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Shakti 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maninder comes back home and is shattered. Kalsi’s dad consoles him. Maninder says your daughter is married, but my daughter ran away from her own wedding. Kalsi’s dad asks him to call if needed and asks her to come. He gets Preeto’s call and tells that he is ruined and cries badly. Bebe also cries. Maninder shouts Surbhi angrily. Surbhi and Abhishek are in car. Surbhi calls Harman and informs him that Soumya is again kidnapped. Harman says I know, and I am also on the way. He asks her to meet him at temple way. Surbhi asks Abhishek to take her there. Saya looks on as she is with Harman. Rani and Raveena plan to sell off Soumya and buy a haveli. Harak Singh asks Inspector to find his son as soon as possible while they are in car.

Preeto is tensed. Varun thinks he didn’t

do anything and everything is ruined. Maninder breaks the things angrily. Bebe asks him to come in his senses. Maninder says I am in my senses, my respect is ruined in my pind. He tells that he has no respect now and have become like dog. Preeto tells Mahi that she is promising her and will get the incomplete rounds complete, till then…. Mahi says I won’t leave till then, and says I will ask him if he couldn’t move on and forget Soumya, then why did he agreed for marriage. I will ask him.

Nimmi comes back home. Maninder tells that Surbhi did what she said and made baraat go alone. He asks are you happy now seeing my diaster. He says my daughter didn’t leave me, and I can’t see my face anywhere now. He runs to room, Bebe and Maninder follows him. Rani and Raveena are in the car. Soumya gains conscious and tries to free herself. Rani and Raveena ask driver to drive fast. Maninder drinks poison angrily. Nimmi is shocked and asks what you have done. Maninder collapsed on floor. Nimmi, Beeji and Bebe cries.

Harman and Saya, and Surbhi and Abhishek come near the temple. Surbhi sees Saya. Harman says she is not behind Soumya’s kidnapping and will search Soumya with us. He asks her to come. Surbhi looks at Abhishek and says don’t know what to say. She says your family’s respect is also ruined, and thanks him. Abhishek asks her not to worry, and go and find Soumya. He says I will handle here. He goes. Surbhi sits in Harman’s car with them. Rani and Raveena bring Soumya to some place. They make Soumya get down the car. The goon sees Soumya and says nobody can figure out that she is a kinnar, and says she will do wonder there. Rani and Raveena ask Soumya to come. Goon calls someone and tells that they have to send her to Delhi in night itself. Soumya hears and is shocked.

Shakti spoiler

Doctor checks Maninder and says it was good that you called me at right time. I made him vomit and spit poison. He will be alright in sometime and asks them to give medicines. Bebe thanks God for saving her son. Nimmi is concerned for Maninder. Bebe accuses Nimmi for Maninder’s condition and asks if she is happy now. Beeji asks why she will think bad about Maninder. She says just as you cares for Maninder, Nimmi also cares for Soumya.

Harman, Soumya and Saya are in the car. Surbhi asks Harman about his wedding clothes. Harman tells her that he was taking pheras when the news of Soumya’s kidnapping came and he left the marriage incomplete. Surbhi looks on and asks him how we will find Soumya now. Saya calls someone and asks about Rani and Raveena’s car number. She informs same to Harman. Rani and Raveena pay money to the driver and ask him not to show his face again. Other goons come there and says she is good, she will go to Dubai and not Delhi. They take her in another car.

Harman comes to the driver and beats him asking where did you drop kinnars. Saya asks if you have drop Rani and Raveena? Driver says they had kidnapped a girl who was tied up, and left her with some man. He says I didn’t do anything else. Saya says I know where they have taken her. Harak Singh gets angry on Inspector and says we are searching Harman since 3 hours. Goon asks his men to take Soumya safely without anyone doubting. Saya comes to Rani and Raveena and asks where is Soumya? Rani says Soumya? We have sold her for 9 lakhs rupees. Harman and Surbhi hear her and are shocked. Harman looks on angrily.

Rani informs Harman, Saya and Surbhi that Soumya will go to Delhi tonight and then to other nation. Later Mahi tells everyone that Harman have to come back to her, else everyone will be responsible for her ruined life. Harman, Surbhi and Saya get on a bus, where Soumya is sitting wearing burqa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Waiting for Harman to find his Gulabo… Abhishek is a great human whereas Mahi looks selfish….Vivian nailed it

  2. Abishek is really Nice yaar and ï hope this tome Harman Will going to found his gulaboo soon .i really admire surbhi her love for her sis is super.

  3. Nice episode..I hope Harman will save gulabo…

  4. Angelk1

    I wonder if soumya goes to dubhai new character will be introduce, maybe her real parents. But we all know harman will miss her on the bus once more

  5. I hope also… 🙂 🙂

  6. The spoiler looks really good. . As harman brings soumya back to his life. ..but when will he know preeto’s truth?

  7. why u also use his or him either girls or boy


  9. I feel the maker try very hard to give some reason for take marriage harman-surbhi.

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