Shakti 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Soumya and Harman celebrate Diwali together

Shakti 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh bringing tea for Preeto. Preeto closes the door and says if anyone sees you here. Harak Singh says he made all the arrangements and asks why did you jump in the pond. Preeto says your son is iron hearted and that’s why I thought to light myself on fire, then thought about better idea and jumped in the pond. Harak Singh praises her and says nobody can take your place in my heart and life. Preeto says she will bury that woman alive and hugs him. He says we have to bring diyas for puja and opens the door. He sees family member standing and says he will see until when she will stay here. Preeto says she came on doli and will go on aarthi, and threatens to call Harman. Shanno says preeto is ruined and says don’t know what to do, shall I celebrate or cry. Harman and Soumya

do puja…together. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……He wishes everyone happy Diwali. Rani says lets burn cracker. Harman says he will burn patakha. Soumya gets scared and hugs him. Everyone wishes happy diwali. Harman says for the first time, he is not with his family, but with you all here. You people are not less than a family to me. He asks them to accept him as family atleast for today. Soumya gets touched and smiles. He asks them to celebrate with him. Others also burn crackers etc. Kareena and Gurumaa are upset.

Later Harman comes to Soumya’s room and asks her to come out. She comes out and asks why did you bring me here. Harman says he called her to talk to her. Soumya smiles. Harman says he couldn’t get a gift for her. Soumya says your support is my biggest gift. Harman says you are talking sweetly these days and I brought something for you so that sweetness don’t get less. He shows the sweets and prays that their love never get less. Soumya also prays the same and for family happiness and asks him to have sweets first. Harman says he is a gentleman and asks her to have sweets first. They say happy diwali to each other. They hug each other. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Later Soumya tells Harman that they used to collect the diyas and count. Harman says he also used to collect them with Raavi. Soumya tells about the logic behind keeping the diyas and says we shall keep relations safely and protect it. Harman holds her closer and says he is following parampara.

Mohini asks Harak Singh if he is angry with her. She says she will take the money and leave. Harak Singh asks her not to use her mind and do as he says. Mohini says ok and asks what to do next. Harak Singh asks her to continue the drama and says Preeto is doing the other work. Preeto comes to meet Kareena and Raveena and tells that Harak Singh is a man and have done this, as she couldn’t give him time because of Harman. Kareena says we are feeling bad seeing you broken and asks what she wants them to do. Preeto says she wants her son back. Kareena says even now they can’t unite. Preeto asks them to make conditions list bigger. Kareena says it will be done. Preeto gives them money. Kareena and Raveena go. Preeto thinks she has no scarcity of money and will make them and Mohini do as I say.

Saya tells that now she is sure that Harman loves Soumya a lot and will keep her happy. She says she saw them celebrating Diwali together and felt he has given enough tests and has passed too. One of the Gurumaa agrees. Rani goes and inform Soumya that Harman has passed the test and they will be freed now. Soumya gets happy.

Kareena comes and shows purse to the Corrupt Gurumaa. She says she has objection with their decision. She says until she is satisfied, she won’t let Soumya go with Harman and says whatever they are doing is just illusion. Harman and Soumya hears her and get upset.

Soumya tells Rani that Harman will free her from there. Kareena calls Preeto and tells that Harman will stay here in day time and will stay with his family in night. Preeto informs Harak Singh and Mohini. They dance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. 26 November 2017,ITA 2017 will be telecasted, Do watch!
    Vivian has won Best Actor POPULAR !

  2. Alister La Frenais

    This whole saga is now becoming boring and it is about time that the storyline is improved and changed. In its present format the serial has become stale and predictable with no real surprises or intrigue. The same old procedure of bribery and deceit, I get the impression that the writers have struck a dry patch in there story telling. Either change the storyline or kill off the serial, but stop boring the audience. The actor playing the character of Harman, is superb, but even he cannot breathe life into a dying storyline.

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