Shakti 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman runs away taking Suomya

Shakti 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman hides a leaf from the medicine pack of the patient and decides to give it to Suomya. Suomya had just come behind in the corridor but had left her earring and goes looking for it.
Preeto beats a spoon over the back of plate and looks around for Harman all across the house. Harak Singh convinces Preeto that Harman isn’t here at home. Preeto denies recognizing Harak Singh at all. Harak Singh says he is her husband. Preeto tells him to beat the pan now until she calls Harman, he hasn’t even eaten anything.
A receptionist argues with the patient for paying Rs. 200 lesser. Suomya requests the receptionist to let him take his patient, she will speak to Mr. Kaushal about shortage of money. Harman comes there and offers Suomya some spicy gram seeds. Suomya tastes one and finds it really spicy,

she begins to cry of burning in her mouth. Harman goes to a side and mix the powdered medicine in her glass of water. Suomya gulps the glass, then blames Harman for deliberately doing this to her.
Harak Singh shares with Nani what wrong he did. Nani assures Harak Singh that God will soon resolve all of their problems. Ravi comes home crying and hugs Harak Singh. She complains that the case against Jeet is really strong, they have locked him up. Harak Singh assures Ravi to keep all straws together till he is alive.
Suomya comes to the ward where she feels dizzy and finally fells on bed. Harman jumps up cheerfully. He asks Suomya who is Dhakan now? At once Suomya opens her eyes and grabs Harman’s collar, staring at her strangely. Harman wonders if the medicine was a fake one. Harman recalls the doctor’s words that the patient might be awake but his mind might be empty. He decides to test and orders Suomya to stand up, she abides by all his orders to move forward, backward, left and right.
Shanno asks Harak Singh to call Preeto for aarti. Veeran asks her to do it, Preeto is unwell. Harak Singh agrees. Preeto stops Shanno and says she will do the aarti and tell the Goddess where her son has been. She leaves the aarti in midst and says the Goddess parted her from her son, she won’t pray until her son return.
Harman brings Suomya out of the hospital, hires and auto and orders Suomya to get into it. Dr Gulati watch this and calls the kinners, sending them to follow Suomya.
There, Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal get the news that Jolly has run away with Khushi. Lameet was studying Jolly as her subject, and hypothesizes that Jolly would surely try and run. Mr. Kaushal calls Lameet with the news. Lameet cheers that her research paper over Jolly would be a superhit all across India.
Harman and Suomya reach outside a temple. Suomya wakes up and was shocked to look around. She asks where he has brought here, and how he did this. Harman says he wanted that Suomya doesn’t know anything about this place, he leaves her in the midst of it so that she doesn’t cause any more troubles for her. He walks away while Suomya was left behind worried, then runs to him requesting him. She decides to be with him until they find a way out.
Lameet reach the hospital looking for Jolly and Khushi with Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal.
Harman promises to take Suomya home. He ties her to a tree of the temple and leaves. The kinners reach Suomya. They cover her face with a black bag. Harman was running across the road when he hits a rock and fell down. Some scenes from the past flash in his mind.

PRECAP: Harman and Suomya reach a gathering and register their names. Suomya forces him to put the Varmala on.

Update Credit to: Sona

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