Shakti 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya decides to do puja for Harman

Shakti 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Preeto if the prayers are answered. Preeto says it depends on karma. Soumya says she wants to go and do Aravan god’s puja. Preeto says I don’t hate kinnars and now have relation with them because of their help. She tells that she don’t want her to do puja. Harman asks Soumya not to do puja and says he don’t want Soumya or Tarana, but just his Gulabo. He asks her to trust him and says from today we will go to office and make a new start, will spend time together. Preeto says it is good and asks Soumya to go with him. Shanno says this type of freedom is not given to any women of the house. Raavi asks if we are servants in the house. Preeto says I have changed now because of Soumya, else I would have given a strict reply to you. She says my husband never asked

me to come with him to office, and says even your husband don’t want you to come. Veeran thinks if Shanno comes to office then she will take all money from me. He tells Preeto that Soumya has doubled their sales and asks Shanno to stay at home and not to compare herself with Soumya. Preeto says Soumya’s husband trust her, but your husband don’t. Harman asks Raavi not to think that they are servants and offers help in kitchen. Shanno says she don’t need their help. Preeto asks Soumya to get ready and go to office. Raavi thinks saas and bahu’s love is increased.

Surbhi is with her colleague. He asks her to have food. Surbhi thinks he is strange. Harman and Soumya come to office. Harman asks Manager to get the name plate written as Mrs. And Mr Harman Singh. She says Soumya will handle two production projects. Manager says I am really happy today, goes and brings tea for them. Soumya takes tea and thanks Harman. Harman says we will spend time with each other now. Employee comes and says he will do their insurance of 1 crore each. Soumya asks what is the need for this. Harman says every husband do this. He gets call and tells Soumya that may be we can get our Aditya back. Soumya says lets go and search him. Harman says he will go and enquire.

Soumya thinks to talk to Saya. She comes there and says she wants to do Aravan God puja and tells that Harman and Preeto loves her a lot. She says she has to do the puja for the 7 births. Raveena and Kareena hears her. Kareena says she came to get trapped. Soumya asks Saya to talk to them and convince them. Saya says their thinking is right and I can’t talk to them. She says now you are not from this society and says even you have to follow according to their society norms. Kareena comes there and asks Soumya why did you come here if you have doubt on Saya’s decision. Raveena says we have to take Rani to hospital. Saya asks Soumya to go home. Kareena thinks their new player will be Shanno.

Raavi asks Harak Singh if Soumya can do work in office, then why can’t Balwinder. Harak singh says Balwinder is not worthy to do any work. Preeto asks her to go to her sasural and says they will give a chance to your husband. She asks her not to compare herself with Soumya or become jealous of her. Shanno thinks what will happen with her.

Kareena calls Shanno and asks her to do her work. Shanno says ok and tells Soumya that Harman is dear to her and she don’t want him to get harmed. She says we do all pujas of God, but they are busy. You have one God and asks her to do puja to be born as normal in next births. She says you shall do the puja hiding from everyone. Soumya thinks she is right and she has to do puja hiding from Harman and Preeto.

Harman gifts bangles to Soumya and makes her wear it. He tells her that this is his trust and ego and asks her to keep it safe always.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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