Shakti 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer fails Harman’s car brakes, but Soumya’s prayers rescue him

Shakti 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Veeran to get flowers. Veeran goes. Shanno brings tea and asks Harman to have tea. Harman refuses. Jeet comes and asks Harman to drink tea. Harman refuses. He forces him. Harman pushes his hand and says you don’t know me. Jeet says I know you well, you are keeping fast for Soumya. He says I asked you to forget her so that you can marry Jasleen, but you don’t agree to my saying. Jasleen tells you can’t force him to love. Jeet says you are good friends and love can happen after marriage. He says do fast as you want, but in the morning I will talk to you and if needed with neighbors with me. Sameer comes there and knocks on the door. He comes inside and greets Harak Singh. Harak Singh says I didn’t hear your name. Sameer tells that he has a toy shop and has new friendship

with Harman. Harman asks Sameer to come to his room. Jeet asks them to talk in hall. Harman asks him to mind his own business and they go to room.

Varun gets angry on Surbhi for having tea and biscuit rather than keeping vrat savitri puja. Surbhi says she don’t believe on puja. Varun says I am your husband and you are my wife, you shall keep fast for me. He says once I truth comes out….Surbhi says she will not get the test done and tells that the baby is ours. Varun says lets the time come, I will take you for DNA test. Sameer sees Harman and Soumya’s photo frames in the room. Harman asks what do you need? Sameer says I have a small shop and things suitable for it. He says shop will run good soon. Harman says Soumya is my life and I am thankful to you for helping me. He says I have many enemies here and they don’t want Soumya and I to unite. He says I got a strength as you came here. Sameer looks at Soumya’s bangles, pics, bindis on mirror and thinks I can feel you everywhere here.

Preeto brings tea and says I hope you both will find Soumya and says she is her daughter and not bahu. She praises Sameer for helping them without any motive. Sameer thinks I am seeing my advantage, and I am not a hero. Preeto asks Harman to get some stuff. Harman says ok. Sameer tells Harman that I will forward you list of the stuff and is leaving. Jeet stops Harman and asks when you will return? Harman says even Harak Singh never asked me this, and asks who are you? Jeet says that is not important and says what is important is what can I do? Harak Singh says it will take an hour. Jeet asks Harman to give his phone. Jeet asks Harman to give his phone. Harman gives on Jasleen’s insistence. Jeet asks him to come within 2 days. Sameer takes Harman and Jasleen’s pic silently. He thinks of Preeto asking Harman to get some stuff from outside. He thinks of Pandit ji’s words and thinks I have to do something to get Soumya. He compromises with Harman’s car. Harman sits in car and goes. Sameer thinks sorry Soumya, I have to do so many things to get you.

Harman finds the car brakes failed. Soumya is doing vrat Savitri puja while Sameer’s mum is standing there. Soumya takes round around the tree and ties the holy thread. Harman shouts asking the men carrying grains bag to move from his way. They move leaving the bags on road. Harman’s car stops due to the bags. He sees a woman and thinks she is Soumya. Surprisingly Soumya and the woman are wearing similar saree. Harman asks woman to give her some thread. Woman gives him thread. Harman ties the thread around the tree and says he is saved today because of Soumya’s prayers. He prays to God asking him to return Soumya, and says he prayed with devotion. Sameer comes there and sees Harman’s car. He looks for him.

Preeto comes and touches Harak Singh’s feet. He gives her gift. She says she wants her husband to be alive. Harak Singh says he will be fine. Preeto asks him to leave Harman. Harak Singh asks her to ask anything from a husband, but not from a father.

Sameer thinks I had failed his car brakes and he is standing fine here and tying the thread to the tree. He thinks of Soumya’s fast for Harman’s safety. Harman prays to God to return his Soumya and promises to give her all happiness. Bangles fall on Soumya’s hand from the tree. Soumya ties it to her saree. Sameer says let’s see who wins, your love or my obsession.

Precap: Preeto says do whatever you want? Jeet tells Raavi that he is forced to do something which he doesn’t want to do. Just then Harman comes there with Jasleen and says there is no need to do anything. They see Harman and Jasleen wearing marriage clothes with garlands and Jasleen sporting sindoor and wearing mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Another Mahasangam on Monday 7-9
    It’s of some other show
    Hope Harman has some significant role in the episode.
    And I want the mahasangam not to be a Khidchi mahasangam

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