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Shakti 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya sitting at Soumya’s bed side while the latter is still unconscious, and says when you was a child, your mum used to tell you that I am chudail and will harm you, but I used to come to save you from this world. She says I am like your mum and you are my daughter. Harman requests Nurse that he wants to see his wife. Nurse refuses. Harak Singh asks her to let him allow once to see Soumya. Nurse allows him, and asks him not to make any disturbance. Saya tells Soumya that life doesn’t end here, and says I will give you a new life. She says you are lucky to have a mum like Nimmi, who took care of you and fought for you, but now she has to leave you. Harman and Harak Singh are coming towards the ICU. Saya says these people will not let you live and that’s why I will take you to

my world. Harman and Harak Singh enters the ward, and looks on.

They see Soumya still unconsciously lying on bed. Both of them sit down. Harak Singh asks Soumya not to feel bad of Harman’s words and says I will beat him if you want. He says it is wrong to cut wrist and says get well soon, you are the loop to connect the family, asks her to come home soon. Harman looks at her silently….Harak Singh goes out. Harman turns to look at her…..Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat plays………….He comes and sits at her bedside….holds her hand. He tells that he came to know what is love only after meeting her, but he couldn’t understand that heart can’t be won by force. He says I am sorry Gulabo, and kisses on her hand…He promises never to shout at her, or force her for anything and says please come back home soon. I will ready to get whatever punishment you give me. He goes out. Saya is hiding there and thinks these people are growing affection towards her, and thinks to take Soumya from there now itself, then thinks she can’t take her now as she has promised Nimmi.

Nurse comes and tells that Nimmi’s blood haven’t matched with that of Soumya’s blood. Surbhi says I will give blood and asks her to test. Everyone get ready to get test done for blood group identification. Harak Singh says if Nimmi’s blood haven’t match then Maninder’s blood might blood. Maninder says why not. He goes for the test. Nimmi tells Beeji that she will sit in the temple. Maninder thinks what is this new drama and shares with Bebe. Preeto comes. Maninder asks her, why did Soumya committed suicide and says she has never done this. Preeto says since this marriage happened, something or the other happens. She tells your wife came home and asked about Soumya’s nani report. She says when I saw her nani, she is looking fine. Maninder thinks Surbhi and Nimmi haven’t told me anything.

Beeji tells Preeto that Nimmi was about to take her mum to doctor for her leg pain, and that’s why came to your home. Maninder says yes, and makes a story that Nimmi cares much about her mum. Preeto says I will ask my husband to give address about a good doctor and says it is not good to travel from one village to another in night, have to take care. Maninder says yes. Nimmi and Bebe prays for Soumya. Harman also join them and pray for Soumya. He apologizes to Nimmi and says I have promised you that I will take care of Soumya all life, but couldn’t keep up the promise. He apologizes again. Nimmi says you didn’t do any mistake. Preeto comes and asks him not to blame himself and says whatever khichdi cooks between mum and daughter, but my son have to suffer. She says I have full trust on my upbringing and asks him to ask Soumya what was the reason for her attempt, once she gains consciousness.

Maninder calls Surbhi and says I know you are angry with me. Surbhi says I am not angry, but pain. She says I got only happiness, but Soumya got only pain…She says she is not like us, what is her mistake in this. She is your daughter, but you tried to kill her. Maninder is angry and asks Nimmi if she poisoned her mind. Nimmi says I didn’t do anything and says Surbhi have grown up now and knows what is right or wrong. Maninder asks Surbhi, why did you take her to hospital and says anyone would want to die knowing this truth. Surbhi says Soumya is your daughter. Maninder says she is not my daughter. Surbhi says you have relation with her, and have to accept one day. Maninder says she is not my daughter, I can’t bear this drama anymore, I am leaving from there. Doctor comes out and says Soumya’s BP and pulse is dropping and says we have to get the blood fast. He says thankfully Maninder Singh blood matched with that of Soumya. Harak Singh says this is blood relation. Harman asks Maninder Singh to give blood and save Soumya. Maninder refuses to give.

Saya tells Nimmi that the family will take Soumya’s life knowing her kinnar truth and asks her to send her with her. Nimmi is shocked. Surbhi comes and says Soumya will not go anywhere, not today, tomorrow or any day. She says I will become her strength and will stand with her, she is not alone. Saya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    Hello Friends??

    1. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

      Episode was nice.. ?.. and how many of u watch Swaragini also??

      1. Alisha

        Hey Shri! I do.. ✋??
        But never commented there cuz I am really sick of the fights between Swasan fans and Raglak fans. Every single time I open my Insta account, I always see Swasan fans bashing Teju or Raglak fans bashing Helly.
        What are your remarks about today’s episode? ?

    2. RiyaDcruz


      1. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

        Alisha tumne phele se hi mera nickname bana deya. . ??.. n yeah even I am sick about fans bashing helly or teju. . And yeah I always love Shakti? my favourite serial.. I hope they don’t drag it as swaragini.. what’s your age?

  2. Alisha

    The episode was wonderful as always. Everyone concerned about Soumya, especially Harman gives me a strong feeling that Harman would definitely support Harman, once he gets to know about Soumya. About the other family members,I cannot say anything, but the ladies of the house are never gonna support her. I don’t know why are they always too rude towards her, Preeto to phir bhi theek hai but Chachi ji and Harman’s sister are just too much. Matlab thoda sa reham kha lo? No.. ?
    Khadak Singh conversation with unconscious Soumya, makes my heart melt. He was talking to her like a father would… But I don’t know what would happen once the truth is revealed. Plus.. Harman’s conversation with Soumya was heart warming and adorable as always.
    On the other hand, Maninder.. Disgusting! How could he refuse to donate blood at the spot. What if she is transgender? Has she lost her right to live? Har waqat bahane dhoondanein hain marne ke is bande ne.. Ridiculous! When Preeto approached Maninder, I was like, “Preeto.. Catch them red handed! In ko aaj suna chodo zara..” She did get a little suspicious but.. Unfortunately, Maninder bach gaya.. ✊??
    Are aaj Surbhi ko kaise bhool gae hum.. So, Surbhi is as always super caring towards her sister. She literally loves her to the core. Kisi din na Surbhi aur Preeto ke darmiyan sahi jang ho jani hai… That death glare she gave to Preeto when she said, “Maa Beti ke darmiyan jo bhi kichri pake, bhugatna to mere Bete ko parta hai na?”?⚔ Amazing! ?? Love her! She is always so brave and courageous. The promo proved that… KEEP GOING SURBHI! We are with you!

    1. Renuverma

      Hi alisha agree to u dear.?

  3. Renuverma

    Thanks a lot mam for the update

  4. Epi was gud nd touchy. D way Harak Singh cares bout soumya was pleasing atleast he understand d true value of human life inhis family . Harman was adorable ,his dialogues nd expression were jst awesome again he is blaming himself 4 d cause. Precap is also gud i hope surbhi will stand by her sis nd not turn -ve.

    1. Alisha

      Well, seeing the love and care of Surbhi towards Soumya, it’s seems like she is not gonna turn negative. Her care towards her cannot be fake, right? It’s true love of a younger sister towards her elder sister, who has seen how her sister struggled and now knowing the reality she is definitely gonna support her. Talking about the spoilers and stuff that are all over social media, if Surbhi ever (ever..), marries Harman she is never ever gonna turn negative according to my point of view. ??

  5. pwincess pari

    Wowwwwww …. Great to c tat Surbhi supports his sis ?
    Wake up Soumya for ur Harman jiii ?

    1. Alisha

      i agree Pari! Surbhi’s love and care for Soumya is unexplainable. This proves that sisters are sisters, they can never be separated. No matter whatever goes wrong, they would always support eachother. ??

    2. Renuverma

      Ya princesse i really liked the way surbhi stood for her sister.she has done a fabulous job today??????

  6. Hate that Maninder…What kind of father is he???His own daughter tried 2 end her lyf nd he flately refuses 2 giv her blood….atleast 4 d sake of humanity plzzzz give her blood nd save her.

  7. Well said Alisha if everythng goes in its place nd if Harak Singh accepts somu as daughter knowing her truth then definately he’ll become a gud father nd give her lots of love which she deserve frm her biological father(I jst hope)

    1. Alisha

      Yeah Daisy! My heart literally melted when Khadak Singh requested Soumya to get up and called his own son as Kanjer, LOL! When he placed his hand on Soumya head and said, “Putar, is tarhan naraz naheen hote.” I was like, “Please don’t ever leave her. She needs your support!” (Tears of happiness.. ?)

  8. I watch this serial sometimes, can someone tell me in short the story and why the poor girl is hated so much.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Lila

      Cuz she’s a kinner/eunuch

    2. Renuverma

      Hi anna actually saumya had always been disliked by her father n dadi. Her mother nimmy was overprotective towards her n was always with her.
      Surbhi who is saumyas sister is loved by her dad maninder n dadi n she is shown as a bold girl who knows to fight for her rights. One fine day in a bid to save her freind from a college guy she calls for a few goons. Harman happens to be that guys friend who was along with him n luckily he runs off leaving harman to face the wrath of goons.
      Harman comes yo know that surbhi was behind it so when he confronted her she sprinkled chilly powder in his eyes n got away.
      In a fit of rage harman reaches her house to kidnap surbhi but instead kidnaps saumya.

      Harman has met saumya twice before first 2hen he was chased by gòons he had landed at saumyas house for hiding n on seeing saumya had complimented her beauty. Second time when he had chilly powder in his eyes n was screaming for water saumya had helped him by giving water from her temple’s vessel.
      Thus now on kidnapping saumya ( THIRD ENCOUNTER) HE repents n tells her that he has done blunder unknowingly. Saumya was tense n he calms her n ensures her safety. Agroup of ladies r shown trying to take saumya but harman fightsoff6n saves saumya.
      At home nimmy n surbhi r worried n search for saumya.
      Next day harman drops saumya close to her homebut villagers accuse her n call her characterless n warn her not to go to her home bqck. They r shown so agitated that they start pelting stones at her n again harman comes to her rescue n fights off with vilagers n tells them that saumya is innocent.
      Harmans dad; Kharag singh is shown as a decent man with high values n tells the villagers that his son would pay gor the sin he he is responsible for staining saumyas image so he would marry saumya.
      Finally marriage day arrives n her dad plans to kill her n so dadi mixes poison in saumyas curd thus while taking pheras or marriage rounds sUnya somya faintsbut harman holds her in his hands n complete all ritual. Doctor is called at home n saumya is saved. Her dad becomes so frustrated that he gets a snake n keeps in a gift box n gives it to saumyan he prays that saumya is killeď soon.
      At harmans home surbhi is welcomed n does all.rituals n everyone seems to be happy. On first night curtain outside the hall catch fire n his mom preeto blames saumya n tells harman to sleep seperately
      Nimmy was afraid that saumya should not get physical with harman.
      Harman insisted her but she had to abide by the promise given to her mother for not getting close to harman for.21 days.
      Next night harman is happy thinking to get intimate with his wife but he gets a call that his purse in police station n then he goes and some one throws a paper wrapped in stone for.sauyma asking her to reach at temlle . Overthere she is confronted by a group of kinners n theý tell HER IDENTITY OF BEING A KINNER. SHE IS SHATTERED N DOESN’T WANT TO BELIEVE IT.
      ON OTHER SIDE Nimmy comes to know that harman would get close to saumya n would het to know saumyas secret so she had rushed at her place n y that time sauyma had gone to.temple . Surbhi gets annyed on seeing her at late night n asks her why does she not want her daughter to be close to her hubby.nimmy is forcee to tell her the truth of saumya being a kinner or enunch. Both rush to temple yo find that saumya has been told the fact.when sauyma confirms this from her mother she is broken n runs off to her room n locks inside.
      Nimmy n surbhi request her to open . Meanwhile harman comes back from.policestation n his loud reuest to open the door results in all members collecting. They break open n find saumya lying in a pool of blood n take her to hospital
      Rest is shown currently.
      Hope it helps u☺

  9. Don’t worry Harman ur Gulabo will be fine……

  10. Narendran

    Awesome.. Epi.. I am happy that surbhi also supporting soumya!!☺☺☺☺☺☺Keep writing writer… Such an interesting story line… Harman acting is always superb!!.. Nimmi,saya.. Acting also nice.. This preeto???????.. Otherwise this story line is nice.. And mahindar also bad?

    1. Alisha

      Not only this Preeto and Maninder are evil, even Harman’s sis and Chachi Ji can turn out to be the vamps. ?
      No worries, kiyun ke har kahani mein ek villian hota hai.. Yahan bas 1 se ziyada hain. And we have full faith in Soumya that she would definitely gather courage by the support of Nimmi and Surbhi, and would over come all the difficulties. ?

  11. Episode is superb..surbhi is so good…and then I watching swaragini but now I hate the serial …bcoz always swara is a food character…I like ragini only…by xxxxx(shirinjal)

  12. Alisha

    Where is everyone? Aaj to humare first commenter bhi naheen hain, Narendran? ?
    Plus, Rekhavv.. Where are all of you? ??

  13. Sorry miss xxxxx(shirinjal) I use the word good not food

  14. Super comment Alisha ji

    1. Alisha

      Oh! Thank you Suhani Ji! ??

  15. Narendran

    Good night.. Shakthi family members.. Anna,Daisy,pwincess pari,renuverma,Alisha,riyadcruz and xxxx.. Sorry.. I remember this much name only.. And I try my best to remember all names.. Soon….

    1. Alisha

      Good night! ????

  16. Gud episode…..

  17. Can anyobe tell me about trans gender…what will be their genital part… will it be of a women or a men? Pls tell me….

    1. Transgender have typical male or female body. Soumya isnt transgender but inters*x dat means she has extra male genitals

    2. i dont understand why everyone including the producers of the show r calling soumya transgender when she isnt ?

  18. all rashni sharma are same “sisters bond

  19. I have been touched by Harakh sing ‘s fatherly like attitude towards Soumya. He was so caring and considerate. I got a positive feeling or message when he considered Sou the loop or the means to connect all members of the family, This could be a foreshadowing for what is going to take place in the future episodes Undoubtedly Sou is going to undergo many ups and downs but I think with Harman and Surbi’ support she will overcome them . The precap of next episode supports this idea when Surbi said She will always be Sou’s strength and power. I learnt another idea that she will not consider marrying Harman because she fully sympathises with her sister and she completely feels the pain she is undergoing.

    1. Renuverma

      I agree to u SA harak singh was very caring n fatherly n i am impressed by his character m

  20. Scientifically lame. How can a castrated man marry another man in the garb of a female.
    It’s cheating the other poor chap.
    Why are his orientations irrelevant?
    Why look at a transgender who’s deceptively married to Harman with pity.
    It’s Harman who deserves pity for the shock awaiting him.
    He had the right to know who he was marrying……

  21. Being the worst type of fathers, Maninder is portrayed as the embodiment of evil.He is inhuman and heartless. He was not satisfied with may be 20 years hatred towards his daughter and many attempts to kill her. In this episode he did not want to miss the opportunity of refusing to donate the blood to Sou although he knew she was in danger. As opposed to him Sou’s father in law acted as how a biological father should be.I hope he would carry on being the same even when he knows about Sou’s health problem. As for Harman, at this stage of the show he is acting as an ideal caring husband although he feels guilty for what is happening to Goulabo. I hope his attitude of care would not completely change after the truth comes out.

  22. Superb episode

  23. Hii S.A
    I agree with u,Maninder nd his kind of ppl will never change. Mujhe toh uspe taras ata hai he is such a fool. Kya use somu ki sufferings nahi dikhti???? Agar usne khoon nahi diya na toh maine use maar dalna haii….

  24. Can any1 plzz tell me how 2 become registered member. I tried but i failed. Plz plz plz help me…..

  25. I never knew it was so easy to get past everybody into an ICU room in Indian hospitals, specually for a hijra.

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