Shakti 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya gives swears to Harman

Shakti 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lavneet telling Kishan Lal, Varun and Veeran that even she will have the part of share of Harak Singh’s property. They will have 4 equal shares. Varun says we agree, but you have to take Harman from here. Soumya tells Sameer what is wrong with jolly talks to me. Sameer says there is nothing wrong, but we shall live our life and he shall live his life. His mum says Harak Singh will handle him and asks Sameer and Soumya to go for Diwali shopping. Sameer says not now and asks Soumya to rest. Soumya goes. Sameer asks his mum if she is upto something for supporting him. His mum says I have understood that my happiness is in yours happiness. She says we will go from here after your marriage and will make our own world. Sameer says I can stay anywhere with Khushi. His mum thinks to kill

Soumya wherever she goes and says death is written for Soumya and Harman.

Harak Singh brings Harman home and scolds him for going there. He says you would have been beaten up by the people. Preeto asks didn’t you meet Khushi? She says she is strange. Harak Singh tells about his khandaan. Harman says everyone here is a betrayal and betray each other.

Sameer comes to Soumya and says last year, I asked God to give me a wife who will help me in cleaning the house. He asks her to help him. Sameer’s mum teases him. She says we will clean the house together. Soumya says I will clean the house. She feels dizzy and sits on sofa. Sameer and his mum ask what happened? Soumya says it seems like she has done this before and saw. Sameer says you used to do all the work in your parents’ house. He says it is not a big deal and asks her to rest. His mum looks on.

Shanno asks Preeto to take Diya and come out of house. Preeto says what will I do with this? Harak Singh asks her to remember. Harman thinks even Khushi will be out of house now. Preeto burns the diya. Raavi prays for Harman and Soumya’s happiness. Harman comes near Sameer’s house and sees Soumya and Sameer’s mum burning Diya. He thinks why this old lady is with Khushi always as betaal. Sameer’s mum goes inside. Harman comes to meet Soumya and tells that they were talking wrong about him and says he is not like that. Soumya says she is going to marry soon and people will think them wrong. Harman says I don’t care about people and says I will come and meet you. Soumya keeps his hand on her head and asks him to swear that he will not come and meet her. She says she don’t want people to badmouth about their friendship. Harman is shocked and starts walking away from her. He leaves. Soumya gets sad and teary eyes. Sameer’s mum peeps out of window and thinks it is good that I saw him and went from there. She thinks now as Soumya gave him promise, he will not meet her again.

Shanno and Raavi are making baatis. Raavi says Maa used to make Baatis every year. Shanno says there is no shine this year. Harak Singh comes to Harman and says they shall drink and gamble as they used to do every year on Diwali. Preeto comes and asks Harman if he will celebrate Diwali with her. He says you are missing Khushi, I know. She says I am missing my son and daughter in law. She asks him to help her to make Rangoli.

Sameer calls Soumya to make Rangoli and says we will make it together. Soumya comes there and is sad. Sameer asks her not to think much and make rangoli. Preeto also makes Rangoli. Harman thinks of Soumya giving him swear not to meet her. Sameer asks what happened and asks her to make rangoli. Raavi asks Harman to give her khushi no. Harman says nobody will go there and tells about her swear, says it is very important to him.

Preeto tells Harman to get ready for Diwali and wear the clothes which she kept for him. Harman refuses. Preeto says I will not listen and asks him to come. Raavi comes to Harman’s room and thinks he might be in the bathroom. I shall search her number from his mobile. She takes his mobile and searches Khushi’s number. She gets it and copies in her mobile. She calls Soumya and asks about Neha. Soumya says she is Khushi. Raavi says may be this is wrong number and asks about her area. Soumya tells her. Raavi says ok and ends the call. She thinks to go there and meet Khushi.

Everyone do puja in Harak Singh’s house. Raavi thinks God, help me to meet Khushi. Sameer and Soumya do puja with his mum. Sameer asks his mum if they shall burst crackers now. His mum asks him to take Prasad first. Raavi comes to the locality in taxi and asks about Khushi’s address. Harman is in his room and imagines Soumya bringing diya to his room. She wishes him happy Diwali and asks why is he sitting in dark. They dance together. Yeh dil kis aur chala re plays…..She asks what is he looking at? He says I am looking at you, can’t believe that you are with me. He asks what did you ask for me. Soumya says she asked for happiness for Sameer and him. Harman says I asked God that your marriage shall break with Sameer and he gets some other khushi. Soumya gets upset and leaves. It turns out to be Harman’s dream. He wakes up from sleep calling her name.

Soumya comes to meet Harman. Harman meets her on the road and tells that he was sure that she will meet him. Soumya says I was worried for you. Harman asks her to marry him. s

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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