Shakti 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman wants Soumya as his wife in all births

Shakti 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kinnars coming to Harak Singh’s house and tells about the special puja to born as normal in next birth. Harman says you hates your own identity and says you shall be ashamed of your thinking. He says if you are kinnar it is not a sin. They ask if you are kinnar. Harak Singh shouts and says he is a man and my son. Kinnars ask we didn’t see anyone with this thinking and says no kinnar will want to be born as kinnar again. Harman says you wanted to change yourself, but don’t have strength to change people’s mindset. Kinnars says we felt good hearing sympathy for us, and everyone’s thoughts are old like before, this world will not change for us. We do Puja of Devta to correct our life. Soumya asks Harman not to say anything. Harak Singh gives so many notes and asks Veeran to

give rice bags etc. Kinnars get happy and blesses them.

Soumya brings tea for Harman. Harman says they ask for charity in every house, but don’t have strength to fight for their rights. He says when I talk about their betterment, they asked if I am kinnar. He says I stay with a kinnar, love her and want to be with her in all births. Soumya says all kinnars’ life is not like them, and says their relation is in complete. Harman says he is very happy and gets complete when she is with him and he don’t want to change her identity. Soumya feels bad and thinks she can’t complete him. Preeto comes there and asks Soumya to get ready for Happy Singh’s sister haldi. Soumya says ok.

Shanno tells Veeran that Preeto is back and they will be dependent on her now. If Soumya adopts baby then their son’s luck will be in trouble. Veeran asks what to do. Shanno asks him to go and meet Mohini. Rani tells that someone will kill Soumya. Kareena brings medicine to make her lose her memory for forever and thinks you will not be saved anymore. She makes Rani have some drugs.

Preeto and Soumya come to Happy Singh’s house for haldi ritual. Happy Singh’s wife tells that Soumya is beautiful. Preeto says yes she is. Girl asks her to dance. Soumya refuses. Preeto asks her to dance and enjoy. Someone informs Raveena about the puja. Raveena says she will go there.

Soumya dances in the haldi function and recalls Harman saying I love you. Song plays….bahaara hua dil pehli baar…..Kinnars come there. Chanda asks for nek. Preeto asks Soumya to give nek and asks her to remember that she is in the group who gives nek. Soumya takes nek from Preeto and gives to Chanda folding her hands. Chanda blesses her. Soumya says didi. Chanda says not here and goes with kinnars. Soumya does the haldi rituals and thinks she shall do the Aravan God puja. Raveena tells Kareena that if Soumya attends Aravan Puja then her life will be ruined. Kareena says we will play game with us. Soumya decides to attend puja for Harman and her next births.

Soumya tells Preeto that she wants to do the puja. Preeto asks her not to do puja. Harman says he just needs his Gulabo. Shanno asks Soumya to do puja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. For completing a decade in TV World and spreading your tender magic, A Big Congo Vivian !

  2. Congratulations hero…..superstar of indian television completed his 10 yrs with all superhit shows. Proud of you my hero for building such a successful career.

  3. I really hope HaYa find Aditya and bring him back. That will make them the happiest in the world and Preeto will also have a chance to repent for the sins she committed relating to that baby.

  4. Soumya looks beautiful in this episode and her dance was amazing. Congratulations vivian!! Well deserved xx

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