. Transgender hijda enuc

  8. Hii ppss here!!
    For 1% only if soumya is from category … She herself would be knowing it no?
    As trans ppl have thoda diff behavior..
    Wat if she is infertile or smthg..mtlb medically some prblm is der..
    What say?

    1. its real possibility. .. but efficiency of her reproductive system can’t be known at birth. …
      It’s something supernatural thing I think. .. .

      in ydays episode Even harman was saying it feels like she is not from this world(he was admiring her though). .. God knows what’s that another world mean

      1. I too think that she is supernatural.. The same word and serial title – ‘shakti’ means power. This (serial title) have more bond with supernatural thing than transgender. And it is better if it’s something supernatural thing than transgender. Maybe I am wrong. We will see what is true, I hope that will be soon. I hate dragging..

    2. How she will know that??? She’s not educated nor she has gone out and interacted with ppl.. No one was there 2 give her knowledge about diff between male n female body… She might have thought that whatever she has is natural n is with every woman

  9. I think Harman has a brother…Preeto was talking with someone on the phone asking him to tell Harman not to marry. And now there’s another suspense – the past of Preeto and Harak Singh. Too much suspense…come on serial walas, reveal something.

  10. Oh God… !!
    Precap is soooo……. Interesting !!!!

  11. Leeneshmattoofan

    I think she is transgender!

  12. I think preeto called another chacha of harman.. initially it was told shakti is about chaacha bhateeja story. ..
    But they seemed to have brought in lot of changes anyway

  13. I think she isn’t a transgender but related to some other superstitious world… I doubt if she is really from superstitious world why her father wants to kill her??? And also he said that she is shame for his home. Soo can’t guess anything right now… We have to wait until the truth unfolds…

    1. Plzzzz jaldi reveal. Karo. Yaar

  14. Soumya is a fallen angel

  15. I’m interested to know what was the secret and hope it will revealed soon.

  16. I am just thinking…that what will happen if somya is really a transgender…is Harman’s marriage done with her sister….I am very confused..!!

  17. Kavya25

    I am confirmed saumya is inters*x…coz in one of the previous episode where saumya and surbhi were playing,and saumya was bride..nimmi asked what they are playing..Surbhi says they are playing and Soumya will become bride. Maninder laughs and asks why is she not becoming groom?..might be she having male parts or something.. And as that mask women was saying they are from other world….means a place where inters*x or transgender people are living separate from the straight people world…and that women wants saumya to be with them as she is one of them….

    1. Luvleen

      Oh jeez I really hope not! It’s so ridiculous! ?

  18. Me too if mostly if children born like that with two part they remove one and live one and for saumya she doesnt looks like that because people like that they look dfrnt.

  19. I suddenly got one idea…
    Some kids are born with umbilical chord surrounded to their neck n is considered inauspicious. .. may be soumya was born like that so they believe she is inauspicious (bebe keeps calling her apshakuni all the time)..
    so they wanted to give her to some jogans or something. ..

    if she was trans or anything y would her mom believe she may live happily with Herman? ? She would definitely know she c annot live happily. .

  20. sathyavarshini b

    I hate this type of story.vivi is romantic I want soft love story of vivian and his girl girl girl girl girl girl friend ????

  21. Hy everyone…i really hope that somya is not transgender

  22. she is transgendre

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