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The Episode starts with Soumya gaining consciousness and says Maa. Nimmi gets relieved and happy while Mahinder is shocked. He asks Nimmi to think about other drama. Soumya tells her that toy seller took her inside the car, and asks why did she take me. Bebe says I will tell you and is about to say. Nimmi asks her to stop it and asks her not to force her to forget her values and relation. Bebe says I will see until when you will hide her truth. Nani says we are here to take care of her. Soumya asks why did that witch take me from here. Nimmi says they like kids and makes her finish milk. Nimmi thinks until when I will save her. Mahinder says her destiny is good that she was found. Nimmi asks her not to show fake concern and says I know you will distribute sweets if anything happens to her. Mahinder says he

will not waste money on her. Bebe says she will distribute sweets happily. Nani says you both should be ashamed. Nimmi says I feel bad for Soumya as she calls you papa and dadi respectively. Bebe asks Nani to go. Nani says I have full right, Nimmi is my daughter and goes.

Mahinder thinks Nimmi’s tongue is sharpening day by day, and says he has to do something. Nani checks Soumya’s fever and says I will bring kada for you. Soumya refuses to drink. Nani goes to make kada. Surbhi comes and asks Soumya what happened? Soumya says chudail had kidnapped me, but maa saved me. Surbhi asks why you didn’t use the knife which mum gave. Soumya says I didn’t know that she was bad. Surbhi asks why she didn’t kidnap me. Soumya says as she kidnaps just beautiful kids as mum said. Surbhi hears those words and gets emotional, goes from there. She goes to her room and sits behind the mirror. She takes powder in her hand and applies on her face. Bebe comes and asks what you are doing? Mahinder and Nimmi come there hearing her. Nimmi asks what have you done?

Surbhi says I am becoming beautiful like Soumya and then only witch will take me. Nimmi asks her not to tell anything and wipes powder and lipstick. Bebe asks her to move back and says you don’t need this stuff to become beautiful. Nimmi says that is what I am saying, says you are really beautiful. Surbhi says you all are lying. I know I am not beautiful. Mahinder says you are beautiful girl and my life. Surbhi asks then why that chudail don’t kidnap me. Mahinder says I will beat her, she don’t have strength to kidnap you. Surbhi asks why you didn’t break her head when Soumya was kidnapped. Mahinder says her mum is with her to take care of her. He takes Surbhi from there. Soumya hears everything and cries. She says it is my mistake. I shouldn’t tell choti that, I will apologize to her. Nimmi says she will be alright. Soumya says I will tell her that I have lied and she is beautiful. Nimmi says she is fine. Soumya says she cried because of me naa. She says she will go and give flower to Surbhi. Mahinder plays with Surbhi and makes her smile. Soumya thinks Papa ji loves Surbhi a lot and make her smile. Nimmi cries.

Mahinder scolds the veiled lady and says if you would have caught then we would be put behind bars. He asks her to hide for few days. He feels someone heard him. Bebe comes and says how can I sleep? Our plan is not working. She says our destiny is bad because of that Nimmi. Mahinder says her plan was concrete, but Nimmi failed it. Bebe says we have to do something as Surbhi is getting affected. She says we might lose Surbhi. Mahinder says I won’t let that happen. Someone knocks on the door. Mahinder goes to open the door and sees Inspector standing. He asks who is Mahinder Singh? Mahinder says yes, I am. Inspector says Jugni is my wife. Mahinder asks what is this? Inspector says that car was stolen in which your daughter was kidnapped and I will tell you about the enquiry. He gives him a chit about the address of owner. Nimmi takes it from his hand and thanks him. Inspector says Jugni likes you and is your fan. He says he will help them. Mahinder thanks him and goes. Nimmi opens the paper and sees address. Mahinder asks her to show address. Nimmi says we will go together. Mahinder says what is the need to go? Nimmi says she will enquire in the morning.

Nimmi slaps Mahinder Singh. Mahinder Singh is shocked and is about to slap her. Nimmi shows him note on which Soumya made good and bad person sketch. Mahinder is shocked. Nimmi asks what is this?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good episode but feel bad for Soumya.

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Same precap!!.. Anyways good epi.. When will this show take leap?eagerly waiting to see Rubina and Vivian pair and chemistry in screen!!

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