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Shakti 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all neighbors and family members going back to their homes. Harman and Soumya are standing outside the latter’s room. Harman says you might be thinking that I am strange to drink wine even though you asked me not to drink, he saved I fought with the world and save you, and now I gathered everyone to bring you out. He says you are my wife for the world, but for me you are my habit. I can’t live without you. Soumya asks him to go and sleep. Harman says lets go to room and sleep. Soumya stops and leaves his hand. She says you didn’t know that this Soumya who is standing infront of yours is yours, but I can’t be yours always. She asks him to leave his habit. She keeps his hand on her head and asks him not to come to her room or try talking to her. She says if I need anything,

I will talk to you.Harman is shocked and says you and me, never be together.

Soumya says I doesn’t know about time, and says I don’t know why a kinnar come to your life and why destiny brings us together. She says I don’t know about tomorrow, but today you have to stay far from me. Harman keeps her head on his head and asks don’t you want to stay with me. Soumya thinks she can’t tell him that she wants to stay with him, but if she tells him then his life will be ruined. She says she don’t want to stay with him. Harman is shocked and says I will not come to you or your room, even if I don’t get sleep.

He says Preeto tells that I get sleep in AC room, but even if I don’t get sleep then also I won’t come to you. Soumya says okay, and says whenever you come to my room, you will forget your responsibilities. Harman says I will not come in your room but will stay in this house. He gives her phone asking her to call him if she wants to. Soumya takes the phone. Harman is deeply hurt. Soumya cries.

Next morning, Soumya serves breakfast to everyone. Preeto asks where is Harman and asks if someone gave him promise not to eat food. Soumya looks down. Harman comes there. Shanno asks him to have food and says there is hot parathas. Harman says first I will fulfill my responsibility and then have food. Soumya recalls asking him to fulfill his responsibility of a brother. Shanno asks Soumya to go from there, and says if you stay here then we can’t have food.

Harman calls Raavi’s sasur and insists to meet him. Raavi sasur agrees and says we will meet at hanuman road. He thinks what he wants to talk to me and calls Varun. Varun thinks why this old man calling me.

Soumya calls Surbhi. Surbhi picks the call and asks whose phone is this? Soumya says Harman gave him phone. Surbhi says good, and tells her that she is going for job interview. She asks her to have food. Soumya says she had 4 parathas and sabzi. Surbhi asks why you are lying? Soumya says I am eating and asks her to concentrate on interview. Surbhi asks her to have food and not to worry about anything. She says this house is yours too and you can come here at anytime and stay. Soumya gives her best wishes.

Varun says chance is good and says we shall end Harman’s chapter. Your and my mum’s revenge will be fulfilled. He shares his plan with him and thinks Shanno will help him unknowingly.

Harman meets Raavi’s sasur and recalls Soumya’s words. He acts polite and asks Raavi’s sasur to let Raavi’s son go to her and says then they both can think about uniting. Raavi’s sasur taunts Harman and threatens to insult him even more. Some people gather there. Raavi’s sasur asks him not to try and meet him again. Harman is sad. Raavi’s sasur asks the people to go. Harman says I came here with folded hands to get my sister’s son, now see how I will ruined your and your son’s life. Raavi’s sasur thinks Harman will not reach home now.

Varun comes to Shanno and asks what she is doing. Shanno tells him that since she married his Mamu, she is busy in kitchen. Varun asks her not to get sad as she makes tasty food. He says he is missing his mum’s made methi paratha. Shanno says it is not here, and asks him to call Harman and asks to bring methi. Varun thinks his battery is low. Shanno says okay, she will call Harman. She calls Harman and asks him to bring methi. Harman says okay. He gets down to buy methi. Varun calls Raavi’s sasur and says work is done. A goon comes near Harman’s car and fails his car’s brakes. Harman comes back to car and sits. Raavi’s sasur calls Varun to wait for the mourning news. Varun thinks everything will be mine now. Harman realizes his car brake is not working. He drives the car and hits something. He gets wounded and hurt.

Harak Singh getsa call informing them about Harman’s accident. They are shocked. Harak Singh and Preeto leave in car, while Soumya insists to go with them to see Harman. She asks Varun to take him, but he also ignores her. Soumya cries badly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. today’s episode is so bad… poor sowmya… hope harman will be alright… @kopz naan hindi padikkala… ellam hindi channel parthu kathukittadhu dhan… basically i was studied in tamil mediam.. there is no hindi..

    please dont insult soumya..

  2. So happy to see Lesser of Surbhi drama…. Haya rocked

  3. thank u ammu ma… enna yesterday written update la romba pughazhndhu thalleetinga.. ena namakku pughazhchi pidikkadhu… adhanaladhan… 🙂 🙂

  4. Very sad episode. Innaki episode padu mosam somya va romba insult pannuraanga erichala iruku yarum support pannave maatingaranga. Better she can go to surbhi instead she gets insulted here better she adjust her dad. Nani and surbhi is there to support her. Up coming scene is preeto is going to slap sowmya mercilessily and push her down . She blames her for harmans accident . All the family members will keep quiet watching preetos harshness against somya that time surbhi and nani comes there and shocked seeing somus condition .surbhi stand against preeto.

  5. Hi karthi u deserve it . U r so talented girl . Tamil medium la padichitu English and Hindi nalla pasatathuku thanee talent irukanum ma u have it. Keep it up my dear. Yennaiku college open pannuraanga. Hi kopz how r u ma.

  6. I m fine ma….eniku episode romba bore n mosam…varun oru fraud n villian…g n all

  7. Today episode is very sad I hate Varun he is a very bad guy soumya helpless this moment

    1. Hi Chaya.. Transgenders are humans just like us.. With today’s generation having many people who are broad minded I wish these people put in a little more effort and attain an identity for themselves.. Humanity doesn’t depend on gender if so men won’t be helping women and vice versa.. It is very bad of few people who don’t respect the third gender and throw them out of their house in case of few parents.. Until humanity prevails in this world transgenders will always be supported as it is not a fault of theirs for being born like that.. In fact it is not a fault at all just like how God created man woman He created them also.. It is from my point of view I have said this n it is not to hurt any1’s feelings

  8. thank u ammu ma.. coming friday… day after tomorrow college open pandranga..nan innum ennodo project complete pannave illa.. innum one day time irukku.. hmmm.. God only will save me..

  9. i don’t like current track Cvs PLz make our soumu some strong and sensible she acts as mere puppet of that idiotic Preeto i wish atleast harman would realise the happenings soon soumu kashtapadrada pakkavey mudiyala

  10. gd night… sweet dreams.. meet again tomorrow…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 :+)

  11. Hi uthaya r u a tamilian nice to see Tamil comment from u.gud night

  12. I fell sad about soumya Harman accident took places and lost he’s memory than soumya will b hopeless hope Harman is fine .

  13. Hi chaya in my opinion they r also human being like us we have to give equal rights in our society like in schools,work ,but we r not doing so they behave harsh with us. iam very frightened onseeing them simply they use bad words and they forcibly get Nek from shopkeepers. If we consider them as a people like us they won’t do such things mainly they have to spend their life hardly in the society. I hate god ,in their life he snatched all their happiness even their parent r not accepting them . After knowing all this even I don’t go near them becoz I get frightened by their rudeness.

  14. Ethana serials kinners pathi vanthaalum naama maarave maatom.serial matum paathutu athula vara couples , Jodi ya patthi matum pesuvom . Enga irunthu society maararthu. But they r gods children atha naala thaan avangallala Ella kashtathayum thaangika mudiyuthu .

  15. Hay guys gm thank u very much for ur answer Shazia your answer is superb I agree with you my opinion is same to your answer actually transgender people are humans just like us they have dreams, wishes ,ambition just like us they fell happy, pain like us so i think we must not ignore them we must help them to live this society because it’s a human right AM I RIGHT GUYS?

  16. Today episode is really sad and bad.both hayaa rocked with their action.hope Harman will be fine and find about varun and preeto evil plans.Harman pls take care of soumya. She really love you you.but can’t express to u.i hate surbhi
    .precap is very baddddddddd.

  17. ammu ma.. neenga sonnadhu right.. naama ethanai serial vandhlum adhula vara jodi pathi dhan nama pesuvom.. but they are also human being na..

    welcome to shakti family udhaya…

    gd mrng to ammu ma,kopz and to all… have a good thursday… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. People in north India give more respect than south to kinners.

  19. Episode – 143
    08:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 08 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Preeto and the rest of the family begin to panic after learning about Harman’s accident. Meanwhile, when Saumya prays for Harman’s health, Shanno taunts her for being a eunuch.
    Episode – 144
    08:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 09 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    When Surbhi decides to find Harman, Manindar informs her that they don’t know which hospital he’s admitted in. Later, when Harman is brought back home, Preeto warns Saumya not to meet him.

  20. ammu ma… neenga edkv written update la comment pannirukeengala??

  21. Preeto kab achi maa banegi and somu ,,Harman k accident ka kya sambanth hai..bichari Somya …I hate preeto…memory loss ayidichuna apram harman soumya va maranthuruvano?????apdi nadakave kudathu……g evng all ..

  22. Hai shakthi families how all are u today’s episode is so sad and how many Tamil fans to sakthi

  23. 5 tamilian including u…@rachu..

  24. Why today update so late? Plz hurry up hassan

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