Shakti 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena telling Soumya that Varun came to her and told that she has become human now and asks her not to disturb her. Soumya is shocked. Kareena tells that her mum died that night itself as she didn’t get the proper treatment. Soumya cries and says she feels her pain. She tells that I was helpless not to help you, and says you are part of my life and I don’t want to lose you. Kareena says I will be with you always and bring you back here as Tarana. Soumya is shocked and goes.

Saya asks Harman to have something and says this is also your sasural. Harman says I don’t eat anything after dinner and asks her to ask Soumya. Soumya comes and says we will leave Mallika didi. She goes out. Harman follows her and asks what she said to you. Soumya thinks I told him the

truth then he will not spare Varun and lies to him that Kareena wants her to stay with them. Harman says who is she to decide about your life and says I will talk to her now itself. Soumya stops him and asks him to come. Harman and Soumya are in the car when his car stops. He checks the car and asks Soumya to hold something. Shakti music plays…..followed by Tera Ishq Ka song….Soumya makes him wash his hands with water. They sit in car. Harman says they shall stay in car for sometime, and says he is thinking to make car as their home and then there will be no problem. Soumya says lets go home. Harman says I will agree to your every saying as you are my Gulabo. Soumya thinks to talk to Varun.

Saya asks Kareena what did you tell to Soumya that she went from here crying. She says you can’t harm Soumya at all and says you have crossed limits now and will not understand. Kareena asks her to go to her room and says I will do what I wants, and says you and your chamchis will not be able to save her. Saya says I never differentiated between you and Soumya, and if you don’t mend your ways then I will think you as my enemy.

Soumya and Harman return home. She comes to Varun’s room and asks what did you tell to Kareena and asked her never to come here again, why did you tell against me and asks why did you do this? Preeto comes there and asks what is happening here. Soumya says I came to question Varun about Kareena. She says Kareena said that Varun hadn’t helped her and asked her to stay away from me.

Preeto says you are a kinnar, not us. Why we will help Kareena. She asks her to go and do her work. Preeto asks Soumya not to tell Harman anything else it will be bad and asks her to make everything fine between Harman and Surbhi. Soumya goes. Preeto asks Varun, what game he is playing and says you shouldn’t have taken her mum’s life. Varun says he tried to keep kinnars away from them. Preeto asks him never to hide anything from her.

Surbhi asks Soumya what Kareena told her. Soumya says she told Harman. Surbhi insists to know everything. Soumya shouts at Surbhi and says matter was that only. Harman and Preeto see Soumya getting angry on Surbhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. After so many days an episode without Surbhi, so soothing, I can tolerate Kareena and Saya, they play their roles nicely and I loved Harman today… Wanting more Haya scenes and also more of Vivian in the episode…. GUYS DO WATCH SHAKTI MON TO FRI 8PM ONLY ON COLORS…..

  2. All must give big slap to preeto nd varun.they never gng to change……..characterless. …
    Car scene and he tells abt making car as home s nice …keep rockng haya…
    I hate kareena …….nd saya’s concern over soumya s really good nd happy…
    Pls guys do comments daily without fail…
    May i know tanvi whr r u frm ???bcuz u r d frst who do comments daily withut fail ……….

    1. Hello, I am Tanvi,I am a great fan of Vivian Dsena since Madhubala days, honestly I never watch pkyek and neither I am interested to watch it… But Vivian rocked as Rk… And now he is rocking as Harman… Always I am happy that Vivian worked with Saurabh Tiwari and now he is working with Rashmi Sharma… I hope he works with Saurabh Tiwari again… Honestly speaking when I came to know that Vivian will play Harman, I was not very sure but that’s where he amazed the audiences by playing Harman to its best… I am glad that he is a part of Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki…..

  3. Tq tanvi ….i like u so much. ..
    Wat s d easy way to comment tis u doing ..
    And how to keep smilie sticker can u tell me …pls

  4. Hello Tanvi! I am chaya welcome the shakthi family.l agree your comment you are correct Hartman act is superb.

  5. Hai My name is rashmi like tanvi Ian also a big fan of Visvan his acting in sakthi is superb
    feeling when always soumo obeying evil preeto she will became her own sakthi

  6. Agree with you tanvi.i love Vivian very much but I didn’t watch madubala.i saw veryfew episodes of MB.I love rubina very very much. Recently,in utube I saw her chotibahu serial it is very superbbbbb serial.but Shakti is always my favorite favorite serial ND HAYA Jodi is really amazing.i never connect with any pair like this.HAYA d best Jodi in d episode is really nice veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice bcoz in today episode there is no surbhi na.thats y only i am very happy.Last night what that mahan surbhi did she exposed Preeto nature Infront of harman but y she didn’t exposed Preeto nature before marrying to her jiju like this. She’s cunning I don’t have faith on her.harman said that he also wants to die with saumya it’s a hubby wiffy conversation again she interfere between them what’s d hell? By seeing that upcoming promo OMG I can’t tolerate ND bear it.SAYA only really save Soumya from d Kareena plan but the whole credit goes to surbhi??shit.hw many times we said pls keep that mahan surbhi ?veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy far from HAYA bond.we want HAYA only.v don’t care about surbhi.pls keep her away in promo s or eliminate that char.

  7. Thanks guys… Keep supporting the show… And I also don’t know to use smilies…

  8. Hai kopz tanvi where is ammu no comments from her side

  9. Don’t worry tanvi… space bar k paas dekho ek smilie character dikri hai……..pinky,ammu s busy wit her daughters practical nd board xams? r nearing that’s y she cant comment. ..

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