Shakti 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a neighbor seeing the fallen poster on road and picks it. He reads that Harak Singh’s bahu….and the poster is half torn. They think if she is missing or standing in elections. We shall ask Harak Singh. Saya and Chameli looks on. Chameli says I will get that poster. Saya says if we ask him to give poster then he will doubt and calls Harman and Surbhi, but they don’t pick her call. She thinks to call Preeto. Harak Singh calls Preeto and says he wants to talk to her. Neighbors come there. Harak Singh asks if their phones are not working that they came there. They show the poster and asks why did you print your daughter in law’s poster. Preeto thinks just now Mallika called and these people came so fast. Harak Singh is shocked too. Neighbors asks what is the suspense. Varun

gets happy and thinks what will Harak Singh reply now.

Surbhi comes there hiding her sindoor and asks Varun, why did he spoil her plan, and made the secret surprise public. She tells that she thought to send Harman and Soumya to honeymoon and got the poster with Harman and Soumya’s pic posted with Preeto’s son and Harak Singh’s daughter in law written. Harak Singh says honeymoon was not at that time. Harman comes and asks Surbhi if the surprise is public now. He stands with Soumya. Soumya is shocked. Neighbors says it is their family time and goes. Saya thanks God for saving her Soumya. Soumya in her room cries and asks Surbhi to make her drink poison, says she don’t want to live. Harman comes and says I don’t have to struggle between two rooms, he says I will stop smiling and don’t want to get fine if I get unwell, there will be no reason for Deewangi and asks Surbhi to bring poison for two poison, and says if Soumya wants to die, then I will die with her. Surbhi says why two, but three…She says she will also die as she has named her life for Soumya. Soumya asks what you both are saying? Surbhi asks her not to accept defeat and says she will never leave her. Harman says I am your reflection and will not leave you. He says from where did the poster came.

Preeto tells Harak Singh that Kareena is behind the poster conspiracy, and says she wants to go and slap her hard. Harak Singh asks her to talk to Mallika. Saya comes home. A kinnar asks her where did she go? Saya says few people wanted to malign someone reputation on the walls of the village, and asks her not to have hope that she is a success. Harman tells that Kareena is behind this conspiracy. Soumya tells that Kareena came that day and when she called and asked about her mum, she said her mum is fine. Harman calls Varun and asks if he helped Kareena. He says I helped her as you said. Harman says okay. Soumya says she will go and talk to Kareena. Harman says I will also come with you. Soumya says no and worries about his reputation. Harman says he will come anyhow and is ready to bear anything for her. Soumya looks on.

Surbhi comes to Shanno and asks did you call me. Shanno says Sindhu wants to eat badam halwa and asks her to give almonds. Surbhi says okay. Shanno asks Surbhi who is behind the poster and says one shall be knowledgeable. Surbhi asks her not to add much sugar in halwa and says almonds have its own sweetness. Soumya and Harman come to the kinnar basti late at night. Saya sees her and says Soumya at this time.

Saya says I guess it was a bad dream, but you have to step here again. She welcomes her and asks her to come inside. Soumya recalls her time in kinnars’ home. Harman holds her hand and looks at Kareena.

Soumya asks Kareena why she is doing this and tells that Harman sent Varun for her help. Kareena tells that Varun didn’t help her, instead asked her not to come again and said that Soumya doesn’t want to meet her or help her and don’t want to have any ties with her. Soumya is shocked and comes out after meeting Kareena. Harman asks what did she say? Soumya comes home and asks Varun what did he say to Kareena? Preeto comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan update faster like this only everyday, Talking about the episode Harman was awesome as usual and I was so glad that Sautan Surbhi didn’t accompany Haya to kinnar basti…It shows that Harman is Soumya’s REAL Shakti….

  2. Good episode.but yesterday I didn’t watching it bcoz I am out of morning they repeat d episode at 10:30 na I will see.thank to god SOUMYA know d truth from Kareena.haya’s bond is really a strong bond and no one can separate them ND there is no place for 3person.

  3. Really superb epi…..
    I want to appreciate preeto bcuz she didnt hurt soumya tday…keep rocking haya..u r d world’s best jodi…congrats fr winning best rishtey award…tq surbi u did a grt job…
    Precap s intrstng….

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