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Harman suggests his mother to accept this relation, either with her will or not. Surbhi comes to kitchen when Suamia was working, she informs Surbhi that Nimmi has gone out. Surbhi wonders where she went after taking Harman’s number. Surbhi requests Swamia to prepare kheer for her as well as she might not get a chance again to eat from her hand.
Harman awaited at the temple wondering what Nimi has to talk to him. He gets a call, his father asks him to return home as the tailor is here to take measurements. Harman asks him to give his measurements, he will be back. His father inquires if its his marriage that he must give the measurements. Harman promises to come soon.
Nimi comes there, Harman takes her blessings and asks what it is about. Nimi asks him to think carefully, his relation with Swamia

depends on this. She doesn’t accept this relation, as her daughter isn’t a toy. Harman says filling in sindoor wasn’t a mistake. Nimi asks if he understands what sindoor means. Harman qualifies its walking with someone holding her hand. Nimi says its really difficult to go along and easy to speak only, when he will know about her reality he might leave her. Harman assures his heart is pure, he held her hand in the temple. He promises to fill her life with happiness, and will keep her with him in any situation or condition. His phone bell rings again. Harman assures he won’t back up even knowing she is a doll. He takes a leave as tailor is there, she must prepare for welcome. Nimi prays for her, she doesn’t know why she felt weak and wonders that Harman can take care of her. She tried her best to tell Swamia’s truth, but she doesn’t understand why she couldn’t tell him the truth. She leaves everything to the Goddess.
Mahender was restless at home when he watches Nimi coming home. He stops her and asks where she had gone. Nimi inquires what it is about. He asks about her decision. She turns to leave without replying. Nimi asks what decision, decision has been made already. Their daughter has to leave, she will; but not where he wants her to. She will go to her in laws after getting married. Mahender asks if she has gone crazy. Nimi says Swamia will marry like every daughter, if he can fulfil his rights of a father he should, else she will complete all the rituals tomorrow. Bee ji comes out, Mahender calls her crazy. Bee ji hurries Mahender to take everything in his hands, before they get helpless in front of Nimi.
Bee ji asks Nimi what happened after meeting Harman, did she tell him everything. Nimi assures he will keep Swamia happy.
Swamia comes to Surbhi with the kheer. Surbhi appreciates it, and asks about Nimi. Surbhi goes to check and help her with her wedding preparations. She leaves the kheer upstairs. Bee ji thanks God, Swamia and Surbhi hear Nimi saying she liked Harman and will fill her life with happiness. Nimi goes to get jewelry and clothes that she had prepared for Surbhi. Swamia has prepared half of them for her younger. Surbhi comes inside to ask her send the best for Swamia. Swamia says everything is hers, Surbhi says she has given her love to her.
Mahender thinks he know well what he has to do. He dials a number. Harman gives the measurements to tailor. His sister comes to ask if he kidnapped her only because he loved her and she rejected his proposal. Harman denies loving her, but she would like her too. She is innocent and cute, he will fall in love with her. Choti insists he loves his wife to be, and runs behind. Bee ji hits her and scolds her for murmuring this. She comes to accuse Harman, Harman calms his mother and asks her to get happy for her son’s wedding.
Swamia stood in front of mirror thinking about Harman putting the sindoor. Nimi comes to her to put in gold bangle in her hand. Bee ji takes Mahender along to show this to him, till when they will have to see this drama. Mahender says it’s for some time only, then this will end forever.

PRECAP: Mehender says Swamia has no right to get married. The veiled lady keeps a knife over his neck, saying if she steps outside the house she will take him but till then he won’t come near to Swamia.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Yrr I guaranteed ….she is a kinner

    1. Can you tell me what is kinner? I don’t ’cause I don’t know english very well and I’m from one small country in Europe.

    2. It is kinner same like transgender?

      1. Yes it is

      2. No, kinner is not same as transgender. kinner in english would be inters*x or a eunuch. In any case I don’t think Sowmya is a kinner as Nimmi would’ve stopped the marriage if she were one.

  2. I think she is no kineer actually she is very weak where to child born and she is not become pregnent and not make any relation husband and wife

  3. And mystery what is a kinner do tell???

    1. Kinner is the third gender person….who is not a man n woman as well…..I m thinking this bcz they don’t want her medical test….n also when she wear surbhi’s frock then also nimmi objects…..n I have seen in vedio on fb that RASHMI SHARMA first decided to take a real kinner for soumaya’s character….. But the channel want that the lead role should be played by some TV bahu….

  4. How can saumya be a trensgender?i will not watch this nonsens anymore then.the show will go off air.

  5. No ager kinner hoti to saumya ko khud pta hota koi or reason hai .age koi story hi nhi banti hai koi bhi kinner se yar those hi shadi karega

    1. Exactly. If she is a kinner then she herself should know. It would make zero sense if she herself didn’t know. If she is kinner (which again doesn’t make sense) they should show a stroy focused on her becoming a career woman and not a love story . It makes more sense for her to become a career woman rathe than getting married.

  6. Guys theses guys don’t have courage to show their lead as transgender,moreover she is always attracted to being girl.

    1. Not only about courage but also because of what the audience want. Many (if not most) in the audience don’t want a trangender love story. They have shown transgenders in other shows and even as lead in Savdhaan India

  7. Can anyone tell me wats going on here
    Y sowmya cant marry ???

  8. For a moment lets assume soumya is trans or kinner or whatever. ..
    just by being this what businesses will that veiled woman have with her? ?

    y are they always behind her?
    God alone knows it sorry rashmi sharma alone knows it -:))

  9. Really… Really…..??
    No , she is not kinner.
    Cause, Mahinder said that, ”she should go there where people like her lives” .. I think Somu is some type of ‘Balika Badhu’.. She is married once in childhood that’s why she can’t get married again..
    But whatever will happen, ‘Her man’ (Harman)will save here…

    1. Actually, this makes more sense than her being a kinner.

      1. But why were the parents scared of the medical test then?

    2. No she is not married in childhood bczzz…in the first epi maninder was shown burning her….yrr I truely want that soumya kinner na ho…..

  10. i dont know wen these mysteries would known

  11. It seems like soumya has some problems:-)i think may be it is due to some problems in her may be things like that not any transgender type:-):-).

  12. I think maybe the story is that she’s cursed or something. because if she were a kinner Nimmi would’ve stopped the marriage. it’s not like Harman would never know.

    1. Luvleen

      Yeah I think she is cursed…but that doesn’t explain why they afraid her to take medical tests etc….sigh I hope it’s not a trans or kinner or anything to that point cause it’s just not what I want to watch…unless the real story is between her sister and Harman…like souyma will get them together once she knows her sister loves Harman?

  13. Palaklunkad

    No guyzz, Because Mahendra wanted to kill her when she was born.

  14. I guess soumya is a doll

    1. Matlab…???

  15. I think maybe the story moved towards some supernatural reason.

  16. is half women and half male

  17. i think there is some astrology reasons behind sowmya and nimmi

  18. I think Saumya has some biological problems. Whenevr Somu is in unhealthy, that time her parents fear or tensed to call doctor to check up her. So my doubt is she has some major bio problems..

  19. PH u people whatever do it, but Don’t make Saumya as Transgender or Kinner….

  20. I think she was a rape victim in childhood. Parents afraid that if this truth comes in front of people they may boycott them

    1. No wen she is born nly her father trued to kill her

  21. I also dont understand whats going on. If she is a transgender atleast she knows it. Then how can she agree to this marriage. Stop this nonsense pls. We , the viewers cant accept such a heroin

  22. sathyavarshini b

    please move the serial in another way.i want to see vivian in hero roll not a this type of supporting roll.change the story

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