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Shakti 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi following kinnar woman. Kinnar woman senses someone is following her, turns and then starts running on road. Surbhi follows her. Rani and Raveena buy something from shop and come out. Abhishek comes out and wonders where did Surbhi went? Preeto comes to meet Harman in jail, along with Varun. Harman tells her that he is calling her since long time. Preeto says she was restless since she heard his arrest and asks him to have food. Harman says I want freedom and not food. Preeto asks Inspector, when you will free him. Inspector says no, and says I can’t free him. Harman argues with him and tells Preeto that he has only 8 days left to search for Soumya. Preeto asks Inspector to take money and leave him. Inspector says bail can happen only on Monday. Preeto asks him not

to worry and have food. Varun asks Harman not to accept defeat and says this jail can’t hold you. Preeto asks Inspector to keep him locked till 9 more days, and says he is my son.

Surbhi is running on road, but some other kinnars are come infront of her, and ask to give something. Surbhi requests them to let her go. She runs, but couldn’t see that kinnar. He wonders where did she go? Abhishek comes and keeps his hand on her shoulder. He asks why did you come here, and asks what happened? Tell me. He says I see that you are not interested in marriage and asks her not to take him for granted. He asks do you like someone or love someone. Surbhi says yes, I love my sister very much. She says I came to search my sister here. Abhishek asks if she is a kid? I know that she is married. Surbhi says she is not a kid, but a kinnar and is lost between these kinnars.

Rani, Raveena and Chameli are altogether, and tell each other that Surbhi is Soumya’s sister. Rani and Raveena ask her not to tell anything to Guru maa and gives her saree. Chameli gets happy and leaves. Kalsi comes to Bebe and asks if Surbhi left for her honeymoon. Bebe asks her not to joke and says she will come. Kalsi asks about Soumya. Bebe says we don’t have her address. Beeji says we talk to her via Harman’s phone. Kalsi says she will talk to her directly when she comes back.

Later Surbhi tells everything to Abhishek sitting in the restaurant and asks if you are really interested to marry me even after knowing the truth. Abhishek says it is shocking and says I don’t think we shall marry now. He then comes back to her, and says you might have thought that I will say this. He says trust me, I can’t get such strong girl in my life. He says I will handle family pressure. Surbhi hugs him and cries being emotional. Abhishek asks her not to thank him, and asks her to continue searching her sister.

Gurumaa appreciates Soumya for making beautiful baatis, and asks you had taught you to make baatis altogether. Soumya says Nimmi taught her. Saya says lets get these stuff loaded in the tempo. They keep the stuff in tempo. Saya asks Guru maa, shall I take Tarana with me. Guru maa is hesitant, but Saya assures her. Guru maa agrees. Saya asks Soumya to come.

They reach temple. Saya says stuff is brought here at right time and asks Soumya to come inside hiding their faces. She says we have to hide our face, as humans don’t understand. Soumya refuses to wear ghunghat. Saya says we can’t enter like this, people will get angry, asks her to wear veil and enter. Soumya says when God made us like this, then humans have to accept us also. She enters the temple without covering her face. Saya hides her face though.

Harman asks Inspector to give him food and water. Inspector says nobody will give you food and water. Harman asks them to make him drink water atleast and asks if they don’t have heart. Constable asks Inspector to let him drink water else he will die. Pandit ji does aarti while everyone are standing. Harman drinks water and acts to get stomach ache, asking them what did they mixed in water. Inspector asks Constable not to believe them.

Constable says he is having real pain. If anything happens to him then Harak Singh will not spare us. Inspector says lets take him to hospital and gets inside the lock up. Harman gets up, fools them and escape from there. Pandit ji asks devotees to distribute prasad to everyone. Saya removes her veil. Pandit ji says your stuff, prasad and sweets are presented to God, but you can’t come in your real avatar. Saya tells that they have accepted God and that’s why makes these stuff for mata rani. Pandit ji blesses them. Soumya looks at God’s idol.

Soumya tells Saya that her Harman ji will come and take her back. Saya asks her not to try to get chance and says I won’t let that happen. Just then a vehicle hits her. Soumya shouts Mallika didi as Saya gets injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pooja Prajwal

    Hey guys I heard the news that sowmya is not a kinner she has been exchanged in hospital and this truth will be revealed very soon. …..and Harman and Sowmya become one once again. …….is it true?

    1. Yes pooja i think its true because i also read that in news, there will be a love triangle between two sis and harman

  2. Avinash is sooo cute..

    1. Oops sorry abhisekh… anyway he is cute

      1. who is in abhishek’s character

      2. Abhisekh is surbhi’s future husband

  3. Hello people, I am very worried about the future of Shakti… it’s trp decreased this week…. Cv’s give us haya,show Harman the RAKSHAK, Ekta Kapoor new show pradesh will come at 8….. I hoped Rashmi Sharma wakes up and makes this show different so that she can survive the competition… and Shakti continues to rule the slot.. lots of good wishes to Haya n everybi associated with the show

  4. I saw in the news that all this rumor are wrong. soumya will stay a kinnar till the end of the show because the author of this script want to show how hard is to be a kinnar in India society. I also hoped it was a mistake and she will be able to live with harman but all this will not happen unfortunately.

  5. It would make no sense that she was mistaken for a kinner.. how does a mother not know that her daughter is a kinner or not? You bathe and change your baby’s diaper and you don’t notice that she’s normal? And if soumya was transgender, wouldn’t she know..? This show is so unrealistic. Soumya grows up in a house with majority of women and she doesn’t notice anything different about herself?

  6. and one more thing…. Kalsi is pregnant heavily. n shanno Chachi ka baby kb hoga?

  7. Angelk1

    On still sticking to my theory of soumya being a girl. Which is true, because how can a kinner not even know she’s a kinner. Her body should be able to tell her

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